Hellooo lol i’ve made this blog like years ago but only started using for about more than 2 years? anyway, yea, i’ve been wanting to make one but i suck at editing and too lazy to think of an idea pfft ik sorry. and i finally made it dun dundun (look above^) ik the cutting is horrible rofl (and obviously, those are my ultimate biases). 

Anyway(pt.2), I want to thank all of you followers, those who followed since my reblogging days or since my heirs gifs days(lol) or since got7 debut days, or even yesterday to today. Learning photoshop while making gifs or edits is really fun, i never thought i would ever touch this program even though it’s on my computer lol and I get happy when ppl send me compliments haha i love you all

These blogs that make my dash beautiful full of my bbs;;; i’m following 99 blogs atm #powerof9, but I won’t list all. 

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First of all, I would like to thank Seonhwa for being amazing and making me this edit!! ♡

I’ve wanted to make a follow forever for a while but I kept putting it off ;; But here it finally is! I just wanted to say that I never expected to gain so many followers on my blog ;A; Thank you to everyone who follows me and puts up with my multifandom mess of a blog aha ♡ And thank you to the blogs I follow for always making my dash wonderful! :D

I’ve met a lot of great people on this site and I’m thankful to have you guys in my life ;u;

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italics = special people


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"What to do, what to do?" /she thought as she walked around in circles, trying to come up with something to do for her followers and then hit her. A Follow forever, of course.

First off, I want to thank everyone who’s been sending gifts and love on christmas and I’m so sorry for not sending any gifts back ; ^ ; I also want to thank all of those I RP with for forgiving me when I reply EXTREMELY late and being inactive on the dash. Again, thank you so much. One of my new year’s resolution is to become more active tbh and not just spend time on aim. So don’t worry, I will reply a lot more faster now! Anyway, I hope that every one of you will have a great year and that 2015 will be a blast for all of us! I was lucky to gain so many wonderful friends during 2014 and hopefully I will get a chance to get to know a lot more this year. Thank you for a wonderful year, I love you all!

Yours truly,


For my love:

kwill-koreanmcknight:Thank you for all the memories and moments we’ve shared this year. I really don’t know how my life would’ve been like without you. I love you so much, you really mean the world to me. In fact, i’m not sure I will be able to describe how much I love you with just words. It’s simply impossible. But you do know that I love you, right? Like thiiis much?! /extends her arms as much as she can and giggles/ I know our little baby loves you too. A mother’s instinct, I guess heheh~
Who would’ve thought that after a year being together we would have a big house, wonderful pets and a baby on it’s way? I must say that for a year ago I had no clue. All of my past relationships ended badly and I always thought you would eventually get tired of me or dump me for someone else but you didn’t. You’ve changed me. Without perhaps noticing it, you’ve changed me into a better person. People keep telling me I’m a lot happier now and that I’ve somehow grown more mature. (Well mature about certain things I guess because they don’t know how childish and dorky we can get heheh)
Thank you again for a wonderful year, and I know all the years after this will be just as wonderful <3 Saranghae, pabo!

The Corazones:

Yes, I had to do it a little special for you two because I’m still not convinced that you two know how much you guys mean to me. For real. As in I would probably die if something ever happened to you two. I love you guys. Los amo!

turtlemin:You. YOU. YOOOOU. Soulja boy tell em! /clears her throat/ Okay, no seriously. I love you. GIRL, do you know how much I love you?! Do you even know how depressed and sad I get when you’re not around? Or do you know that I get easily jealous whenever you rather talk to somebody else than me? (No wonder, I’m so lame I CRY)
Even if I do get jealous and weird like all the time, you’ve still sticked around for all these years. I love you, baby - you’re absolutely the most perfect person on earth. I don’t know I can’t even put down in words how much appreciate everything you’ve done for me. I guess one of my wishes this year is to be able to talk to you more often. No, I don’t feel like I’ve lost you or anything but I just want to be closer to you again. Like we were before. Not that we’re not close, but you know what I mean~ I feel like I’m being one of those clingy friends but you know I’m like that! /blows kisses and clings onto you/ Anyway, I just want to say thank you for everything and I hope I will really be able to get to see your mun this year! I’m ready to book the tickets whenever you are bae! Momma I love you! P.O.P Hold it down! Pimp squad!

That’s how we communicate yo! /laughs slightly and shakes her head/ Ani, kidding~ Anyway - bro, i love you! You’ve been there whenever I needed you and listen to me both when I’ve been happy and sad. I remember when I first met you it was actually through my personal blog. And even if it was my personal blog we still clicked right away and I knew that moment I’ve made a great friend. Deep inside I know that I joined RP to hang out with you more and you really helped me out with everything, making me feel welcomed and loved. I’m not sure if I’ve ever explained how grateful I am but thank you. Thank you for everything. Even if you’re not really active on tumblr I still talk to you a lot on aim. I love you bro, I hope you know how much I actually do and that you know I will always be there for you too.

The list:

Italic-Bold: People who has a very special place in my heart. My year has been wonderful, thanks to you, and I hope you all know how much you mean to me. Thank you. (I would’ve written more but if I did it would probably come out really bad and cheesy ;;;; )

Bold: Dear friends that always know how to make me smile and whom I certainly have great times with. I wish to get closer to you all and that you guys know that I love you and appreciate everything you guys have done for me. Saranghae!

Italic: I know that my awkward self has maybe interacted with you once or twice but I would be more than happy to get to know you better! Honestly, I want to become closer to you, so if you ever get an awkward message from me: then you’ll know what’s up. /laughs/ Otherwise you can always hit me up as well, don’t be shy~

Normal: People I’ve admired from far and whom I would love to interact with someday.


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