Interview between @HOTSEAThaas & @ImportGeez
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1) What’s new in the world of Import Geez?

A lot man! , still pushing my last street album “Whats Coming To Me” hard body, bout to drop a DVD 4 that 2 so look out 4 that, also working on my new one “Taylor Port Thoughts” dropping July 21st.  Other than that I just been doing a lot of shows and getting a lot of legal stuff done with ASCAP, LLC, Trademarks etc…and I am also in the process of building my studio.
2) What’s new in the world of Los Helu?

Los been M.I.A (missing in action) for a minute due to the grind, I haven’t really been on my internet grind like i was last year, but I’m about to start flooding the streets again with the videos.
3) Finish this Biggie Line with a few bars/freestyle>>>> “It was all a dream…>>>”

It still is but soon to be reality/ driven by the poverty and my moms low salary/ success was neva no pal to me/ I’m use to taking losses like the knicks, but now the tables turning gradually/ #importgeez

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1. Flint, MI 2. Camden, NJ 3. Detroit, MI 4. St Louis, MO 5. Oakland, CA 6. Cleveland, OH 7. Baltimore, MD 8. Jackson, MS 9. Newark, NJ 10. Richmond CA 11. New Orleans, LA 12. New Haven, CT 13. Little Rock, AR 14. Compton, CA 15. Buffalo, NY 16. Cincinnati, OH 17. Memphis, TN 18. Dayton, OH 19. Washington, DC 20. Stockton, CA 21. Macon, GA 22. Kansas City, MO 23. Springfield, MA 24. Hartford, CT 25. Valejo, CA