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NCT Marching Band AU: Johnny

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  • okokok hear me out….sax player 
  • like he started as a trombone but the band was low on sax players so he offered
  • he realized he was destined for the sax
  • imagine those long fingers playing the sax mmmmmm
  • he’s the kind of sax player that wears shades and plays careless whisper
  • actually really good and is ALWAYS on step
  • has to pull his hair back to wear shako
  • flirts with all the other band members
  • gets hella tan during band camp i swear
  • sweats a lot during band camp too tho but he looks oddly hot
  • is the guy that makes the whole band laugh including the director
  • tbh his first s/o is another member of the band and they last all four years and theyre the cute band couple
  • cries during all the senior shows
  • leads the band chant
  • sings songs on the bus all the time
  • looks super good in uniform lemme tell u
  • @ sm plz put johnny in a band uniform i need to see it
  • stands behind the director and mockingly directs
  • really supportive and caring towards the underclassmen 
  • makes the bus rides home super fun and memorable
  • all the underclassmen love him so much and so do upperclassmen
  • cries the hardest during his senior show he just doesnt want to go
  • goes all out on his costume for the halloween games
  • honestly marching band johnny is my favorite thing i want him to be my band bf (┳Д┳) my poor clarinetist heart