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オープン @ 欧風カリーM(神田和泉町1丁目) by Fumitake Ishibashi

★ The Future of School Idol Festival: Second Part ★

Preceding the large-scale update that will bring in Aqours on 7/5, new information on the coming update will be published for the second week in a row! This time we’ll be talking about “New Card Features”, “Member List” and “Music”.

SSR Rarity

A new “SSR” rarity will appear with the update! SSR will appear in Honor Student scouting as a rarity between SR and UR. Due to this, SR appearance rates will be increased in parts of scouting.

Changes to “Skill Level”

When you practice with a Skill Up support member or the same card, you’ll now get EXP points to level up your skill rather than just a skill level up all at once. Your skill level will increase once you gain enough skill EXP to take you to the next level. This also means you’ll be able to use Skill Up support members on any card, regardless of rarity!

※Skill Up support members must still be of the same attribute as the card you’re practicing them with for the Skill EXP to increase

※The amount of Skill EXP you gain isn’t affected by Super/Ultra Success when practicing 

New Center Skills

UR center skills, in addition to their current effects, will now give extra bonuses when you build your team using a certain unit, year group or set.

Partner and “Favorite Points”

“Favorite points” are also now being added. Favorite points is a mechanism that will be able to list the members that you use the most frequently and bond points in total. Favorite points will rise with your partner (girl on your home screen) and the girls in your team when playing a live.

Card Display Switching Function

A feature to switch the display of your card between their idolized and unidolized forms. You can play with them any way you like!

Increased Ease of Using Member List

Initial number of Member List spaces is being changed from 90 to 120. Due to this, the challenge where your reward is extra member spaces is being abolished. 

※After the update, the reward for the challenges where you would previously get member spaces will be love gems. Players who have already completed these challenges will receive the love gems post-maintenance.

The maximum number of member list spaces can now be increased to 1000. When buying extra member list spaces, players will now gain 4 instead of 3 per love gem.

※Customers who previously bought member spaces with love gems will be given 1 more per each gem spent (with the maintenance) to make up for this change.

Support members will also be moved to a new page and will no longer take up a member list space. (See image below!) New filtering options will also be added to the member list.

Above: Hot leaks. Check out the pretty Riko SR in the top left corner there is no escape from school uniforms and new cool R set! Possible OP outfits….?


EXPERT songs will now be moved permanently to the “Hits” section. With this, EX songs will no longer only be available for limited times. You can play them whenever you’d like!

※All the goals you’ve cleared up until the update (S score, FC, ect) will be carried over when EX is added to hits.

For the new difficulty “MASTER”, four songs will be added monthly. They’ll start with µ’s songs. Have fun!

µ’s and Aqours

You can switch between µ’s and Aqours music by switching between “µ’s Mode” and “Aqours Mode”. You can play with any team in either mode, but Aqours members will help you score higher in Aqours mode and µ’s members will help you score higher in µ’s mode.

Aqours music will not be unlocked by rank.

Random Selection

Random select are songs from the Hit section added to the B-side section. These songs are automatically chosen, and change daily between smile, pure, cool, μ’s, or Aqours song. (From /u/euni_2319 on Reddit)

Random Selection songs will fill up your Reward Box gauge faster than normal songs.

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2016 January Fuji by Shinichiro Saka
Via Flickr:
山中湖 平野 2016:01:02 04:58:56 涼を求めて半年前の冬景色を蔵出しです。 The winter scenery of six months ago in search of cool.

No hay victimas
No hay culpables
Nadie ha sido malo
Nadie ha sido bueno
Simplemente son cosas que pasan en la relaciones
Aveced no acaban de funcionar y hay que separarse
—  JP hablando sobre celo y zeus, sobre su ruptura
Como dicen ellos hay que pasar de pagina

★ The Future of School Idol Festival: First Part ★

Preceding the large-scale update that will bring in Aqours on 7/5, new information on the coming update will be published for 2 weeks! This time we’ll be talking about “Special Practice (idolization)”, “School Idol Skill” and “Reward Boxes”.

Special Practice

  • Idolization, which could previously only be performed by having 2 of the same member, can now be attained with Seals! Due to this, the number of Seals you’ll get from practicing off an idolized member has been reduced from 2 to 1. (**If you want to get rid of an idolized card for Seals, do it before the 7/5 update!)
  • When special practicing two of the same card together, the “School Idol Skill” slot will increase by one, in addition to becoming idolized. Cards that you’ve already idolized will have their “School Idol Skill” increased by one immediately after the update. 
  • When special practicing using Seals, the number of Seals (of any rarity) needed to idolize is predetermined based on the rarity of the card you’re idolizing.
  • If you special practice a card that is already idolized, your “School Idol Skill” will increase by 2! If you do so using a Seal, your “School Idol Skill” will increase by 1.

The provided image of idolizing via Seals. Note they’re special practicing with an already idolized Dancer Kotori. Check out the new UR border!

Initial and maximum amount of “School Idol Skill” slots based on rarity:

SSRs will be implemented during the 7/5 update. Promotional cards (obtained via login bonus, Seal Shop, ect.) have a different number of slots than their regular counterparts.

School Idol Skill ~Power up your favorite cards!~

These special skills that strengthen your cards when you set them can also be obtained through reward boxes! These reward boxes are obtained through playing Live Shows. 

Reward Box ~Get rewarded for your score!~

“Reward Box” is appearing as a new feature when you clear a Live Show. Your Reward Box gauge is filled up a bit every time you play a live, and when the gauge is full it will open and give you item(s), including School Idol Skills! Reward Boxes will also have ranks, higher rank boxes will require a higher score to open.

The Live Show cleared page also features a new design!

The latter part of “The Future of School Idol Festival” will be fun too, stay tuned! ♪

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From the official SIF Twitter:

To commemorate our large-scale summer update, we have decided to present all users with 50 love gems! Details ⇒ Bushimo site

From the Bushimo site:

The app also reached #1 in the iOS sales ranking!

Gifts will be distributed on July 8th or later.

Everyone who started the game on July 24th or earlier will be able to receive this gift! Gift will be distributed only once per account.