hottest chili in the world


Watch as the Danish National Chamber Orchestra performs Tango Jalousie, after pausing to eat the world’s hottest chili peppers. Amazing what a performer can handle until they make it through their part in a performance. When it’s all over these poor musicians lose some of their composure.

Chili pepper that makes your head explode

Cultivated by Ed Currie, founder and president of the PuckerButt Pepper Company in South Carolina, the Carolina Reaper would probably ruin most people’s day after eating it.

Currently rated as “the world’s hottest chili pepper” by Guinness World Records, the pepper averages 1,569,300 on the Scoville Heat Unit scale, with peak levels of over 2,200,000. In comparison, a regular jalapeno pepper comes in at around 8,000 units. Source: Oddee