So we are now in 2012 and 2011 was a fantastic year for gigging for me! I shall be posting about this at some point however for now I am looking at what I have coming up! So far I have lined up for 2012: -

January - Frau Pouch & Houdini

February - Pulled Apart by Horses

March - British Wildlife Festival & Florence and the Machine

April - Frank Turner

August - Reading Festival

Already I am excited. Now I just need loads of awesome bands to announce tours. *Wishes really hard!*


So for the last motherboy before christmas we were treated to three fantastic bands (Yes I am aware this was at the beginning of December, behind on gig posts)

First up were Punching Swans, somewhat of a supergroup you might call them in that they are band up of members from other bands, Greg Webster from Houdini, Joe Wise from Frau Pouch (and co-motherboy creator) and Pablo Paganotto from Explorers Collective. All fantastic musicians who I enjoy watching so having them all together in a band, makes me very happy. Did they play like a slick supergroup though, not so much. Not that this meant it was a bad gig but being that they are from other bands and therefore other commitments you could tell that this was a band that had not had a great amount of time to practice with little slip-ups here and checking of songs. But when slip ups happened, they adjusted and carried on as good musicians do. Did it impact the enjoyment of the gig, not at all, for the crowd were with them and this one of the reasons that people come to see live music. Not for an exact replication of the music recorded but for the live element, with adaptations, mishaps and personal experience. You can’t expect everything to go right but you can deal with it the right way. With a nice selection of songs which are now available on their bandcamp - and which rock. I advise you check them out.

Next up were Houdini, a band which have been quiet of late since their split single with Frau Pouch and with not many gigs recently, much to my disappointment. Why? Because this is a band I enjoy watching everytime I see them live, they are band playing with everything they’ve got, with thei whole passion for music thrown in and being given to you as the audience. Who wouldn’t love seeing that. And their songs are amazing, passionate and rocking, this is an aural pleasure which has been sorely missed but there is good news on the horizon. They announced they are currently working on recording an album with plans for a single release in March and then an album release later in the year with a tour. So much musical joy to come and speaking to some people at the gig, you could tell they had enjoyed Houdini too and missed seeing them play. We were treated to a couple of news songs mixed with older ones which in my mind, never get old.

Last up were Mayors of Miyazaki who are full of Math Rock greatness. They were well loved by the audience and gave us a mix of old tracks and  a couple of new. In fact they have a split single with Death Pedals which I got, it is awesome Lime Green as well as being a great track. You can see my post on it here: -
I had more to say on Mayors set as I always enjoy seeing them live but I have lost what I was writing twice and my brain just won’t work. Lets just say the music was great and Gareth gave us his usual line of jokes, so bad but you usually know the punchline :)


So when you have a big weekend of giggage you want to go out with a bang don’t you and we certainly did. Saturday night was David Lynch themed gig with Frau Pouch, Ragweed, Houdini and One Unique Signal.

If you are going to have a themed night you have to get into character and a group of us certainly did with some amazing costumes on show (including mine of course). I went as Dr Jacoby and my friend Jenny had made me a beard and everything. I include a picture because I am proud, plus I kept the beard on even though I was dying from the heat. So first enjoy the array of costumes because people put alot of effort in and looked amazing. I think everyone was a character from Twin Peaks but then it does have the most characters.

Anyway on to the music!

First up was Frau Pouch all in full costume. Poor Joe had to lose the wig part way through the set because he was literally dying of sweat. It was an enjoyable set with a good selection of their songs as well as a new song written with Greg from Houdini who started on stage with them for it. I know they all thought it wasn’t the greatest gig they’d done but the crowd were enjoying and yeah there may have been a couple of musical hiccups but they kept going and looked like they were having fun which is much more important than being musically perfect. We danced out little asses off.

Next were Ragweed, who were enjoyable. They weren’t the best band I’d ever seen but again they were into it including throwing themselves around the stage a couple of times (it must have hurt) and they made some good banter.

Then we had a Houdini hybrid as such with Greg from Houdini, Joe from Frau Pouch and Matt Bonner (Tom from Houdini’s brother) giving us a selection of songs from David Lynch’s work. This was a great set with people not necessarily sure what to expect (including me). What we got was some great music with a mixture of audio cuts from David Lynch’s work between songs and what can only be seen as a love of music from David Lynch’s films and Twin Peaks. With getting the crowd joining in on finger clicking, a real passion filled version of In Heaven and the lovely Blue Velvet (which I ended up holding the lyrics for during the song), I think they really captured the essence of Lynch and the crowd thought so too. I look forward to seeing the footage as our friend Dan recorded the gig with a number of camera’s. Hopefully the footage shall find its way online soon.

Last up were One Unique Signal. I am not sure they realised it was a David Lynch themed gig as they didn’t say anything, their music however spoke volumes. It was mesmerising as it took you in and watching the band members as they played it was just as mesmerising. It seemed like they had forgotten they even had a crowd as they became one with what they were playing and moved with making music. I shall certainly be checking them out again as well as enjoying the moustache.

So an amazing gig with great commitment to the theme from many, great music from the bands and many drinks afterwards. That however is a completely different story ;)