hott damn!

Exciting Day

So…we have been leading up to/discussing/teasing this for a long time…and it HAPPENED Today!!! Wow!!

AND…it was so Damn Sexy when after we got dressed…you kissed my neck tenderly to ravenously, then fingered my pussy with my dress on and I wrapped one leg around you with my black thigh highs and heels and stroked you and I could see it all in the mirror!!

Then you gave me lots of your delicious CUM on my face!!!!!!

Thanks for FUCKING ME…Thanks for OWNING ALL OF ME Baby!!!!!!!!!!!

Hott Damn What A Day!!

p.s. We accomplished a lot in a short amount of time…For us! ;)

oh my lordness. i surrender! cry my pretties cry! this “edit” (clearly this is not the mcl style of anime…its one of mine) took much longer as i had to draw more and color everything except the background which i borrowed from goigle and monkeyed with. poor lys baby. but still so damn hott…