Watching Chyler Leigh change throughout the years is like watching the most satisfying Pokemon evolution

She went from totally adorable 

To totally hot

To earth shatteringly SEXY AS HELL

If she changes any more, we may just see the face of God.

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So I was a low quality Safari man in Barcelona
I just couldn’t resist, I found this shirt..👀
Also I make stupid faces on photos..sorreh🤷🏼‍♀️
@flowerhila can I be ur Saf now???(actually, you changed your blog name lately😑)
So yeah, you can call it a “Safari mans adventure in Barcelona”

anonymous asked:

ive been rewatching ur hotto doggo video and I just noticed how the little rows of hotdogs flash on the beat like wow. how meticulous I love it

thank you, i distinctly recall how difficult that was because the FPS didn’t allow me to perfectly sync it with the beat so i had to manually adjust when the flashes came in every few beats or so by counting how many frames it was until it got off beat :’^}

hagwhegsaze  asked:

you know i don't know what's worse. the fact that children videos are popping up on the gay goat memes or the fact that the gay goat memes have so many views. like. dude. do u know how scarring it would be for a kiddo to see banana goat and then scroll down and try to recover with one of the recommends

banana goat (and some of my other vids) is 18+ but stuff like burnt rice and hotto dogu getting as many views as they have is still a mystery because like. theyre not even Sexy Spicy Hot Yaoi.

i mean hotto dogu has the silly suggestive drawings at the beginning with the hot dogs but theyre just static poses, and burnt rice is just?? poorly animated dancing????? im fuckin. i really dont know. those fuckers have millions of views. why.



Please feel free to reblog! This was probably my most complicated animation yet! :)