hotty mchotpants

Solas turned his stare from the window to the Inquisitor as she entered, and it stayed there as she spoke. He watched her push off the wall and, as she poked at the fireplace, he smiled a little. “And the view is enough to stave over your homesickness, Inquisitor?” he quipped, turning his face back to the window. His eyes, though, remained on the young woman.

“Oh, and more.” She purred. This was a comfortable little ‘game’ they played, but she played to win. The Inquisitor moved to his chair, hitching a leg and a little bit of bottom, onto the arm of it. “What were you reading before the window enraptured you so?”

A sketch commission for @lehavashadowsun of her hottie mchotpants Inquisitor Lavanya Trevelyan being a wicked tease! 

AU prompt in honor of season4hair‘s birthday: “I mistook you for my best friend and jumped on your back in public and now I’m embarrassed” (x)

Dean looks at his watch. Crap. He was going to be late for his next class if he didn’t hurry. Professor Singer was a hardass on latecomers and Dean didn’t want to piss him off, family friend or not. He readjusts his bookbag and is about to start jogging when someone glomps him from behind, tumbling them both to the ground.

“Oh. Shit.” 

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