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,Okay so first we have this epic reunion after such a long time !!! man i just can’t believe it ! 17 and 18 the coolest/hottest twins to ever exist in fiction anyway xD i really liked how they’re still have the same relationship like 18 teasing him or looking irrititated and 17 just standing there either smiling or looking amused brought back so many memorie !!

Also Krillin being the awkward brother in law was priceless lmao and the way 17 turned down that invitation damn btw 17 wasn’t being mean or cold as some of you might think,that’s just the way 17 is and the recent episodes basically confirmed my headcanon about his personality all this time,17 is a loner he doesn’t really feel comfortable with people around him doesn’t matter if they’re family or not,he’s just pretty distant some of you might see it as a flaw but imo it’s just what makes him so unique he prefers to mind his own buisiness and detach himself from the crowd to avoid awkward situation i guess ? not that he can’t handle them though.

Also can i just talk about the fact that his smile gives me life ? like literally he’s just so gorgeous and that smile is like looking at the moon ! gorgeous <3 <3 

And of course we get to finally see 17 and marron meet and see him as an uncle for the first time,this made me so happy i also liked the fact that he told her “hey you’ve grown” confirming he did visit her once like Toriyama said ! so far the writer has been pretty faitful to Toriyama’s interview i’m impressed.

and i’ve always knew he had that joker side of him it’s not surprising at all,remember back in Z when he told 18 if she was interested in the clothes of those delinquents that were chasing after them ? i’m not sure if you remember that one but point is 17 likes making jokes and he doesn’t care if people around him don’t find them funny. (personal headcanon about the last part ofc.) his sense of humor is very sarcastic xD and the pun he made was priceless,

Anyway as someone already mentioned it here this scene alone kinda proves 17 is an actual father the was he was nice to Marron petting her and smiling with her  brought his paternal side to the screen which was enjoyable to see,i really hope we get to see his family dammit :’( also on side note neither Krillin nor 18 know about his family (just like the Toriyama mentioned in his old interview) it looks like only Goku is aware of that now.

Then, we get this awsome scene that i’m particularly fond of,it shows 17 making his entrance and officially joining the squad ! which is a dream come true !!! 

Finally 17 and Piccolo’s reunion something i’ve been waiting to see for a long time too,i’ve always thought 17 and Piccolo would have been great friends/rivals,it was so funny how everyone was expectiong shit to go down lol and 17 was going for it !! 

Then he got surprised how welcoming Piccolo was which just proves how awsome Piccolo is,thank you Piccolo for being nice to my bae xD ! 

And ofc 17 showing signs of how mature he became over the years and how well spoken he’s become,trully one of the best character development in anime,i’m just so proud of him and i’m not even surprised at how great 17 is,i always knew he was even with his lack of screen time,right now i’m just experiencing my headcanon becoming canon step by step. :)

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So i had this idea of Draco with a twin they look the same except his twin has blue eyes and freckles and he looks super cute and all but he's really bold and brash and like banters with harry and then asks him out. Draco gets jealous and shows him who's boss. He kisses Harry in front of everyone in the great hall and Harry just smirks bc he likes that the hottest twins are fighting for his attention.

Hmm… interesting headcanon! I can perfectly imagine how jealous Draco would feel when his twin show some interest in his soon to become boyfriend.

Yep, wouldn’t mine reading some fic like this. ;)

Meet N Greet - Grayson (1k Special)


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So today I was going to a meet n greet. But the thing was I didn’t know who the meet n greet was for. My friend just came up to me and was like “Maria, your coming with me to a meet n greet, let’s go.” So that explained how I’m waiting in this long ass line not even knowing who for.

“Who is this even for?” I asked. My friend looked at me and sent me a smile. “Only for the two hottest twins in the world. Ethan and Grayson Dolan.” She beamed. “Who and who Dolan?” I asked. She sighed and rolled her eyes. “You’ll see once we get to be first in line.” She commented.

“It’s going to be weird for me.” I groaned moving up in my spot. “We’ll we can watch all their videos now.” She smiled starting to get out her phone. “No no that’s fine.” I laughed awkwardly. “Here I’ll just walk about them for you to know who they are.” She said starting to speak up. 

I kind of blacked out her voice for the rest of the line. That was in till we were first and she was still babbling. “Hey look were next.” I said looking at her. She stopped talking and her mouth stayed open. “Close your mouth you may catch some flies.” I smirked and the guy told us to go. I stood awkwardly there as my friend went to get pictures. I had her phone and took pictures but couldn’t help but looked at one of the two.

“Maria get in and take a picture.” My friend said rolling her eyes. I rolled my eyes as well but got in next to Grayson cause apparently she liked Ethan more. I smiled into the picture and felt something fall into  my back pocket. I looked up at Grayson and he smiled at me. “What’s your name?” He asked.

“Maria.” I responded. “May seem weird but can I get your number?” He asked. I looked at him weird and chuckled. “I guess.” I said handing him my phone. He smiled at me and entered his number texting himself and handed it back to me. “See you.” He smiled at me.

I nodded and waved as me and my friend left. My friend turned to me once we left the building and screamed. “Oh my gosh! You got Grayson’s number!” She screamed. Bad choice. A bunch of girls looked at us and started to run towards us. “Nice going.” I mumbled grabbing his wrist and pulling her with me to run.

After running for a couple miles we finally lost the girls and found ourselves in a tiny cafe. We sat down at a table and sat there trying to catch our breath. “Ooo muffins.” My friend said getting up and walking to the counter. I chuckled at her and checked my back pocket. I pulled out a piece of paper that had a place and a time and a G.

I thought about it for awhile. Wait. I looked at the location. It was a cafe. Was it this cafe? I questioned. I checked the time and checked the time on the paper. Well I mean we’ll see. I said to myself.

My friend came back with a muffin and coffee and handed me a tea. “Thanks.” I smiled. She nodded and was about to eat her muffin as her phone started to go off. She groaned and picked up her phone answering it.

“Yeah mom.” She said into it. I took a sip of her drink as she rolled her eyes. I chuckled at her and continued to drink my tea until she hung up and looked at me. “I have to head home. You need a ride home?” She asked. I shook my head. “No it’s fine, I’m just going to hang out here for a bit.” I smiled at her. 

“OKay see you Maria.” She smiled getting up and giving me a hug before leaving. I stayed in my seat and yawned as I heard a knock on the table. I looked up and saw Grayson. “You know I thought you looked familiar. Your Maria-tube on you tube aren’t you?” He asked sitting down where my friend once sat.

“Yeah I almost got caught a couple times because my friend only just told me a couple a hours ago that we were going to your meet n greet.” I explained. He hummed in response and looked at me. “Is there something on me?” I asked wondering why he was starring. “No your just beautiful.” He said. I smiled and blushed at his words and took a sip of my tea to hide it.

Aftermath * George Weasley Request

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Request: “I would like to request an image where George fall in love with a muggle girl and he has just told her about magic and wants her to meet his family. I want this to be after the war and for Fred to be alive. Thank you!”


Warnings: 0


George’s POV

“Oh c’mon, you’ll love my family!”

“It’s not that George. What if they don’t like me since…”


“Since I’m not a wizard.”

“They don’t care about that.”

“But I barely know anything about magic.”

“I just told you everything you have to know! Now please come meet my family. I promise they won’t bite.”

“I’ll sleep on it.”

“Please! I mean why wouldn’t they adore you like I do. Please!”

“What if they hate my accent?”

“They will love that American accent of yours. I promise.”

“… Fine! I’ll meet your family!”

“Yay! I swear they will love you!”  I said with joy. God I can’t wait for Y/N to meet my family.

*Next day*

“Y/N wake up. It’s time to meet the family!” I said covering Y/N with kisses.

“5 more minutes Georgie.”

“With that 5 minutes you could be getting dressed or eating.”

“Fine I’m up.” Y/N said while removing the covers from her face.


Ugh I have nothing to wear! I wish I went shopping yesterday. I guess I’ll just wear black pants, nice shirt and a cardigan along with my black wedges. Luckily this is my ‘to go outfit’.

“Ready darling?” George asked me as I came down the stairs.

“Ready as I’ll ever be.”

“They aren’t scary you know. They love guests. Even more since your my girlfriend.”

“It’s not that George. It’s the fact that you guys almost lost Fred in the war and they are basically adding someone to the family not long after the war ended.”

“I promise that this will lighten up the mood. Besides I can’t stop talking about you! It’s time that see the person I’m truly in love with.

“You’re in love with me? Oh I would’ve never guessed.” I said sarcastically.

“I really do love you.”

“I love you too now let’s go before I change my mind!”

On the way to George’s parents house I kept on thinking that maybe George was just giving me false hopes. I don’t want to set a bad impression on myself. Oh I’m so fucking nervous and scared and I feel like I’m gonna throw up.

“Almost there.” George said while holding onto my hand.

“Just breath darling. I love you and they are gonna love you.”

“Is this the house?” I asked.

“Mhm yeah, it is.”

“It’s… big. More people to impress.”

“You’ll see. C’mon, let’s go.”

We got out of the flying car and reached the front door. George ran the doorbell and automatically someone answered.

“Hey look who we have here, it’s George… with a fine looking lady friend. Fred Weasley, the hottest twin in the house, pleasure to meet you.”

“Hands off bell end. This Y/N, my girlfriend.” George said to Fred.

“Hello Y/N. Please come inside and meet everyone else.” Fred said to me.

“Wow, it’s so cozy in here.” I said while looking around.

“Y/N I didn’t know you were American.” Fred said with big eyes.

“Didn’t George tell you?”

“Maybe, the more I think about it does sound familiar. Anyways it’s nice to meet you Y/N.”

“Nice to meet you too Fred.” I said while shaking his hand.

“Fred, where’s everyone else?” George asked Fred.

“Getting ready of course. This is a family gathering you know? You, me, Ron, Hermonie, Harry, Ginny and now the lovely Y/N.”

“I guess we were a bit early then.” I said.

“Not at all! Better early than late.” I heard a voice coming down the stairs say. I turned to look and it was Molly Weasley.

“Now George, who is this beautiful lady standing right in front of me.”

“Oh Mrs. Weasley I’m Y/N Y/L/N. It’s a pleasure to finally meet you.” I said to Mrs. Weasley.

“What a lovely name you have my darling! Please call me Molly.”

“Thank you… Molly.”

“Y/N what a beautiful accent you have. I must say I don’t meet a lot of Americans but when I do, it’s a great pleasure.

“Uh hi mum!” George said.

“Oh hello Georgie. Now Y/N tell me all about yourself. I don’t bite haha.” Molly said while pulling me to the dinner table.

*After dinner*

George’s POV

“I’m so happy that mum, dad, Fred, Ron, Ginny, Hermonie and Harry both love Y/N. The whole night they were asking Y/N about the US and how we met.

I knew she had nothing to worry about. 

“Oh please stay the night! It’s dark out and you can leave in the morning. Please stay! My offer.” Mum said to Y/N.

“Yeah please stay! I still wanna know more about American boys!” Ginny and Hermonie yelled out.

“George? Wanna stay?” Y/N asked me.

“It’s up to you.” I said with a big grin.

“Um, sure why not.” Y/N said.

“Oh I’m so glad! You can share a room with the rest of the girls!”

“Fred, George can I talk to you for a moment.”

We went walked to a random room in the house. I hope they like Y/N.

“George, we absolutely adore Y/N!” Mum said to me.

“She’s a lovely girl George. Don’t lose her!” Dad said to me.

“Now Fred, when will you get a girl like that?!” Mum and dad both said which caused us to laugh.

“His time will come… maybe.” I added.

*Before bed*

“How was the chat?” Y/N asked me.

“It was amazing. They told me how I shouldn’t lose you and how much they adore you! I told you shouldn’t be worried.”

“I know and you’re usually right. I love your family so much they are so welcoming and funny. It kinda reminds me of my home.”

“I love you Y/N Y/L/N. Thanks for coming.”

“I love you too George Weasley and thanks for inviting me.”

“WE LOVE YOU MORE Y/N!” Everyone yelled back. So happy this happened.