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I know what you mean about the finale, i mean i was expecting a much bigger ending Moffay kinda disapointed me :/

Yep. Much of the episode was filler and although I don’t mind filler, it’s a bit meager for a series finale. Plus, what was the plot even?

At least the Doctor that died wasn’t flesh, but robo!Doc isn’t that much better. Still a cheap trick.


Sherlock’s London

This was three fangirls. Of course there was fandom. Not only did we go to Speedy’s for coffee (there was fanart on the walls! And filming photos! And a girl recognised my geothebio shirt!) but we also went to St Bart’s. Oh jheeze, the feels! Sherlockians from Canada, America, Finland, Japan and more had left messages in a phone booth. Some favourites were:

‘I believe in Conan Doyle. Conan Doyle believed in Fairies.’

'I’m sorry brother.

P.S. But it wasn’t my fault.


’ Sherlock, for me, come home for Christmas. J.W.

I’m coming home, John. I’ll get the milk. S.H.’

’ What about our dinner? I.A.’

'Sherlock should be punished by John!’

Clearly that last one was written by a smut lover. Ahem.