hottest guy

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who is the hottest fictional guy

griffith is the most beautiful dude on paper tbh

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I rock with zevor too but I think the anons that leave you those messages are young, immature zevor fans, thats not all of us. I gotta agree shipping val and zendaya is silly for me too. I dont care for Val. I don't think he's all that. IMO i think he's way too old for Z, a bit too corny, and tbh I get a big bro/lil sis vibe only. However, you have every right to ship them as I have mine to ship zevor. No need to argue or start shipping wars.

Yeah there’s no need to start shipping wars, everyone is entitled to ship who they want, I think shipping Z and T is silly as well seeing as though they have both said they are only homies and that it’ll never get to that point, and I don’t think T is the hottest guy Z has hung around either and IMO he tries too hard but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t ship them. (Plus it’s a known fact that Z loves both T and Val and that’s all that matters)

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do you think looks matter?

I think someones personality makes them attractive. Like you can be the 
most hottest guy I’ve ever seen but if you’re an asshole, I’m not attracted to you at all.