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my friend as we’re entering the gates of hell, both eternally damned: wow, this is like, the worst thing i could ever imagine

me thinking about hte video where the guy launches hot dogs out of his throat: yeah this is…. pretty bad. I guess. 

Alessandra Ambrosio & Shanina Shaik attend the Victoria’s Secret launch ‘Sexy Little Things’ on April 14, 2017 in Indio, California

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All Five One Direction Members Have Now Charted Solo Top 40 Hot 100 Hits
With "Back to You," Louis Tomlinson joins fellow top 40 entrants Zayn, Niall Horan, Harry Styles & Liam Payne.

On the latest Billboard Hot 100 chart (dated Aug. 12), Louis Tomlinson becomes the fifth and final member of One Direction to score a solo top 40 hit, as “Back to You,” featuring Bebe Rexha and Digital Farm Animals, debuts at No. 40.

Tomlinson joins (former 1D member) Zayn, plus Niall Horan, Harry Styles and Liam Payne in having earned at least one solo top 40 hit on the Hot 100.

Zayn achieved the feat first in February 2016 when “Pillowtalk” debuted at No. 1. Horan followed with “This Town,” which reached No. 20 in January 2017. Styles struck next in April, when “Sign of the Times” arrived at its No. 4 peak, and Payne joined the club last month with “Strip That Down,” featuring Quavo, which reaches a new peak this week, surging 25-16 with the Hot 100’s top digital sales gain; it gains by 99 percent to 54,000 downloads sold in the week ending July 27, according to Nielsen Music, helped by a 69-cent sale tag in the iTunes Store.

“Back to You” arrives with 35,000 first-week downloads sold, as well as 8 million U.S. streams. (Tomlinson had charted one prior solo entry: “Just Hold On,” with Steve Aoki, hit No. 52 in December.)

After “Strip” debuted, we combed through every band that has appeared on the Hot 100 (dating to the chart’s Aug. 4, 1958, inception) and found that it’s pretty rare for five members of an act to chart solo, anywhere on the ranking. Our results found that Wu-Tang Clan boasts the most group members with solo Hot 100 entries: eight. (Note that this research doesn’t include “supergroups,” like Traveling Wilburys, or one-time all-star acts, such as USA for Africa.)

Further, it’s even rarer for five members of a group to score a solo top 40 hit on the Hot 100. In fact, One Direction joins only the Eagles and Fleetwood Mac in containing, at one time in their respective histories, five members with individual top 40 hits on the Hot 100. (Of Wu-Tang Clan’s eight members with solo Hot 100 hits, only Raekwon and Ol’ Dirty Bastard have cracked the top 40.)

In order of their first charted solo hits, Eagles’ Joe Walsh, Randy Meisner, Don Henley, Glenn Frey and Timothy B. Schmit have all hit the top 40 of the Hot 100 on their own. The band’s former guitarist, Don Felder, almost made it six members, as his sole Hot 100 hit, “Heavy Metal (Takin’ a Ride),” peaked at No. 43.

For Fleetwood Mac, Dave Mason, Bob Welch (both of whom weren’t members of the band during its ‘70s/Rumours-era hitmaking heyday), Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie have all reached the Hot 100’s top 40. Unlike 1D, whose five members were all in the group at the same time, neither Eagles nor Fleetwood Mac saw their respective solo charting members in those groups simultaneously. (In Eagles, Schmit replaced Meisner, while, in Fleetwood Mac, Welch left before Buckingham and Nicks joined, and Mason joined after Buckingham and Nicks had departed. Though, Buckingham and Nicks later returned, but after Mason had left.)

Also of note: all six New Edition members have charted top 10 Hot 100 hits, although three did so together as a trio: Bobby Brown, Johnny Gill and Ralph Tresvant have notched entries individually, while Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins and Ronnie DeVoe teamed for two top 10s as Bell Biv DeVoe.

As a group, One Direction boasts 29 Hot 100 entries (10 of which followed Zayn’s March 2015 departure); Fleetwood Mac has scored 25, including one No. 1 (“Dreams” in 1977), and Eagles, 21, including five No. 1s. “Best Song Ever” is 1D’s highest-charting Hot 100 hit, having launched and peaked at No. 2 in 2013.

Red Hot
The Beatles
Red Hot

My girl is red hot!

“[…] And George launches himself into an ultra-fast “Red Hot.” No other recording shows him as an out-and-out rocker quite as much: he sings lead and then trades fast lines with John, Ringo drums like a man possessed, and here’s the first footage recording of keyboards on a Beatles track, when John slings the guitar around his back and plays a solo on Roy Young’s electric organ.” - Mark Lewisohn, “18-31 December 1962”, The Beatles - All These Years: Tune In (unfortunately it cuts off before the song finishes)

y'all know the video of the guy who swallows the whole hot dogs and then launches them into the air??? that noise he makes when he regurgitates the hot dogs. that specific noise is my mental reaction to like 90% of things like, positive or negative does not matter it’s always that sound

1818 illustrations of the varieties of hot-air balloon. The first hot-air balloons were launched in France in the late summer of 1783, first unmanned and then with a sheep named Montauciel (“Climb-to-the-sky”), a rooster, and a duck. The first manned flight was conducted in November of the same year. King Louis XVI wanted to use condemned prisoners as the first passengers, but several adventurous men volunteered for the task. 

circle-skye  asked:

YAY REQUESTS R OPEN! Can I have a monoma scenario he goes against a strong reader in sports festival the poor boy copies her quirk not knowing how much skill you need for it and doesn't know how to use it? He is cocky and flirting with y/n but goes silent when she beat him with the quirk he couldn't even handle and she flirts back and wins the match leaving him confused+flustered af He has a crush! I would really love if u did my ask❤️this sounded a lot more entertaining in my head lol PLEASE??

I hope you like this. This is my first time writing for that shady punk.

“Are you ready?!” Present Mic’s voice echoes over the crowd, “It’s time for the sparring matches! Students can complete in small one minute melees! First, we have Monoma Nieto, from Class-B, against (Last Name) (Name), from Class 1-D.”

Monoma looks at you. You were pretty cute, but what … what were you wearing? Your tracksuit has been … well … severely shredded. You are bearing your torso to the world with the pants of your tracksuit also torn into a pair of tiny shorts. 

“Are you all dresses up for me, darling?” Monoma teases. 

You smirk, spinning around, “You know it. Is it working?”

Monoma’s grey eyes drink in your form as he raises an eyebrow. You poke your tongue out and wink at him. He definitely isn’t wrong. You are dressed like this for him, but not in the way he thinks. 


You take in a deep breath and your skin begins to glow. You are going to end this quickly. A ball of light is summoned to your hand and you fire it at Monoma. He dodges it, charging you swiftly. You were cute, and you had such a nice Quirk too. It’s too bad that he had to beat you. Monoma smacks your behind while grinning at you. 

“What a nice Quirk you have,” he complements you as his hand starts glowing, “Mind if I borrow it?” 

He creates an gigantic sphere of engery. Dusts in the stadium kicks up as the ball expands. Monoma grins. He didn’t excpect your Quirk to be so powerful. He fires energy blast. You stand your ground. Catching the hot ball, you launch it to the sky where it explodes. The entire stadium creaks. Monoma scowls as he tries to summon more sunlight to him. 

He flinches. Red blotches grow and appear on his skin. They burn as his hand starts to blister. His head is swimming with nausea as he struggles to stand on his feet. You are laughing at him as shivers wrack through his body.

“Is that blush for me, Monoma-san?”

He is scowling at you as you casually approach him. He is in no shape to attack you.

“When you shoot off big blast like that, your body will over absorb sunlight as compensation. That’s why you need control. You have you regulate engery production along with absorption. Otherwise,” you flick his for head and he falls over, “Sun poisoning.”

The boy flinches as his burned skin hits to cements. He can’t move. He could hardly stand. You grin as Ms. Midnight declares you the winner. Present Mic roars as the crowd cheers for you. 

“(Last Name) (Name). Her Quirk: Solar! She aborbs the sun’s non-ionizing radiation and turns it into energy! What a powerful Quirk!!”

You glance over at Monoma being carried away on a stretcher. You laugh and wave at him. 

“Don’t worry, Monoma-san, I’ll rub aloe all over you later.”

He’s glad he is so sunburnt otherwise you might have seen his blush.


Not a request.  This is another one that has been sitting for a while.  Not sure if I should do a continuation or not.  Was thinking about a second part involving Marty, Kenny and Y/N. Let me know if interested.  

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Lin-Manuel Miranda Talks Helping Puerto Rico & Notching First Top 40 Hit

After embarking on an all-encompassing media tour of NYC Tuesday (Oct. 17), Hamilton director Lin-Manuel Miranda’s night culminated at the TIDAL X concert at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn to continue his non-stop relief efforts for Puerto Rico.

Billboard caught up with Miranda on the red carpet prior to the star-studded event where he continued to advocate for the people of Puerto Rico as he has since day one of the post-hurricane crisis. Those efforts have included penning a heartfelt letter to the American people in The Hollywood Reporter last month, pleading citizens to help Puerto Rico with whatever they could.

In addition to offering up his own money and time, Miranda is using the power of music to help those in need, “Anytime you get to talk hip-hop the conversation gets very real. It was a wonderful day of talking about ‘Almost Like Praying,’ the song we put out for Puerto Rico relief,” he said of the track that hit iTunes nearly two weeks ago (Oct. 6).

Artists have more influence than ever today, which is something the Tony Award-Winning star doesn’t take for granted. It’s a beautiful sight to witness when musicians help each other by collaborating on something bigger than themselves.

“I’ve been working with HispanicFederation.Org. Tonight’s TIDAL X concert has a host of great causes, everything from the earthquake in Mexico to the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and really the Caribbean. I’m thrilled to be a part of it. It’s amazing to see all hands on deck with these artists helping each other, whether it’s a re-tweet or hopping on each other’s song like Beyonce joining “Mi Gente,” said the Wesleyan University graduate.

Miranda assembled a superstar lineup on his Puerto Rico relief single, titled “Almost Like Praying,” which sold 111,000 downloads in its first week, according to Nielsen Music, and debuts at No. 1 on Billboard’s Digital Song Sales chart. The prideful anthem also gave Miranda his first top 40 hit on the Billboard Hot 100, launching at No. 20.

When asked about how the inspiring tune came together, he said, “By saying it’s for Puerto Rico, that’s all I had to do and everyone said yes without even hearing the song. I’m really proud that the lyrics are nothing more than the 78 towns of Puerto Rico. When Puerto Ricans hear this song I want them to say ‘Camila Cabello or Jennifer Lopez sang my town.’ That’s a different level of pride and engagement that comes from seeing that these artists are here and making noise.”

The 37-year-old has been critical of Pres. Trump and the government’s handling of Puerto Rico, making it all the more crucial for celebrities to use their platform to spread awareness and invest resources in contributing to disaster relief. Miranda went as far as to say his faith in humanity is at an all-time high with the positive response from Americans.

“I have more hope than ever before. Every day on my Twitter feed is like the last scene in It’s a Wonderful Life,“ he said. "If the government was commensurate with the response of the American people we would be on the road to recovery. I’ve got little kids breaking their piggy banks or family’s delaying their vacations because their donating money, or even people saying instead of presents for my birthday send them to Puerto Rico. My faith in our country is stronger than ever despite our challenges.”