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The drone view of the icecap and tiny valley glaciers coming out of this is spectacular. Narrated Iceland trip tells you the geologic story of Iceland while simultaneously exploring the landscape. Original video caption:

In August 2017, I went on a fantastic two week adventure of Iceland, traveling with a geologist and a small group of photographers, we visited many of Iceland’s natural wonders. With so much to see, and at our break neck pace, I split the video into (at least) two parts. This is the first 5 days. Everything you see here was shot by me, I used a Mavic pro drone, Sony a6500 and Sony a7rII for all the shots. We only had a few hours at most locations, so I used a run and gun style of capture, some shots are a bit messy, but considering the pace of our adventure I’m really happy with the results. Special thanks to Volcano Discovery for organizing a wonderful trip. Music licensed at Audio Network.

Zodiac Sign’s Favourite Landscapes

Aries: Sandy Shores, Rough Oceans, Rocky Cliffs
Taurus: Rolling Green Hills, Forests, Small Homes
Gemini: Arid Landscapes, Vast Deserts, Colossal Canyons
Cancer: Running Rivers, Starry Nights, Northern Lights                                       Leo: Green Paddocks, Waterfalls, Sunflower Fields
Virgo: Snowcapped Mountains, Pine Forests, Glistening Lakes
Libra: Snow covered Ground, Huge Mountain Ranges, Fields of Flowers
Scorpio: African Safari, Rainforests, Vast Landscapes
Sagittarius: Enormous Cliffs, Stormy Skies & Lightning, Ocean
Capricorn: Urban Areas, Immense Cities, Towering Buildings
Aquarius: Scattered Lakes, Rocky Mountains, Oak Forests
Pisces: Damp Rainforests, Tropical Paradises, Volcano Hotspots


The volcano Piton de la Fournaise on Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean is driven by a hotspot, much like Hawaii, It regularly erupts hot, basaltic lava in fire-fountain eruptions and the whole island is constructed out of eruptions like this. It had some spectacular eruptions in 2016, and here’s its first awakening for 2017. Some really good fire fountaining combined with glowing lava flows at night.


Piton de la Fournaise volcano on Reunion Island produces pretty regular, spectacular eruptions and another started just recently. Take a drone delivered view across the fields of basaltic lava rivers as they spread out from the crater, and you even get to hear the sound of the fire fountaining at one point.