hottest couple ever right


You said you didn’t like me anymore. That was a lie, right? This isn’t the palace, and the king isn’t watching. I wanted to ask you this. I risked my life and I left the palace. There wasn’t a day that I wasn’t waiting for two years. I wanted to go back to that time, I wished for it again and again. So, I wanted to tell you I trust you. I will ask you again. Answer me, and don’t lie. Answer me. Do you still love me?

“somebody said we would be the hottest couple ever”

“you are most definitely not right!!!”

“i would do us”

“what did we do last night?”

“we went to the one direction concert, is that what you’re talking about?”

“i thought we would make the ultimate commitment”

“and i thought ‘may as well take advantage of his alcoholism’”

“tyler here is kind of a small guy”

“i had it for the first time on that couch”