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Ew i literally hate this gem boy because he is the hottest boy I've even seen and I'm so irreversibly attracted to him and he knows i exist but doesn't care i hate him because i want to love him:(( ♎️

either talk to him or find another hot person to focus on

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top 5 hottest boys from rpdr

Omg this is a good one thank you!!

I’m not sure if this is gonna be in order so yeah this isn’t in any order but:

Matt James Lent (Pearl)
David Petruschin (Raven)
Sutan Amrull (Raja)
Daniel Donigan (Milk)
Jason Dardo (Violet Chachki)

The signs as white boy texts
  • Aries:haha what's your bra size
  • Taurus:can I eat your ass haha
  • Gemini:sorry my friends stole my phone aha
  • Cancer:who's the hottest boy in your grade lol
  • Leo:how far have you gone with a guy haha
  • Virgo:what would you be doing if I were with you right now haha
  • Libra:what r u wearing? ;)
  • Scorpio:r u horny
  • Sagittarius:what are you doing "in bed" rn lol
  • Capricorn:wanna give my friend paul a bj tomorrow he thinks ur hot haha
  • Aquarius:tits 4 dick? ;)
  • Pisces:wanna know how long my dick is haha