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Ok, I was wondering about how trans* characters are treated in the sociocultural sphere of the Knights Errant world. You've mentioned the roles of same-sex lovers, homosexuality, etc. in each of the main cultures, but since there still seems to be a solid patriarchy in place, how do trans* people figure in, if at all? Is that even a thing people recognize? I guess I want to know if Gawin's interest is based in malice or just douchebaggery. If this is to be revealed, then I will wait patiently!

Oh man I had a long essay response to this written but then tumblr ate it. I tried rewriting it but it’s kinda sloppy. Apologies. :(

Trans* people aren’t recognized in most of the cultures that follow the faux-Abrahamic religions I’ve constructed. Much like contemporary Western societies, gender is divided into a strict binary by K-E’s patriarchy and is considered inherent and unchanging. However, patriarchal societies in K-E make one exception to the binary - people with transgressive gender identities are only acknowledged if they are also intersex. However, K-E societies have constructed a third gender for these people (if their bodies come under the scrutiny of a disciplining party) and force them to identify that way regardless of whether they actually do. This third gender is referred to as the ‘angel’ gender by the societies in Aster-Morgaria and the Kingdom of Vetal. 

God, Angels and other Heavenly creatures are seen as beings beyond gender. Because of this, intersex people are revered for being closer to God. This reverence is twisted though, because intersex people (if discovered) are forced into cloistered convents and are coerced into pledging an oath of celibacy. This allows the Patriarchy to superficially acknowledge the gospel while also branding intersex people as abnormal others who shouldn’t be allowed into mainstream society. 

Because of longstanding patriarchal traditions, God and angels are also heavily masculinized. God is seen as a Lord, a Father. As a result masculinity is constructed as the default state of being, or closer to the image of God. Femininity is thus constructed as the opposite of this, as something that strays from the image of God. This leads to the following assumptions in K-E societies: a) masculinity = no gender, femininity = gender, b) masculinity = heavenly, rational, femininity = demonic, irrational, etc… This all works towards the patriarchy supporting a caste system that privileges cisgender men. 

tl;dr - Trans* people whose bodies aren’t considered intersex are written off as confused or possessed by the devil (or both.) K-E’s patriarchy would consider Oswald an “uppity woman.”

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#88 and 89 bc im a terrible person

First off, yes, you are a terrible person

88:Which of the boys will make the best dad?

Dear LORD, dear lord, DEAR LORD.  This is hard. You can’t hold any opinions against me, I have very little dad experience, I’m a dad novice, keep that in mind.

I want to cop out and be say something like “they’d all be equally great! in slightly different yet supportive in caring ways!” but I won’t do that (but I do want to, or like if anyone just wants to talk about parenting!direction sometime, yes, lets). So, if I have to choose….

I’m going with Niall.  Yeah, yeah, insert all of that stuff about how he holds Theo and how he invited Theo to his bday party (complete with drunk Bobby), but I’m going with Niall.  First off, Niall has a great dad and so I think that the Bobby Horan bloodline runs strong and that gives him an edge (not that you can’t be a great dad without having a great father, but Bobby!).  Secondly, Niall is known to spoil his friend’s kids, he’ll treat his kids right.  But Niall isn’t Mr. two-thousand-dollar-shirt-budget Styles and likes his place tidy and seems like a hard-work, reasonable-not-completely-spoiling-your-kids-silver-spoons type of guy which seems like a pretty solid dad trait if the sitcoms aren’t lying to me (god, this makes it sound so bad for Harry, I promise Harry’d be a great dad too!).  Thirdly, just domestic!Niall, giving his kids home-cooked meals, teaching them to cook, playing fifa and giving them piggyback rides and building forts and teaching them Irish traditional songs.  Once I babysat for a family and the Dad had taught his daughter how to basically, hold onto his arms and walk up his legs/stomach and do a flip. Niall is going to do that for his kids.  Fourthly, Niall is a beam of sunshine.  His brightness will reflect so bright off his kids and be joyous and attentive and just great.  Fifthly, Niall’s costume party skills.  He will break out that Prince Charming costume for his kids, he will do themed family costumes, he’ll color-coordinate the Christmas card so their outfits make them look like the Irish flag.  Sixth, Niall’s happy and carefree and so so so caring and his kids will be his world when their babies and when their five and when they are 16 and mad at the world and when they are 23 and scared of the world and Niall knows how to calm them down, how to make the small scary tight spaces seem big and wide, how to teach them to go out and conquer the world when you are dumb and 19 and how to navigate changing friendships and long distances.  My last thing cause at this point I need to stop: So one thing I know about my dad that makes good dads is a grand capacity for and active practice of love, and Niall has that.  And one thing that I appreciate about my dad is documenting things, because my dad did that I still have threads of connection to him.  Niall is going to scrapbook his kids, Niall is going to take pictures, Niall’s gonna make mp3 files of him reading stories for his kids to listen to when he can’t be there. Once my dad came up with an entire Double Dare game for our family, like he made slime and an obstacle course and everything, and somewhere in my mom’s house is a home movie of that day, and even though I haven’t seen that video in years its so great that it exists.  And Niall is going to make sure his kids have that too.

89:Which of the boys is most likely to be a successful solo artist after 1D?

oh goodness.  First off, there’s not going to be an after 1D. 1D is forever and I’m a firm believer that they are going to be around, in varying capacities, forever.  I’m ready for the 1D booze cruise and the Vegas show decades down the line.  If BSB is still making it work, so will 1D.

But…. honestly….if I had to pick…. Zayn?  I’m kinda concerned about Harry’s voice like, lasting, and I think the tabloids will also keep him as successful fodder but a full career I’m not sure.  Liam/Louis I can see doing something on the producer/management end, with Liam maybe releasing a Christmas album or two?  And Niall I just never see wanting to have a career outside of 1D.  If 1D folds he’ll just set up a regular schedule at a pub where he’ll sit with his guitar and see “Act My Age” after enough beers.  I don’t know if Zayn would want a solo career (I don’t think any of them want it atm), but I think he’d be successful.  He’d do more rnb styled music, his voice is amazing, he looks amazing, he’s rich so he can just be like Tim McGraw and release like a song/album on his own terms and tour on his own schedule.  So yeah, zayn, but really, 1D is a circle that never ends and sign me up for the booze cruise.