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favorite sun/moon combos?

Oh lord.
Honestly hmm

Aries sun/Virgo moon: super easy going and relaxed and has a earthy side to them that I think is to die for! This tones down the impulsiveness and adds a touch of rationality when dealing with things that I like and they can be a nice blend of fiery and sensual.

Aries sun/Scorpio moon: “intense” they are pretty prolific honestly have strong feelings and treat everything in life similarly to their emotional landscape! I find them irresistible and I think it adds a nice level of depth to them and creates an interesting dynamic! The only take away is they can be a bit dramatic and overbearing.

Taurus sun/Aquarius moon: LIKE OMG? these guys and gals are so so sooooooooooooooooooooooo amazing! They have this air about them that seems so far away yet so grounded and in your face but in a very hard to grasp way. They’re very socially inclined and can really be brainiacs! I adore the way they carry themselves and I honestly think as stubborn as they may be due to the double fixed energy they can be so giving and charitable.

Taurus sun/Leo moon: probably my 2nd favorite! My cousin has this combo and he’s very self assure and confident but Taurus has a humbling affect here for Leo moon and tones down the arrogance and more “me me me” lower aspects of this moon! They are very powerful and have a heavy presence that demands respect and they often are liked by like everyone due to how authentic and real they are! But yeah I think this is a great team.

Taurus sun/gemini moon: 💗💗 my mom has this and a close friend! Super super upbeat place for Taurus and also they can be so air headed and all over the place but in a cutesy way! It also gives Taurus the ability to let go of grudges and move on with their lives! Like this combo is super easy going and forever childlike. Albeit they can be emotionally immature(takes a while for them to understand their emotions) but overall super great.

Cancer sun/libra moon: for some reason this has a Scorpio vibe? Like most I’ve known with this tend to be high key private and secretive. But overall they are super super sweet and sensitive! Albeit the downsides here are extreme indecisiveness and outright self led denial they are still very caring and optimistic for the most part and know how to get along with practically anyone like seriously these guys are the epitomes of socially sophisticated! But i love them so so much.

Cancer sun/Aquarius moon: one of my friends has this and she is..hmm like hot and cold? Summer and winter!? Her desires never match up and she can be a little aloof and cold emotionally and then crying a storm and clingy the next. I actually love this dynamic because it calls for a lot of growth from a person! These people are very complex and can have so many desires running around inside that they don’t learn how to properly express until later on in life. But overall I love them! Wise beyond their years and extremely open and free spirited! They’re not as emotional as most cancers and are very strong willed and independent.

Cancer sun/Scorpio moon: okay. So..this is will Ferrell and I’m in love with him???? But loool yeah these folks are sooooooooo mushy and sweet and huge ol softies! Cancer seems to water down the affect of Scorpio here and can actually make these guys a lot more forthcoming about their emotions and a lot more open about what their private moon in Scorpio is feeling! They naturally seem to be able to be perceptive and idk like they are super open about their feelings for the most part like their still intense moon in scorpios and what not but they don’t really hide what their feeling.

Cancer sun/Capricorn moon: in my experience they’re soooooooooooooo complex. They have very grounded and serious emotions and I feel in awe when I’m in their space. They are so so wise and very emotionally aware and mature and rarely will you see them lose their head. They’re the types to vanish and go quiet though rather then let you know outright what’s up. I find them super attractive and forth coming.

Leo sun/Capricorn moon: HOTTTIES but that being said they can be ruthless. Very ambitious and money minded and tend to be less about gratification then most Leo’s and have a very dominate and powerful personality. They can be so blunt and so straightforward(ex: Arnold a.k.a terminator) but I love how strong they are and how they always put their best into all they do and don’t make excuses when they fail.

Virgo sun/Aquarius moon: super cute! They tend to be a bit more cooler in temperament and seem a bit hard to reach due to the doubled up analytical and non emotional tendencies of both these signs. But it also makes them super super sensitive and teddy bears underneath! I love how they can create warmth and comfort wherever they are and they are very smart and socially adapt individuals! They give of a Scorpio give as well :0

Virgo sun/cancer moon: OKAY LIKE MY BFFFFFFFFFFFF has this and they are so soooooo sweet and caring and endearing! This brings out the best qualities of Virgo and they tend to be super chill and go with the flow types. They can be super career minded and tend to be drawn to more affectionate and emotionally tempered people from what I’ve seen. They are so warm and loving albeit in a quiet way and love comfort! I get libra vibes from this combo.

Virgo sun/Leo moon: these guys are intense! They have strong ass personalities and normally are more outspoken then most Virgo suns. I like how passionate and real they can be! They have a “crowd” vs “loner” vibe and tend to fluctuate between “I am my pack” to “I am on my own” but overall I love them! I high key get Sagittarius vibes from this combo.

Libra sun/Scorpio moon: S E X Y like super hot.incredibly dangerous and will probably ruin your life in a very twilight like way. They come across as aloof from my experience and hide the more intense side of their personality. They are very secretive and hate people prying into their personal life. Super philosophical and morally based people and they don’t easily stress or take disrespect or antagonism to heart and easily move on from things. But at the same time SHIT HITS THEM DEEP. I love em their Cinnabons. I get cap vibes from this combo.

Scorpio sun/Aquarius moon: bby has this. And lemme say this is quite the fucking dynamic. They’re very private and tend to fluctuate between icy and lustful. They have a chameleon like personality and can vibe or blend in anywhere! They have this passion about them boiling underneath their easy going pravada. They tend to be super huge sweethearts and have very easily aroused emotions. They super quirky and childlike but theirs a danger to emotional confusion because Scorpio and Aquarius are night and day. Overall love them.

Scorpio sun/ gemini moon: sooo cute and very multifaceted! They wear a lot of faces these guys and are the “intellectuals” they tend to be super scattered and childlike and Scorpio adds on to this making them easily thrown of track by new and better interest that catch their attention! They can have self esteem issues laying deep down from what I’ve seen.. they’re super skilled and talented though and have a strange yet fascinating mindset on the world and how it works.

Scorpio sun/Virgo moon: ONE WORD: P R I V A T E. these guys don’t like people in their personal space and usually take a while if at all to let you in their bubble. Their also a lot more critical of their flaws and others and tend to hold them self up to a specific criteria. I honestly say these are the papas and mamas! They are so tender and motherly to those they care about and can be babies if they feel like they’re being ignored! They want to be acknowledged even if they prefer to stay out of the limelight! I adore them they give me earthy Leo vibes.

Scorpio sun/Capricorn moon: this is Jon snow. And lemme just say this is so so sooooo fun! They actually have a very easy and warm presence and you don’t really ever feel the Capricorn energy in them but you know it’s there! They can be a bit standoffish and distanced but all the while they move in a aged way. Their movements are timeless and they have a very grandma and grandpa energy about them! They’re not as impulsive or possessive minded as most Scorpio suns and tend to actually emphasis on freedom and responsibility. They live life like loners and tend to see life as a journey and yes have I said I love this? They give me Taurus•Sagittarius vibes.

Sagittarius sun/Scorpio moon: THESE GUYS AND GALS ARE SOOO FREAKING HOT. Let me just say that I am enamored by this fucking combo. Like they really project that scorpion intensity and it’s heavy man! Their super independent and prefer to live life by their own accord. They’re not as open and friendly as most Sagittarius and usually have to get I know you before there freedom loving nature comes out! They can be a bit prissy and straightforward and have a bluntness about their energy. But man they are so magnetic! They have a playfully intimate nature and are so so soooo deep! If anything they give off a very high octave Scorpio energy.

Sagittarius sun/Capricorn moon: like honestly super grounded guys and gals! Not super spontaneous but they do have a reliable and sturdy nature that I love about them! They have this old time 80s flat/disco vibe about them. And if I could relate their vibe to anything particular it would be deux machina the movie. They are super chill and actually have such a calming affect. I love em!

Capricorn sun/Aquarius moon: these guys are so interesting like they always have like 11 different hobbies and tend to be fairly private and passive about them. They’re not super talkative types and usually stay to themselves but once you get them going? Their chatterboxes! They are also a bit odd and far out when it comes to concepts wise and my Venus in Gemini loves that aha!

Pisces sun/gemini moon: really genuinely sweet hearted people! They tend to always have a caring and loving atmosphere about them and you don’t really notice the airness in their nature honestly they come across as very wise and old and tend to have an emotional maturity about them that’s hard to miss! Their super dedicated and reliable and tend to never let life get them down! But honestly soooo sweet and have such a cancer like energy about them man!

Pisces sun/Aries moon: rih rih!! And yes honestly they are so confident and headstrong and aren’t as emotional as most Pisces suns from what I’ve noticed! They don’t really come across as sympathetic and ones I’ve met usually nurture others by supporting them and giving them tough love! Not to say they don’t cry or give hugs cause they do! They just aren’t super caught up in the emotional specter of life as they are more into the more impulsive and in the moment types. I get hella Aries vibes from this

Last but not least honorable mentions(ones I forgot and felt like I should’ve mentioned)
Cancer sun/Aries moon(my placement)
Taurus sun/Capricorn moon(sooooo hot)
Pisces sun/Aquarius moon(😻😻)

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Came here to say: AAAAAAAHHHHH why is Todoroki such a hotttie? Like oh my word, he gives me life? Do you love him too? 😍 Also, I miss talking to you! Hope everything's going well for you. Sending love and fluffies your way: 🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩 Fluffs and cuddles, ~Poodle Anon 🐩💕


You don’t know how happy I am? I was screaming when I saw you in my inbox 😍 

Space-Princess <3 I MISS YOU TOO! I still can’t believe you actually took the time to scroll through my blog. I suddenly started being nervous when I saw that and my heart was just beating tooooooooo fast but in a positive way  ✨

I know he is just way TOOOOO handsome 🙈  I am so glad you appreciate him as well? :D Of course, I love Shouto, actually if you check on PC you can see that my whole theme is basically Todoroki :3 

A brief summary for you: 

  • I am Izuku’s mom 
  • I absolutely want to marry Shouto, Dabi and Kirishima 
  • my favorite problem child is Bakugou and I just so wanna cuddle him, though I believe he would explode my face 
  • I adore All Dad - I mean All Might 
  • Nejire and Momo are my Queens 
  • I want to be friends with Shinsou, I actually want to date him too .///. this is getting complicated
  • to be honest I love all of this children and I want to shelter them, nourish them and see them living a happy life <3 

I hope you’re doing fine as well! 

Lots of love and cuddles and hugs  🐩