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Throwback to when the Dab was the hottest thing out! The Williams Family don’t mess!

The World's Gonna Know Your Name

This is a chaptered version of a fic I’ve already written, It’s Your World, I’m Just Trying To Live In It. I thought the fic ended far too abruptly and wasn’t drawn out enough and had more potential, and I quite liked the idea, so here we are! 

This is for Maxi, because she’s absolutely in love with It’s Your World (though God knows why pls Maxi no) and if it weren’t for her undying love for it, I probably wouldn’t have bothered making it better.

As most of you will know, I am absolutely shit at updating chaptered fics, and I’ve been inspired by Shellzbellz to update weekly. So, for now, this is going to be updated every Thursday.

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I think it’s pretty funny when I shove Rex’s preventative meds down her throat and she thinks it’s the hottest thing and flares out her feathers, struts around, makes her turned on coo, and then prevents herself.


Summary: Jackson takes you on a date, and you walk down memory lane, talking about different firsts over the year you’ve been together. At the restaurant, Jackson decides he wants to do a new first, and things start getting heated.

Character: Jackson, You

Genre: Smut with a bit of fluff.

Warning: Sexual Content

Length: 2007

“Darling!” Jackson said, drawing your attention away from your book. He was looking at you with the sweetest smile, making you suspicious. Jackson only called you “darling” when he wanted something from you.

You set down your book and gave Jackson your full attention. “Yes?”

“Let’s go do something fun. I’m bored.” Jackson sat down next to you and looked right into your eyes. The intense eye contact was a little intimidating, and you could never say no to Jackson.

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You Can Thank A$AP (ReaderxDean)

Request: Okay I was wondering if by chance if you could write some smut or fluff where the reader really loves rap and classic rock. Also I’m a new follower an I’m really enjoying your blog! 😙

Warnings: smut, fluff, bit of dirty talk, rough and sensual Dean, Dean’s POV

Words: 2611

Note: sorry this took me so long to get to anon! Here’s the song…idk rap lol–Multiply (A$AP Rocky) I actually really like this one shot, I kinda fell in love with it at the end. X

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Fifty Shades Of Grey (requested)

anon: “ Can u do an imagine where you have a threesome w skate and Sammy thank you !!”

A/N: Thanks for the request. Also this is my first time writing smut so i dont know if its good or not let me know please.

It was a friday night and i got texted by my best friend Sammy to come over to his house to watch a movie with him and our best friend Nate. We were really good friends and i really liked those boys. Me and Sammy always got along really good and we were more like friends with benefits.

“Mom! i`m going to Sam`s house i don`t know when i`ll be back maybe i`ll sleep there!” I yelled standing infront of the door. “Okay sweetheart have fun!” My mom yelled back.I hopped in my car and drove to his house which was only 10 minutes away from me.

After i parked my car infront of his house i knocked on the door. Waiting for someone to open up the door.  A happy Sammy opened the door and gave me a big hug. “Hey baby girl i missed you.” he said into my neck. “Missed you to Sammy boy!” I said while looking into his eyes. I could tell he wanted something but i didn`t knew what. I walked over to Nate and gave him also a hug. “Damn y/n you smell good! How have you been?” he asked. “Thanks, you dont smell bad yourself too babe. Im good as always what about you?” “All good.” He answered.

 I went to sit down on a chair and discussed with the boys which movie we wanted to watch. At some point we got in a little fight over the movie Fifty Shades Of Grey. They both wanted to watch it but i really didn`t want to, since i was sitting here with 2 boys who got horny easily.

 “C’mon y/n it`s a good movie literally every female watched that movie and you`re telling me you don`t want to watch it?” Nate yelled at me in confusion. “That`s right y/n yo-” I cut Sam off by screaming a no to their faces. “Well then we start off with the real work huh Sam?” I heard Nate mumble to Sam. He nodded and now i was the one who got confused. “What are you guys talking about?” I said but i got no aswer. 

I began to get pissed until Sam stood up. “y/n can i talk to you for a second?” I walked over to him and he led me upstairs into his bedroom. “So what do you want to talk about?” Sam didn`t say a thing but only smirked at me. 

I wanted to leave but then Sam grabbed my wrist and pulled me towards him. “I`m gonna make you look like one of the actors on Fifty Shades Of Grey.” He whispered in my ear and pushed me on the bed. By now i knew what i saw in his eyes when he opened the door, i saw lust. 

He climbed on top of me and started sucking on my neck. I honestly wasn`t suprised that he would do this to me to be honest, i knew this day was coming my way when he once said to me that he wanted to bang me so hard and all these kind off stuff. I already had sex with him once when we both were drunk and since then i had a feeling that we only got closer to each other.  

Sam kept trying finding the right spot on my neck and when he found it i let out a little moan. “Yeah baby girl keep moaning for your daddy.” He said.             His hands reached for the hem of my shirt and pulled my shirt over my head. 

The door swung open and Nate stepped inside. “Hmm you already begun without me Sam?” He smirked and got undressed. Sam put his hands behind my back to unclasp my bra. He threw it behind him and took one of my boobs in his large hand and started squeezing it. “Nate maybe we should tie her up just like they do in Fifty Shades Of Grey since she likes that movie so much.” They both smirked at me and the only thing i could think about now was that i needed one of them right now. 

Sam sucked and bited my nipple while Nate pulled my pants off letting his fingers trace cirkels on my thighs. I moaned for more and he kept going higher until i felt his fingers on my panties. “Nate please!” i screamed out and he pulled my panties off. 

Sam went up and started sucking my neck again. The amount of pleasure that those boys where giving me was so high. 

I felt Nate`s tongue against my clit. He sucked for a few times and then pushed 2 fingers inside of me making me scream a little. He thrusted his fingers in and out getting faster with each thrust. 

I wanted to grab Nate`s hair but Sam was still on top of me so i couldn`t grab it. Instead i grabbed the hem of Sam`s t-shirt and pulled of and threw it next to the bed. I brought Sam a little closer to me and started biting on his shoulder. After that i went up to his jaw and started sucking jawline. I could tell he liked it by the way he moaned. 

Nate went faster and was now eating me out, i couldn`t take this any longer i felt that there was a knot forming in my stomach which meant i was about to cum soon. “Nate i`m close!” I screamed. He want faster until i came undone. He licked it off and then climbed of off the bed. 

“My turn babygirl, im gonna make you scream so hard.” Sammy groaned. He got undressed and i looked at his hard member slapping againt his stomach. He placed himself in between my legs. I felt his tip against my entrance. He got close to my face and without a warning he thrusted into me. “Oh my god Sammy faster!” I screamed after a few thrusts. “Don`t call me Sammy you know i`d rather liked to be called daddy, right baby girl?” He groaned. “Yes i know daddy please fuck me harder now!” 

I looked at Nate and saw that he was wacking himself off while looking at me and Sammy. 

I knew that Sammy was really close by how sloppy his thrust became. “Wait for me daddy I`m getting close.” I said. We kept going until we finally came undone. Sammy collapsed next to me breathing heavinly trying to catch up his breath. 

Nate walked over to me. i stood up and let Nate sit on the bed. I knew exactly what he wanted and the good thing for him was that he would get it too. I sat on my knees while i grabbed his cock. Nate was huge as fuck. I began sucking on his tip while i tickled his balls. “You`re doing so good babygirl.” he groaned while closing his eyes. I put his cock into my mouth as far as i could, i sucked it and did my thing. After a while Nate came undone into my mouth while moaning loudly. i went up to him and started kissing him so he could taste himself. 

When we were done I was so tired so i went under the covers where Sammy already layed. i cuddled up against Sammy and closed my eyes for a second. I felt Nate placing himself next to me.

“Damn boys that was so good.” I laughed.

“Hottest thing that has ever happened in my life so far.” Nate said while looking to me. 

Sammy said nothing instead he just looked at me and smiled. 

Damn this was the best night of my life.

A/N: Please let me know what you think about this!