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1. When did you get into k-pop?

I’d have to say about 4 years ago! Never regretted the time I watched my first kpop video on tv. 

2. Who was your first bias?

Junho of 2PM ;)

3. Who is your bias group?


4. How many fandoms would you say you are in?

around 8? heh heh

5. How much merch do you have?

I have a few. I definitely need moreeeeee

6. Favorite non-Korean band?

Maroon 5

7. Favorite K-pop song ever?

I’d have to say 소녀 by MBLAQ. 

8. What k-pop song can you listen to on repeat for days?

Smoky Girl by MBLAQ! Its so catchy and the boys’ voices are too good. 

9. If someone new to your fandom asked you songs they NEEDED to know as part of your fandom, which ones would you suggest?

Smoky Girl, It’s War, Y, Oh yeah, 소녀 and probably celebrate

10. Who is one of your secret biases?

Secretly loving Hwang Chansung. That sexy male beast.

11. Are you bored of questions yet? (because I am)

Not a tad bit, love doing this! :) Thank you for tagging me! <3

My Questions: 

1. Who is your ultimate bias? 

2. Have you been to any kpop concert/show?

3. Have you ever cheated on your ultimate bias? (kekeke)

4. Do you read fan fics of your favorite group?

5. Where would you want to go if your bias brought you on a date?

6. Are you fluent in Korean?

7. Have you ever been to South Korea? 

8. Favourite korean drama? 

9. Have you ever seen a kpop artiste in person? 

10. How many hours do you spend daily on kpop?