im that dude wearing nail polish yelling


anyways– i recently got 6k subs on my channel Kuhimo and this is a .. little pre celebration video– i will make a real celebration video later

but i hope ye like it–

I quote the cancer crew so much in my day to day life and no one ever understands what I'm talking about.

“What are you fucking gay?”
“I don’t know why God won’t grant me the sweet release of death.”
“I have crippling depression.”
“Miss me with that gay shit.”
“🎶Shut the fuck up, you’re a fucking cunt🎶”
“That was fucking delicious, eggs on toast.”
“ThAt’S eDgY aS FUCK”
“No amount of guns or xanax can free me from the crippling loneliness.”
“🎶Please, please, kill yourself🎶”
“Slimy leech cunt.”
“Ey b0ss.”
“I want to die.”
“I have osteoporosis.”
“Heeeey that’s pretty good.”
“Gibe da pusi b0ss.”
“Aw hell yeah.”
“M-m-m-money shot.”

April Fools

So safe to say April Fools is a very intense thing in the Filth household and each of the boys has their own specialties.

  • Pink Guy will cook food and leave it around the house for the others to find. The food is laced with laxatives and Pink Guy makes sure it’s the only food in the house every year
  • Safari Man leaves hot dogs in a the strangest places. He could be on a trip and not have been home in weeks but every year without fail, Hotto Dogus. Frank once coughed a hot dog he didn’t remember eating. 
  • Salamander Man records himself screaming nyess and plays it throughout the day. Then he jumps out and smacks whoever’s closest. The trick is that he doesn’t always smack them when the nyess plays. It’s completely random.
  • Lemon is newer ot the prank traditions and somehow always falls for the ‘here drink this, it’s good’ prank where it turns out they gave him lemonade to drink. He doesn’t have a signature prank so much as he just flings lemons at people. 
  • Frank, ah Frank. Every year it’s different. Once he convinced them all he was dead. Another he made them think he was getting married to a mushroom. There was the year they all got very drunk and did some very inappropriate things with each other and no one talks about that. Lemon once walked in on him fake summoning Chin Chin and well, Chin Chin actually appeared so yeah, that happened. 
  • Fake Frank doesn’t understand the point if every day of their lives is a joke. He also flooded the apartment but that wasn’t a prank, it was a mistake. 

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What's your favorite outfit that each member has worn?

fashion boy kookie vs new yorker wannabe kook

“the realms of day and night, two different worlds coming from two opposite poles…”

smol cuddle human and a whole daddy (how he do this?)

both of these looks are so disrespectful and so FUCKING HOT

to be very  f u c k i n g  honest hobie serves hella looks and yall dont notice


my life aesthetic is soft scholarly seokjin ♡♡♡

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I'm always a slut for Marauders fics, especially something about accidental sexts

Alright, consider this dedicated to you, @punkkore, @thegreenravenclaw, @vanimaspot, @itcomesbetweenus, @booksdestroyedmyentirelife, @hp-heart
In which my boys are trashy af, and past me forgot all about Peter. Sorry Pete. I’ll make it up to you in a later fic.

Accidental Sexts & How To Know Your Friends Are Keepers (2015)

It took him exactly two seconds after hitting the send button to realise he made a terrible mistake.“Fuck!” He hissed, staring at the screen which happily informed him his message had been delivered. “Fuck fuck shit fuck triple fuck on a rock.”

Regulus chose that moment to pipe up in the doorway. “If I tell mum you’re swearing she’ll take away your laptop again.” Sirius growled, and grabbed the nearest object - an introduction to university science - and hurled it at Regulus’ head. His brother ducked away just in time, the heavy volume smacking into the wall instead. “Hey! Now I’m definitely telling!” “If I strangle you before you’re out of this room she’ll never know.” Sirius pointedly looked at Regulus’ loose hanging tie. Regulus’ eyes widened, and he all but ran down the stairs, probably to go complain to the house keeper. Sirius rolled his eyes, and flopped back on the bed, lifting his phone and giving the screen a morose look. “Of all people, I sent it to James. Of fucking course.”

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songs i like to listen to while i draw:

  • D.A.N.C.E. - Justice
  • Oh No! - MATD
  • Saturnz Barz - Gorillaz
  • Banana Shake - Bao
  • Get Got - Death Grips
  • The Stars - Steam Powered Giraffe
  • HOTTO DOGU - Shawn Wasabi
  • Party With The Devil - Attila

thats all i can think of atm LOL