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For @wacheypena, Rock star Len, Reporter Barry.


Barry couldn’t believe his luck. Couldn’t believe out of everyone at Picture News, HE’D been the one to score the best assignment in months. He pinched himself, making sure it was true as he listened to his editor tell him how he was going to be touring with the Rogues, the hottest band to ever come out of Central City, for the entire summer.

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can u do a 4/4 blurb where u have a wrestle fight but he lets u win even tho he's obvs so much stronger

Awwwwwwww, this is soooooooo cute :) (I put a little twist on Calum’s. I hope you don’t mind!)

5sos Blurb 


“Give me the controller Michael! It’s my turn to play.” Michael currently had the controller of his new ps4 above his head, waving it out of your reach. You were below him, jumping up and down, trying to get it. “This is not funny! You promised me that I could play after you finished the round. That was four hours ago! I want to play now.” Michael’s eye suddenly got a humourous glint to them, making you nervous.“You want to play (y/n)?” He suddenly dropped the controller and picked you up and threw you on the couch. You squealed in surprise and laugh playfully. “Oh, you’re asking for it now Clifford.” You grab onto his arm and pull him on the couch with you. You put him in a headlock and start messing up his hair. He laughs and pokes you in the side, making you jump. However, that did not slow you down. You grabbed his wrists and pinned him flat on his back, with you straddling his waist. “You shouldn’t want to play if you know you can’t win Michael.” You give him a quick peck on the lips and jump off him to grab the controller. “You know, I let you win.” You shrug your shoulders and turn on the ps4. “I don’t care. I got the controller and that’s all that matters.”


“I’m right and you know it Luke!” You and your boyfriend were currently arguing over a math answer that you disagreed on. You had done it one way and he had done it the other. The two answers did not match, so you guys caved and decided to check the back of the textbook for the answer. Luke, being the giant he is, took the book and held it above his head to check the answer. “Luke, give me the book or else.” “Or else what (y/n)?” You didn’t answer and instead tried to tackle him to the ground. He let out a bellowing laugh, dropped the textbook to the ground and wrapped his arms around you and carefully placed you on your back on the floor. He landed on top of you and kissed you fully on the mouth. You took this as an opportunity to roll him over and land on top of him. You placed your hands on his chest and smirked done at him. “If you want to every kiss me again, you have to tell me I was right and you were wrong. Tell me I am better than you.” Luke chuckled quietly and leaned up to capture your mouth. He mumbled against your lips that you were right and you would always be better than him. 


You let out a light giggle, looking at Ashton over his drumset. You walked sideways one way, while he walked sideways the other way, trying to stay away from you. You two were so bored waiting for the rest of the guys to show up for band practice that you decided to play tag. You were currently it and all that separated you from winning was the drumset. “You’re never going to get me. I’m a ninja at this game. I always won.” You stick out your tongue and dart around the drums. Ashton tried to bolt away but you dived for his legs, taking him down to the floor. You quickly pounced, pinned him to the ground and kissed him on the lips. “Tag, you’re it.” You look down at him and give him a triumphant smile. He rolls his eyes at you and quickly flips you over so he is straddling you. “I let you get me. This game would have gone on forever and I didn’t want you to be embarrassed.” He leans down and plants his lips on your face, giving you sloppy kisses all over. “Um, guys? You’re making us want to puke.” You and Ashton broke apart and looked over at the door. There was the rest of the band looking like they were scarred for life. 


“So, you’re telling me that you love One Direction more than us? The greatest band to ever exist?” Calum was looking at you with a bewildered expression. You give him a wink, trying to get him worked up. “Yup. Man, I am so glad that you toured with them and I got to meet them. And let me tell you, they are a lot hotter in real life than in the pictures. I didn’t even think that was possible.” “What? No! We are the hottest band ever.” You let out a light giggle, loving how easily worked up Calum could get. “How about we fight then. If I win, One Direction is hotter. If you win, you guys are hotter.” He gave you his signature smirk and told you it was on. You circled around each other for a few minutes, occasionally giving each other a gentle swat. Calum finally had enough fooling around and wrapped his hands around you and lifted you off the ground. He threw you on the bed and quickly layed on top of you, making it impossible for you to move. “Well, I win. So I guess that means we are the hottest.” You let out a laugh and kiss his cheek. “I let you win. You need to have your ego boosted every once in a while. Might as well let you think you are hotter than One Direction.” Calum then started to tickle your sides with his fingers, telling you that this was your punishment until you admitted he was the hottest. 

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