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  • adachi yuto, japanese exchange student and baseball player extraordinaire
  • his pitch is insane,,, latest record was 89.5 mph but he might’ve upped it (he did and he’s still aiming to surpass the best recorded speed of 105.1) since the school’s newspaper last interviewed him,,, nervously
  • he may be a well-known around school for being one of the top-ranking baseball players but he’s actually really intimidating 
  • equipped with a brooding look and an almost always resting bitch face a lot of people find him,,,, hard to approach and he likes that
  • being in a new country is tough - getting to know the language and the customs is like being a little kid in elementary school and it’s because of this very reason that he really hates people trying to belittle him or look down on him
  • it certainly doesn’t help that just by going there has made other people treat him like an actual child but if there’s yet another thing about yuto then it’s the fact that he has this need to prove others wrong about him
  • there was a kid in like fifth grade who totally ragged on him,, really made yuto feel like he wouldn’t amount to anything especially in baseball and ok sure he was a pretty scrawny kid at the time, a bit of a late bloomer in the puberty department but y’know everyone matures at their own pace physically and mentally
  • and anyway, it’s this very kid that has just driven yuto to do the very best that he can even if that means overworking himself and only really putting baseball first
  • because of that, his grades are pretty mediocre which is funny because he just about calculates and figure just how much he can get away with slacking over just to do the bare minimum
  • it works though,,, his teachers can’t complain since he is putting in effort and his coaches don’t mind so long as he’s getting the required gpa and coming to practice (which he does almost religiously)
  • and it’s just really remarkable that this sole drive just to prove someone wrong and get back at them for really doubting him drives him that much
  • his life has always been shrouded in doubt and insecurity and lots of belittlement and out of everything,,, baseball has always offered some kind of comfort to him
  • he’ll just stand on that field, whether it’s turf or actual grass, and finds peace in all the screaming because the moment he takes his pitcher’s stance it’s like there’s this silence and everything goes still even during his wind-up and suddenly all this power is thrown into a measly pitch and it has people roaring over him
  • they didn’t care if he was too foreign or too scrawny or too whatever, they were there and they appreciated his skill and i think that’s all he’s ever really wanted as he grew up into the man he is now
  • instead of sticking to japan, he decided to take up a full-ride scholarship to south korea and when they announced that at the sports banquet he couldn’t help but feel this swell of pride even if that one kid couldn’t see it happen
  • it’s a rare sight but it made him smile that day because for once he was acknowledged y’know?
  • anyway, coming to south korea was almost a culture shock (not by a grand scale but enough that it threw him off balance for a while)
  • it brought on a dry spell for him because he didn’t have friends or anyone to really be there for him to lean on because he was literally alone and not even with someone he could properly communicate with
  • it was frustrating on the largest scale and it made him feel even more hesitant and angry to deal with anyone other than his roommate, wooseok, who (bless his soul) is a sweetheart and always invites him to hang or play videogames,,,, sometimes he humors the giant
  • it took time for yuto to get acquainted with the other eight boys in wooseok’s friend circle but it worked out in weird ways
  • although yuto can’t exactly socialize in a huge gathering, he would spend one on one time with each of them and found comfortable niches with each so he does have a soft spot somewhere behind all his hostility
  • he won’t admit it a lot either but he’s more of a shower than a teller
  • but ok, anyway, even tho his first half of the year in south korea has been a huge struggle, he’s used it to push himself athletically and that’s why he’s getting noticed a lot more by others
  • they’re still intimidated as ever and rumors come flying in all directions about him killing someone with his pitch and none of the students in the journalism club want to interview him for the paper lmao
  • there was one brave soul but he’s still pretty,,, shaken from yuto’s rbf and you were actually out in this really cool study abroad in japan about tech culture and reported your findings and,,,,
  • basically you’re literally the only one who hasn’t heard of yuto aka the hardest person to interview on the baseball team so when you heard about a job that no one was willing to take because it was too scary you were just like “LMAO LEMME AT IT”
  • that and because he piqued your interest

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Harrison is really trying to do his best, having photoshoots, making self tapes, auditioning, etc. And I am sure being best friends with the hottest rising movie star at the moment helps him with connections, whether it is getting a good agent at a reputable agency or meeting important directors at events that he otherwise could not have attended. And I am positive Tom would love if Haz also catches his big break. 

This is a hard business to break into. One thing that Tom has that many other actors his age do not is a certain level of charisma and charm that goes beyond his years, on top of his natural acting skills. As conventionally good looking as Harrison is, in my opinion he is less captivating in the charisma department, but if he hones his acting skills well enough and meets the right people at the right time, we can end up seeing him in movies as well. Of course that would mean Tom would have to get a new personal assistant, for which I am sure there will be a looooong line formed, lol, because that is a sweet gig.

Queens based Korean-American producer and songwriter Yaeji is one of the hottest rising stars in the house music scene right now. The buzz surrounding the artist is jaw dropping, and it’s only going to continue to grow, particularly if Yaeji continues pushing boundaries and breaking new ground with songs like this new single, raingurl. The snazzy chic deep house and foggy shuffling garage on raingurl sports a wicked bassline, while Yaeji’s chiffon, rap-like vocals lead us into a deep dreamy trance. The hypnotic single is lifted from Yaeji’s highly anticipated ep2, out november 3rd via GODMODE. Pre-order from iTunes, here.

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My first Shameless Big Bang!!!

Here’s the cover I made for the amazingly talented romanticalgirl

‘ And the Oscar Goes to’


One of Hollywood’s hottest rising stars needs a little help with some real-life acting. Mickey has no desire to be in the limelight, but he’s had enough fantasies about tinseltown’s (via the south side) Ian Gallagher. So when Ian’s management comes to Mickey with an offer, he can’t refuse. Ian needs a fiance, and the club for queer kids in the south side that Mickey and Mandy are having built needs an endorsement and a cash influx.

It’s a win-win for everyone. As long as Ian’s ex-boyfriend stays out of the way. And as long as no one falls in love. Who knows? Maybe someone will have a happy ending by the time the credits roll.

Go check it out!!!