hansol did another livestream w junmin this time:

  • he kept calling junmin cute and hugging him a lot 
  • they talked about xero? 
  • also about the icc video
  • they only had 2 weeks to train the choreography before filming
  • junmin thought he was fat but hansol told him that it doesn’t matter how much he weighs as long as he loves himself
  • they talked about having matching personalities
  • hansol praised jinwoo’s looks a lot , jinwoo came after the drama shooting and in full makeup and everyone was so shook cause he was so hot
  • red velvet’s russian roulette started playing and hansol sang along

translation credits go to @/812addiction  on twt

also i can’t believe i have to say this yet again but STOP commenting about his sexuality. some troll went just to say “gay”  - report their comment as abusive and DROP IT! don’t drag it out! don’t start a lengthy tangent on “ummm actually sweaty hansol is a Heter Of Sexuals” like… thats fucking invasive and only makes the situation worse.


11/74 Favorite Jack and Kate Moments

“My very first sling…” | The Moth

E:  “The Moth” is one of those Jate staples. Literally. If you can’t walk away from that episode convinced that Kate was in love with Jack after like fifteen minutes of knowing him, and that everyone else knew that they were kind of “together” in some sense, then I’d say that the noggin’ needs a serious scan.

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AGBC: Rock City

Rock City begins as an ornamental garden on a mountainside: its visitors walk a path that takes them through rocks, over rocks, between rocks. They throw corn into a deer enclosure, cross a hanging bridge and peer out through a-quarter-a-throw binoculars at a view that promises them seven states on the rare sunny days when the air is perfectly clear. And from there, like a drop into some strange hell, the path takes the visitors millions upon millions of them every year, down into caverns, where the stare at black-lit dolls arranged into nursery-rhyme and fairy-tale dioramas. When they leave, they leave bemused, uncertain of why they came, of what they have seen, of whether they had a good time or not.

I don’t have a lot to say about Rock City, really, but this description from Chapter Seventeen struck me as interesting, specifically in the contrast with House on the Rock. HOTR feels very magical and charming and otherworldly, whereas the language Gaiman uses to describe Rock City is so mundane and matter-of-fact, like it’s a bit of a disappointment, like the reality of it doesn’t quite live up to what was promised. 

Not unlike the war between the Gods, no?