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Who do you think the 10 hottest NHL players are?

ok this took me longer than i thought but i enjoyed it so much

1. Carey Price

because holy shit

and that brows

and smile

2. Roman Josi

aka European supermodel

3. Zach Parisé

just. look. at. that. American. Hollywood. smile. pure Captain America

also this pic right here changed my life

4. Adam Henrique

he is just. perfect mix of angel and Devil (because he’s playing for New Jersey Devils hahaha ok this joke was bad)

…..I see you pornstache

5. Gabriel Landeskog

we all know how beatiful he is but still, here are some examples

+bonus aka the cutest gif ever

—————-so now i’m gonna add just one pic to others————–

6. Leon Draisaitl

beatiful German-Czech person and Connor McDavid and me and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins are his dates. I can’t blame them–us.

….also I hate this pic has watermarks but he’s still hot here….

7. Tom Wilson

he is my husband, no words needed, we all know him too.

much hotter after he got haircut

8. Alexander Wennberg

hot young Swedish ass

9. Aaron Ekblad

or better said– my daddy ok. 

he is hot both shaved and with beard, don’t fight me on this

10. Matt Duchene

he is a cutie with great hair and uncommon face and eyes

  • harry: i'm bisexual
  • ron: mate i want you to know that i'll support you no matter what. if anyone gives you a hard time for this i'll fight them. fred and george will probably help.
  • hermione: OH you need to read this book i found in the library the other day about the history of lgbt+ wixen!! unfortunately there isn’t much on the topic, i'm planning to make a petition to send to the school governors to get more resources for these things in hogwarts, but this should be a good start!
  • ginny: lol same. want to help me edit my list of the hottest quidditch players?
  • luna: (hugs him for what would be an uncomfortably long time if it was anyone else)
  • neville: oh… really?? that's cool, thank you for trusting me with this… (INTERNALLY) THE CUTE BOY IS BI, THE CUTE BOY IS BI, ABORT MISSION ABORT MISSION

But what if Iwaizumi and Oikawa weren’t bff since childhood, and they actually meet for the first time during that AobaJousai vs Karasuno practice LISTEN LISTEN Iwaizumi is KARASUNO’S ACE. Oikawa is making faces at Tobio-chan after their match, and then WHOOSH someone nearly spiked a ball on his face WHAT THE HELL Oikawa is so fucking mad who the fuck that-
“Is everything okay, Kageyama?” next to his “dearest” Tobio-chan is the hottest player he’s ever seen in his whole life. W O W. He’s definitely Oikawa’s type, but there’s one problem: Iwaizumi doesn’t seem to like him because he thinks he’s a bully, and he actually gives him a nasty glare and is always always always near Kageyama when he’s around. FUCK HIS LIFE

Dating Niall would include:

● “Give me the remote”
● “No, Derby is on”
● Lots of fangirling over small things
● You cooking for him and him cooking the next day to pay back
● "Are ya going to finish eating this or?“
●  Day dreaming about your future together
●  Him coming back home drunk after midnight
●  Taking care of his hungovers
●  "Thank ya for taking care of me sweetheart”
●  Him slapping your ass playfully
●  Giggling together
●  Stealing kisses when you’re really focused on something
●  Poking his nose and him scrunching it after
●  “How am I so lucky to have you?”
●  Holding hands when you’re out with paps following you
●  Make out scenes turning into hot sex
●  “Tell me I’m the hottest golf player”
●  “Just shut up”
●  Lots of sloppy kisses before the sleep

Oikawa: don’t you guys feel lucky? not only I’m the nicest senpai, I’m also the most talented AND hottest volleyball player ever
Kindaichi: err
Oikawa: excuse you
Kyoutani: Iwaizumi is hotter
Kindaichi: yeah what he said
Oikawa: how dare you
Kunimi: and he’s a nicer senpai too

Check, Please! Characters as Things I've Done
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Bitty:</b> Shrieking in horror because I saw my mom use apple sauce as a substitute for canola oil<p/><b>Jack:</b> Immediately launching into the inherenty gay nature of the history of the Wild West any time someone so much as mentions cowboys<p/><b>Shitty:</b> Unfriended 250+ people (including my grandma) on Facebook because they kept posting Donald Trump memes<p/><b>Lardo:</b> Accidentally ate my eraser in my figure drawing class because it was sitting too close to my bag of chips<p/><b>Ransom:</b> Downloaded the NHL app, and the first thing I did was look through the head shots to pick out the hottest players<p/><b>Holster:</b> Wore a crop top in the middle of winter for no discernible reason<p/><b>Dex:</b> Gave my brother a purple nurple that bruised his entire boob<p/><b>Nursey:</b> Sat up on the top bunk of my brother's bed and got hit in the face with the moving ceiling fan, proceeded to bleed all over his sheets<p/><b>Chowder:</b> Tweeted multiple hockey players asking them to pay my college tuition <p/><b>Kent:</b> Bought a new eyebrow kit and literally cried I was so happy<p/><b>Tater:</b> Yelling "Hi puppy!!" at literally every dog I've ever seen, regardless of context<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

Summary: It was your birthday and of all the things you wanted, you got the one wish you never thought possible.

Pairings: AU!Damon x Reader x AU!Dean

Warnings: swearing, threesome smut, DETAILED SMUT. 

Word Count: 4356 What have I done

So… this has been an idea that’s in my mind and I finally had the ‘guts’ to write it. Enjoy imagining being in between two insanely hot guys.

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

A lot of girls in your school would kill to be in your position. You had two of your university’s hottest football players as you best friends. You didn’t lack in the looks department as well. You were a cheerleader but you were also part of the school’s honor roll. And they weren’t the typical ‘I’m a football player who hates studying’. You were in a science major, Dean in an engineering major, and Damon in a math major.

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Yoooooooo so today I was called adorable by the hottest baseball player at my university, I log into Tumblr to see Emison cuddling and see that BELLA MUTHERFUDGiN THORNE IS A BISEXUAL. OOOOOOOOO lordy it was a good day. (Also, my philosophy teacher was lecturing us on not plagiarizing and fucking used Melania Trump as an example 😂😂😂😂) lawwwwwdy what a day.

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