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Barun Sobti and Surbhi Jyoti for Tanhaiyan

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saucewalalaal  asked:

I went through your blog and I saw that you watched the three biggies, Kyunki, Kahaani and Kasauti and I just want to say I'm so glad someone else has watched these ridiculous classics

Hi @saucewalalaal

Oh man, I watched all that and more! Practically everything that was on air during that period! Whether they were popular or not, like K Street Pali Hill, and Miilee and Pyaar Ke Do Naam: Ek Radha Ek Shyam and Kumkum and Kasturi and Kayamath and Karam Apna Apna and KKavyAnjali and Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil (OG Sushant Singh Rajput fans, PUT YO’ HANDSSSSSSS UP! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽) Then there was a weird Princess Diaries adaptation that morphed into some sort of magical show, and there was one with a chubby girl whose bitchy aunt was trying to rob her of her inheritance. Oooooh and Saarthi, the modern Mahabharat adaptation! I really liked that one! Thought that one was pretty well done! 

Ok time for me to go on Hotstar and see which of these are on there and plan to rewatch! (LOL BITCH WHEN, asks my overburdened schedule) 🙃🙃🙃

anonymous asked:

Hey TT! Do you know where we can watch the performances at spa 2017?

Hi anon! 

I believe the Star Parivaar Awards will be airing on the 28th of May. Hotstar should have it up (nice and in HD!) within the 24 hours of airing. If you live in the USA and can’t access Hotstar, check out; they usually put up links to these award shows as well! 

Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai Take 2 Review: It Retains Its Old Charm

The new season of one of the most loved television shows Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai premiered on online streaming app Hotstar on Monday. And even though we watched the show which is now titled Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai Take 2, after a long gap of seven years on a new platform, nothing seems to have drastically changed.

The perpetual madness in the Sarabhai house, Maya’s (Ratna Pathak Shah) ‘elite-class’ attitude vs Monisha’s (Rupali Ganguly) 'middle-class, down-market’ habits, Rosesh’s (Rajesh Kumar) unrhyming, silly, meaningless yet funny poetry, Sahil’s (Sumeet Raghavan) helplessness and Indravadan’s (Satish Shah) sarcastic take on every topic, everything remains just the same except that a few new characters have been introduced and the setting of the show has changed.

The crazy Sarabhai family now lives in two palatial penthouses because their old apartments are under renovation, not to mention Monisha’s is filled with little all around just like good old days, while Maya’s abode looks beautiful. The two families still remain next-door neighbours just like in the previous season that was aired on television years ago.

The show begins with the characters stuck in a bus which is about to fall off a cliff. And while everyone in the family fights each other or should we say while Maya blames Monisha for hiring an 'alcoholic’ driver, it is fun to see how the latter defends herself by stating that she hired the 'alcoholic driver’ despite knowing that he had been challaned for breaking the traffic red light thrice because they weren’t any red lights on the highway - the route they were taking for their trip!

Also, Rosesh’s delivery of his unapologetically disgusting poetic masterpiece, Indravadan’s one-liners and Sahil’s efforts to resolve the given situation is fun to watch.

Soon after, the viewers are welcomed by Sahil into one of their penthouse where the characters interact with the audience and the new characters are revealed. Also, in this segment we get to know why and where the Sarabhai family was travelling in a bus.

In the same segment of the show, Sonia - Maya and Indravadan’s daughter - reveals that her younger brother Rosesh will face a hard time with a woman who will entice him. And the only reason that Rosesh can be freed of the chudail (witch) is by fulfilling Monisha’s unfulfilled 'mannat’ (wish).

Talking of the new characters, the first and foremost is Monisha and Sahil’s seven-year-old son Arnab, who is dotingly called as Guddu by his mother - 'a nickname so typically Punjabi middle-class’ as termed by Monisha’s mother-in-law, the very classy Maya Sarabhai. The second character is that of Maya and Indravadan’s daughter Sonia, played by Aishwarya Sakhuja. And the third character, that of Jasmine Mavani, Rosesh’s fellow theatre artiste and his prospective wife, who has a terrible command over English, another reason for Maya to feel bad about.

Cut to, we go back to the same situation where the family is stuck in the bus and here the extremely smart, middle-class Monisha helps her son Arnab get out of the bus’s window so that he can reach out for help. In order to stop his seven-year-old son Sahil runs towards the exit of the bus and we see the vehicle falling off the cliff. What happens next will be revealed in the next episode. But this episode certainly wasa laughter riot!

Overall, Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai Take 2 has not only managed to retain its old charm and essence, but has also introduced a certain newness with its setting and additional characters. All in all, the first episode is a must watch if you are a fan of the wisecracks the show is popular for.

The show will air every Tuesday on Hotstar, with an additional fun segment every Friday.

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pris-universe  asked:

Hey! Finally! How cute is IB these days and I love your LBs! I read them while i watch! It's hilarious. I know you aren't watching DBO bit the CGI is making my eyes hurt. Chulbul's voice makes my brain hurt. And we should discuss KZK more often! Ok too many things in one ask!

Hi @pris-universe :)

Thanks for the LB love! ❤️

IB is too fucking adorable these days, which is just making me wary about what’s lying ahead of us. Please oh please, let our kids make it through unscathed! 😥😥😥

The CGI on both these shows is a fucking joke. Idk why they use so much of it, when it’s unnecessary in at least 70% of the scenes. It makes my eyes bleed. 😣😣😣

And man oh mannnn, I really feel the urge to rewatch all the classics since that ask last week. @ Hotstar: please hire me as a professional watcher of all the star plus shows, old and new! 🤓

anonymous asked:

Do you know what the digital award is about for the star parivaar awards.

Hi anon! 

I’m not exaaaaaaactly sure, tbh. Like, the snippet of Nakuul’s speech that I saw seemed to allude to his social media presence, so it could be that, but I also feel like it’s meant for the character that’s most appreciated on Hotstar? Coz otherwise, I’m sure Drashti Dhami and Divyanka Tripathi’s social media following is waaaay more than Surbhi’s; it doesn’t make sense how Surbhi won Favt. Digital Star (Female) over both of them. 🤔🤔🤔 (But Ishqbaaz is #1 online, so…) 

IDK man; lol, the Star Parivaar Awards are a super bogus award show with zeroooooo credibility anyway. It’s a weird mix of in-show and real life stuff and I don’t think anyone’s really there for the “awards” as such; I’m pretty sure the actors just show up coz 1. Good excuse to party with all their other Star Plus friends, 2. I have a feeling that they’re contractually obligated to at least put in an appearance to promote their shows?