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the basketball au

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  • so mercy’s the coach of one of the top teams in the overwatch league
  • the draft has just ended, and she’s pretty okay with the new team
  • she’s already decided that she’s going to have a hell of a time with lacroix, 13, and oxton, 5, if they keep pulling bullshit like this petty squabbling over the ball
  • she sits down in her office, swings her legs up on the desk, massages her brow
  • ‘fuck me,’ she mutters to herself, and there’s an amused laugh from the doorway.
  • ‘that would be improper, coach ziegler.’
  • angela looks up, blushing, to see possibly the hottest woman she’s ever seen, smirking at her from the doorway
  • *blushing intensifies*
  • Hottie McHot reaches out a hand, crossing to her desk. mercy blinks at it before shaking it vigorously.
  • ‘i’m fareeha amari.’
  • ‘you’re- ana’s- fareeha?’
  • ‘yep.’ her smile looks a little strained. ‘we met a few times. back in your playing days. you were a hell of a small forward.’
  • ‘ana was the best shooting guard overwatch has ever seen.’
  • fareeha shrugs. ‘lacroix has potential.’
  • mercy nods slowly. ‘so… why are you here?’
  • ‘the draft. flight was late. you wanna see?’
  • ‘sure.’
  • ‘cool.’
  • and just like that, fareeha pulls off her tank top and reaches for a jersey, pulling it down over her abs.
  • let me reiterate: abs.
  • fareeha amari has hella abs af and you can’t convince me otherwise
  • mercy is taken aback and very turned on
  • fareeha coughs and angela blinks suddenly, cheeks colouring. ‘oh- yes- here.’
  • she tosses fareeha a ball, and follows her out on the court.
  • ‘what do you want?’ she calls, dribbling easily.
  • ‘um… i don’t know. just do what you want.’
  • fareeha grins lopsidedly, half of her mouth twisting in a smirk. ‘okay.’
  • and then she darts forward, does some really complex footwork, and leaps smoothly, left arm windmilling slightly, and skyhooks it.
  • mercy’s pretty sure her jaw’s never going to close again.
  • fareeha’s not even breathing heavily when she looks back, raising an eyebrow. ‘that’s not bad for doing it without a warmup. i have a few more tricks like that, but i’m pretty okay with defense, too.’
  • ‘not bad?’ mercy demands. ‘not bad? reinhardt couldn’t even do a skyhook until he was- i don’t know- old. and that’s- what the- okay. you know what? i’m putting you as centre. starting. i don’t give a damn what reyes thinks. you can change now.’
  • ‘i didn’t do anything.’
  • ‘you can do anything.’ angela turns away, throws her hands up.
  • the ghost of fareeha’s breath flutters at the back of her neck. ‘even you?’
  • ugh
  • as expected, fareeha is possibly the best player that they’ve ever seen. even reyes lets out an admiring whistle when she even dodges oxton, springs up, and slams it hard through the basket.
  • by the way, those arms are possibly the best thing to ever grace the front cover of the special edition of SLAM.
  • anyways
  • it doesn’t take too long with pharah’s dumbass charges for her to get hurt.
  • mercy storms on the court, kneels next to pharah, and hisses, ‘that was fucking stupid.’
  • pharah shrugs, shuddering, eyes half-closed. she’s obviously trying to hide a lot of pain. ‘eh. it’s not that bad.’
  • mercy’s feeling venomous enough to stab her fingers into it. fareeha screws up her face, and mercy instantly regrets it. it’s definitely sprained.
  • ‘off the court, fareeha.’
  • fareeha blinks at her. ‘but-’
  • off.’
  • fareeha sighs and rises, but her face contorts with pain, and mercy slides in next to her, gently assisting her off.
  • the next few practices, which fareeha attends, are absolute hell
  • she keeps pushing herself, far past the limit of what’s healthy for her arm, and finally, in exasperation, mercy orders her off
  • she goes stomping off, unusually childlike
  • mercy follows her into the locker room and closes the door.
  • ‘okay. listen. you’re my best player. that gameplay was fucking dumb.’
  • fareeha frowns defensively. ‘i wasn’t expecting vaswani to foul like that! what was i supposed to do, just let her get away with it?’
  • ‘well, you know, maybe you shouldn’t pull shit like that! that was infantile and idiotic, and god knows i can’t see you get hurt!’
  • ‘yeah! would be shit to lose your best player, wouldn’t it?’
  • ‘no- i can’t lose you! i don’t want to have to deal with you being out of the game, and have it be my fault! i love seeing you play, fareeha- goddammit, i love you!’
  • both of them freeze.
  • ‘i- you-’ fareeha says slowly, and mercy turns and leaves, at a run-walk.
  • but fareeha’s far faster than her, and there’s an insistent grasp on her wrist- enough to pull her back, but not enough to hurt
  • ‘what?’
  • ‘i- ignore what i said. it’s inconvenient- and the clauses-’
  • ‘fuck the clauses,’ fareeha murmurs.
  • ‘and i can’t- wait, what-’
  • and then fareeha amari kisses her.
  • she makes a very uncouth sound, and pulls her closer, hands running down her arms- god, those arms- and when she pulls back she’s lightheaded, and not just from the lack of oxygen.
  • ‘don’t get hurt,’ she whispers, clutching at fareeha’s waist.
  • fareeha gives her a blinding smile and a wink.
  • ‘absolutely, coach.’
  • mercy walks on sunshine for the next month
  • enough that she’s able to force lacroix and oxton to make up
  • (though apparently their version of making up also involves making out)
  • and now she gets fareeha amari all to herself
  • so the rest of the world can go fuck themselves

anonymous asked:

Hi! So... First of all I love your blog so much... Half the time I'll be reading a recc'd fic instead of doing my college apps :) Secondly, I was wondering if I could have an update on the doctors and nurses tag? Thank you!!

Hottie McHot Nurse by Blueeyedbeta24 (complete | 3,220 | Rated T)

When Scott is injured in a motorcycle accident Stiles is sure to remain by his side until his friend recovers.

It doesn’t hurt that Scott’s nurse is a male model in maroon scrubs.

While the Scott is drugged the Stiles shall daydream about hot nurses. Seems fair.

Lay a strong enough foundation by Mynuet (complete | 12,000 | Rated T)

Stiles is the single father of a brand-new preemie; Derek is a nurse that works in the neonatal intensive care unit. They fall in love, and then magic happens.

Code Silver by captaintinymite (complete | 15,541 | Rated M)

After getting burned by his last partner, Detective Derek Hale, newly returned to NYC, kept his private life completely separate from work. So he was reluctant to share any details with his new partner, Chris Argent. He had a loving fiance, Stiles, who worked as an Emergency Room doctor at Emissary Medical Center in NYC. Everything was going great until one of his and Argent’s cases intersected with his personal life in the worst way.

No Words Left Unsaid by countrygirlsfun (complete | 7,776 | Rated G)

Derek makes the appointment himself. That in and of itself is a big deal for him.

It’s been ten years since he got his family killed. Six years since he let Laura, his sister, get killed, leaving only himself as the sole survivor of the Hale family.

And it’s been five years, eleven months since Derek has spoken.

Fight Me? by nerdyderekhale (complete | 1,614 | Rated T)

In which Stiles is sick and cranky, Derek is hopelessly endeared, and everyone else definitely knows that Stiles means a different kind of fighting.

Keep me on my toes, keep me in the know by nesselberry (complete | 3,277 | Rated G)

In which Stiles is sick and cranky, Derek is hopelessly endeared, and everyone else definitely knows that Stiles means a different kind of fighting.

doctor’s orders by wearing_tearing (complete | 1,639 | Rated T)

Derek sighs, scrubbing a hand over his face. “Can you just get me a beer?”

“I should be getting you to bed,” Stiles says, and his lips twitch the moment he sees Derek’s ears turn a bit red. “But yeah, sure, coming right up.”

Can You Hear Me? by EverGreenUrsa (complete | 1,899 | NR)

Derek gets hurt and Stiles has a mini-meltdown after everyone has left and Derek is in bed recuperating.

until the clock strikes midnight again by decideophobia (complete | 5,072 | Rated T)

Derek stumbles upon a test then, towards the end of the magazine, and before he realizes what he’s doing, he’s reading out loud, “Are you good in bed?”

Stiles drops his pen.

My Mother’s Recipe by captaintinymite (complete | 2,872 | Rated T)

Why did Derek volunteer to make cookies for the sick kids at work? Because he liked children. Why did he volunteer to bake ten dozen on Christmas Eve and have them ready for the next morning? Because he had problems saying no. That’s why.

Short on time and supplies, Derek is at his wits end. With none of his friends available to help, Derek turns to his neighbor whom he just happened to be head over heels for.