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You’re one helluva pilot, Commander Dameron

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This request goes out to anonymous who asked: I love you and your writing. That last one was friggin fantastic (my favourite flyboy). I love how you added in so much more depth with the Poe switcheroo :) Since I love how you write Poe can you do a one shot of Poe and reader where They are both pilots, close, and flirt a lot. and reader was going to ask him out but changes her mind bc a female mechanic goes into his quarters a lot and she assumes they are together. But that girl is just working on Bb8 upgrades??

Warnings: Mehhh… a bit of spice. ;)

Also before I start, can we take a moment to look at the amazing gif and Poe’s dancing skillzzz? #poeissecretlythebestdancerinthegalaxy. 

Hi. My name is Y/N. I work with the Resistance, in which in case you didn’t know, has one of the hottest pilots in the galaxy. ME of course. No, I’m just pulling your leg. I’m talking about Poe Dameron. I mean like THE POE DAMERON. If you’ve never heard of him, go home, rethink your life. I’m just talking about one of the hottest pilots. Who is the best pilot in the WHOLE FREAKING GALAXY. And he’s my friend. I’d like him to be more than just a friend though.

Buuuuttt… there’s one thing that’s preventing me. I’m 90% sure Poe is already in a relationship. You see, Poe’s quite a flirt at times, so it’s hard to see who he actually likes. As it turns out, the little punk only tends to flirt with girls he doesn’t actually have a lot of feeling for, such as the pretty girls. And then I remembered Poe often likes to flirt and joke around with me. And he never does it to the mechanic girl who works at his quarters.

So you can naturally assume my dilemma. Rey told me I needed to get over him and just see him as a friend. She was right. But it was really hard. Especially when Poe got me blushing. He would nudge me and wink at me at random times, or give me that signature smirk when I said something sassy towards him.

“Y/N… you’re looking at him again,” Rey chided softly to me.

“No I’m not,” you said defensively.

Rey grabbed your head gently and turned it to face her. “Yes you were.”

You were about to say no again, except when you heard Poe laughing, you snapped your head around to catch a glance at him. He was talking to that mechanic girl again. That tiny little pin prick stabbed your heart and filled you with unwanted jealousy.

Rey glanced at you hopelessly. “Not looking, eh?”

You turned your attention back on Rey. “Not looking.” You heard Poe’s high spirited laugh again and it took all your will not to glance at him. It helped that you didn’t want to see the painful sight.

Rey said seriously, “Okay, we need to talk about this. It’s interfering into your work. How about when you look at Poe, you think of all the things you dislike. Next of all, don’t go up to Poe unless you need to.”

You licked your lips and nodded vigorously. Poe’s a friend, not an object! You told yourself over and over.

“Oh dear, he’s coming this way,” Rey said in dismay.

You automatically tensed up and looked at Rey for help. “Reyyy!” You said through your teeth.

Rey locked eyes with you and said, “Stay calm, remember you can’t have him, and more over think of all the things you don’t like about him.”

Poe came over to you and said, “Y/N, do you know where Finn is?”

“How should I know?” You said coldly. You immediately regretted it. Poe took a slight reel back at the cold voice.

Poe said cautiously, “Is something wrong, sweetheart?”

There was genuine care in his voice, and his face looked a little hurt. “No… Finn’s with General Organa…” you said slowly. “And don’t… call me sweetheart… please.”

Poe blinked a few times. He regained composer and stared at you hard. “Very well… Y/N.” He said quietly. The way he said your name made you sad and it also made your heart skip a beat. He hurried away, a little faster than usual.

You hated yourself. You banged your head against the wall. What. Was. Your. Problem?!

“Okay, maybe you shouldn’t have been that cold,” Rey said apologetically.

“No crap,” you mumbled softly to yourself.

Poe did not like being ignored. And you knew that. So it was no surprise when you started ignoring him that he started bothering you more. He was like the older brother who teased you and annoyed with you, and you wanted to see him more than just an older protective brother. So since you couldn’t be something more than just the little sister, you decided to embrace being the little sister.

Poe slipped close to you during lunch break and said bluntly, “Are you avoiding me, princess?”

Frowning, you replied smartly back, “Not a princess, Commander.” You never really called him commander before, the word had just slipped from your lips.

Poe raised an eyebrow and scooted a little closer to you, invading your personal space. “Since when do you call me that, sweetheart?” He asked in a low voice.

“Uh,” You stuttered. “Since today, I guess?” You scooted away. He scooted closer, not losing eye contact with you.

“Is that so?” He said in a low purr.

You luck ran out when you were forced to lean against the wall. “I’ll have you know,” You said in a business like way. “That if you assault me, I can press charges against you!” You said the last bit in a squeak as he leaned his face in closer. You could feel his warmth and could smell him. He smelled pretty good for a guy who had been practicing outside, but you were beginning to feel really uneasy.

“Not if you like it,” He winked. For a split second, your face was completely blank and your eyes filled with fear, no sound could come out of your throat. Poe saw your freaked out face and he moved back to his original place and began to eat his food as it nothing happened. “I would never hurt a girl like that, you know that Y/N,” he said in a firm voice.

You timidly scooted closer. A friendly warm smile made you scoot back to your own tray of food. With shaky hands you picked up your fork and tried to eat. To be honest, Poe freaked you out for a second. You knew he’d never ever hurt you or any girl, but his joking had gone a little too far.

Poe noticed how your hands were trembling and how you refused to look at him. “Y/N?” Poe said softly, he reached for your hand but you flinched a little, like he might hit you.

“What?” You said flatly, your voice was almost about to crack.

Poe realized how much he had scared you and his face softened. “Oh, Y/N,” He murmured. “I’m so sorry I scared you. I didn’t mean it—I thought I was just teasing you.”

A tear slipped from your eye, and you sniffed. You really hated crying, so you quickly dried your eyes. Poe opened his arms up for a hug, but he let you come to him. Suddenly, he was Poe Dameron. Your best friend, and your biggest crush. You practically jumped into his arms. His arms were really warm and they comforted you. You rested your warm cheek on his shoulder. A few people were staring at you, but you didn’t really care.

“I thought you already had a girlfriend,” you suddenly remembered. You really didn’t want to be caught here hugging someone else’s man.

Poe pulled away abruptly. “Who told you that?”

Your heart sank a little. So it was true. Somewhere in your brain you had secretly held onto the hope that he was… well… single. “No one did. I just assumed that mechanic girl was. You two hanged out a lot and talks… soo…”

Poe cut you off and said, “She’s not my girlfriend. I don’t have one… yet.”

You blinked at Poe. He didn’t have one? Yet? “Oh,” was all you could say. Really intelligent sounding.

Poe explained, “She was just working on BB-8. And…” He looked a little sheepish. Then the slightest hint of pink could be seen on his cheeks. “I was asking for… tips on how to tell if a girl actually liked you…”

A small smile crept up on your face. Poe Dameron. Biggest pilot in the galaxy, the commander pilot, probably the biggest feared Resistance leader… was asking a girl on tips on how to tell if a girl liked you. “What do you mean?” You said, a hint of amusement in your voice. “Every girl is falling head over heels for you. I fall head over heels for you—I mean—I have dignity and pride of course—”

Poe cut you off with a kiss. He pulled away quickly before you could react and apologized, “I’m so sorry—I wasn’t thinking!”

You smiled wryly at him. “Don’t apologize. It’s cute.”

Poe leaned in for another kiss. “You’re pretty cute yourself.”

Your lips met with Poe’s again and you murmured, “You’re one helluva pilot, Commander Dameron.”

So I’m back!!! It’s great to be writing again! No I’m not taking requests quite yet, I wanna finish up some other requests I got before I ask for more! Due to school and karate, I hope to continue to write more fanfics, but they’ll be slow at comin’ out. My co-op school ends May 5th and my homeschooling ends the 20th of May! Aside from some summer schooling and karate, I will be free to write my heart out and take more requests! Lookin’ forward to the summer!

Han loves Luke’s hair. So much, in fact, that before they became the rebel alliance’s hottest pilot power couple, he made a habit of whining about it to Leia in her bunk long into the night.  (Stereotypical therapy style: Han lying on her bed, her sitting in a chair next to him, legs crossed, hands in lap, nodding whenever he stops to breath, you’ve seen movies.) And does he ever go on: 

“Ugh, I don’t know what to do, Leia!” *throws hands into the air* “I couldn’t even pay attention during yesterday’s mission briefing because your stupid brother was sitting right in front of me and he was doing that stupid hair twirling that he does when he’s distracted and it was making me distracted and whenever he moved even an inch, I got a whiff of his shampoo and it smells really good Leia. Oh god, I can’t go on like this. What am I going to do?” *covers face with hands*

Exasperated Princess: “Uh, I think you should just tell him how you feel.”

Whiny Space Pirate: “NO because for starters, I don’t even know how to start such a conversation:

 ‘Hey Luke, would you mind use more inconspicuous hair washes because your Endor Evergreen™ lingers for hours after you leave a room and last week when you hugged me it somehow sank into my shirt fibers and while I was repairing the Falcon I kept getting distracted (did I mention it’s distracting Leia??) because every time I smelled it I thought you were around and I’d start fumbling nervously which always ended in me shocking myself.’ 

Wait, can you talk to him about it? Don’t mention my part in this, of course, just come across as a concerned citizen.”

Exasperated Princess: “….You want me to tell him I’m concerned about how he washes his hair?”

Whiny Space Pirate: “Please. And the hair-twirling too. It’s becoming a safety hazard. Not to mention my mental health is at an all-time low.”

So she leaves for Luke’s bunk, with no intention of telling her brother any of the bullshit just fed to her by his sexually frustrated friend. Not that she’ll get a word in edgewise during her visit as she knows she’s walking into the exact same conversation she left, but the topic this time being something about Han:

 “It’s distracting Leia! Every time he does that stupid smirk thing, I have to remind myself to breath or I start feeling faint…”