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Teenage overwatch AU
  • Tracer: the poster girl, the cheery girl that is always making everyone smile. Always knows the right amount to help but not enough to make you feel stupid. She invites people out jogging all the time, no one ever shows up to her races though because theyre all terrified of her girlfriend
  • Lucio: the musical one, always got his earphones in. Buys really expensive musical equipment and somehow never needs money. His grades have gone to shit but he's been picked up by a some musical college (lucky bastard)
  • pro gamer and rich daddy, aces school despite skipping tons of classes. Spends entire weekends in her room with Lucio. Are they dating? No they just really like eachother... It's totally platonic... Mostly
  • Junkrat: fucking mess off a human being. Lives mostly off of stolen food but trust me, he's not short of stolen money. Works as an auto-mechanic for fun with Roadhog. No one's knows what Symmetra see's in him.
  • Symmetra: Moved here from afar and has her own apartment. Basically a kid mastermind who dreams of being an architect. No one knows where exactly she came from but she receives money to study abroad. Junkrat is asked to wash himself before he's allowed to enter her apartment every day. Very clean and neat anD NO THAT ISNT A HICKEY ON HER NECK!! DONT LOOK!!
  • McCree: orphaned from a young age and recently adopted by the Amari family. Rides an obnoxious chopper motorcycle everywhere. He gets along amazing with everyone who doesn't try to threaten his little sister. What about his mom? Trust me, she can defend herself.
  • Pharah: Military daughter. Mom's almost always out so basically raised herself. Stong and independent from a very young age and wasn't sure about adopting an older brother till she met him. Now they're inseparable. Secretary crushes over Genji's girlfriend.
  • Hanzo: one of the son's of the Shimada family. Probably the shadiest of family as well. Really good at school though and leads the photography club. He's also pretty fucking good at it so no one complains. No one's knows much about him, well... Except his secret boyfriend.
  • Genji: The better known son of the Shimada family. Majors in athletics and teaches the other kids parkour in his free time. People are starting to suspect he isn't human with how good he is. He can be a little violent but Mercy keeps him in check and she is the light of his life. They talk for hours everyday. Double dates with Tracer and Widowmaker are often scheduled.
  • Mercy: This girl has her life in check! She's doing well in school, always seems to be organised and also dates one if the hottest guys in the athletics group. Everyone envies her but they all know how hard she works so no one is jealous. Everyone assumes she is super innocent but they couldn't be more wrong. There is mass panic whenever she talks about her sex life with her friends.
  • Zarya: strongest, gayest, and scariest woman around. Scares off grown men and women with her looks. Training for the whatever competition is next. She's either in the gym or helping out her "friend" Mei with some resurch. She keeps denying it but there's absolutely something going on there. Meanwhile Mei never comes outside so no one has really seen her but they've seen pictures. How can someone as big as Zarya date someone so small!!?
  • Widowmaker: French. Hot. Terrifying. She always wears super tight clothing (party on tracers request). Everyone is scared of her. Once she opens up to someone she will do whatever they ask as long as they keep a secret for her. No one's knows what the secret is because everyone is too afraid to tell. With murder anyone who threatens her friends, but she doesn't have many. The only people she really trusts and Mercy Tracer and Genji. And judging by some of the sounds that come out of her room over the weekend, she must really REALLY trust Tracer.
The Bet

Summary: You should go out with the guy you dislike most they said. It’s just an innocent bet they said. You won’t fall in love they say. Pfft. 

Author: deanwinchester-af

Pairings: Sam x Reader

Words: 2.6k+

Warnings: Fluff. 

A/N: This is my entry for @teamfreewill-imagine & @latinenglishfandomblog SSJJ, my job was American Football Player. This was a really challenge for me that’s the reason I’m a bit late. Anyway… Really hope y’all like this. ♥

Beta: @sis-tafics thank you bby!!! ♥


“Shit. Shit. Shit.”

You murmured running through the halls, bumping into shoulders and getting weird stares. Of all days you could choose to be late, you choose the day of your final exam. Slamming the door open all eyes fell to you. Taking a deep breath in,  you strolled in, taking a piece of paper from Mr. Brooks. Fixing your hair and ignoring the stares, you took the only empty seat. After taking the test you grabbed your things and shuffled outside of the classroom.

“Y/N!” You heard a recognizable voice shout your name.

Shaking your head, you kept walking forward, ignoring the source calling you. He kept calling a couple times, you wanted to walk faster but you had no chance of outrunning him.

“Y/N,” His tall figure blocked your way.

You let out a loud sigh, slowly your glance roaming from his feet upwards his eyes.

“What,” you spoke.

He frowned, yet his smirk staying intact, “Why so hostile?”

“It’s none of your business,” you replied trying to walk but he stepped in your way once again. “What do you want Sam?”

“You know what do I want.”

You squint, “The answer is still no.”

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White Rex meets Anastasia Yankova

23-year-old Valkyrie Anastasia Yankova is the leading Russian female Muay Thai fighter and the hottest Russian female athlete, according to Men’s Health magazine. She is also a good friend of ours and has recently started her MMA career in White Rex cage, winning her first MMA fight. Anastasia is an adorable person who brings beauty to combat sports!

Strength through Beauty!

stardustfromvelaris  asked:

Gendrya at Olimpic Games headcanons?

  • Gendry throws shotput, which isn’t normally a high-profile competition but the internet likes to fixate on hot athletes and hot damn, son
    • It’s his second Games and he’s a pretty clear favorite for the gold
    • Gendry hates this kind of attention and tries to avoid it as much as possible
  • Arya’s a gymnast, and a Stark, so the media is on her from day one
  • They’re both young and attractive and immensely talented, so they become breakout stars pretty quickly
    • You know that thing the Internet does when it sees two hot people in the same general vicinity? Yeah.
  • They get pulled out for interviews together a lot as they become the public faces of Team Westeros
    • (Yes)
    • They’re tired and stressed and under a lot of pressure to perform, so they mutually agree this isn’t a great time
  • Arya goes back to college in the Riverlands after the Games (they both win gold, obviously)
    • Gendry just so happens to be living in the same city, so of course they hang out. As friends. And teammates. Totally.
    • She has a national competition the next year, and the media has a field day when Gendry shows up to support her
  • They kiss for the first time after the competition!

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