Cosplay Challenge - Complete

As of July 28th, last night from when I’m writing this, every part of the Natsume Takashi cosplay has been finished. The headpiece is in 4 pieces that slide and loop to each other. I have the dark purple added collar to the robes and a bunch of other things not pictured in this.

Because the next challenge is to pack this all in a way that it’ll survive train rides

I hadn’t put up a lot more updates to the challenge until now simple because it seemed like I was at a point where I didn’t feel ready to picture the progress. Every day I was in the middle of something or had everything scattered about.  However you can see the culmination of previous updates (and photos) in this post. I didn’t photograph things I had purchased, like the Book of Friends and Nyanko-Sensei or the geta I’ve had.

I can’t wait until Otakon to give this costume its premiere run. Be prepared for this and Liese from the Lauren Cooper skits in The Catherine Tate Show.