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Past Issues of Durarara!! characters

•Mikado Ryugamine: My life is boring and I can’t stand it.
•Masaomi Kida: My girlfriend was kidnapped and both her legs were broken and it was all my fault.
•Ran Izumi: I didn’t receive enough affection from my parents.
•Aoba Kuronuma: I was beaten as a child.
•Anri Sonohara: My dad tried to kill me so my possessed demon mother killed my father and then committed suicide and passed her demonic katana down to me and now I’m a possessed demon parasite.
•Shizuo Heiwajima: My brother stole my pudding AND I’M SO DAMN ANGRY.
•Kasuka Heiwajima: I turned off my emotions because my brother is a hot mess.
•Celty: Someone stole my head, literally.
•Shinra Kishitani: I’m obsessed with a headless-fairy-woman and I’m afraid she’s going to leave me.
•Simon Brezhnev: Kids these days join gangs and start wars because they DO NOT EAT RUSSIAN SUSHI. EAT RUSSIAN SUSHI!!!
•Namie Yagiri: I have a brother complex, but he’s in love with a severed fairy head.
•Seiji Yagiri: Severed fairy heads turn me on.
•Izaya Orihara: Nobody wants to have a hotpot party with me because I’m garbage.

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Quick summary (or anything you want the recipient to know): Izaya ‘forgot’ to tell Shizuo it was a costume party. (and monsters don’t even need costumes Shizu-chan, duh!)
This was supposed to be a halloween hotpot party but I accidentally merged the layers before finishing the background oops… Anyway this was super fun to make, hope you like it! <3 

//Just some thoughts. The people that hurt Shinra were Nakura, Adabashi, Jinnai Yodogiri, and Kujiragi Kasane.

Izaya basically vowed to make Nakura’s entire life hell.

Izaya locked Adabashi in his apartment for three days until he managed to escape with a broken leg of his own sheer will.

Izaya got rid of basically the whole Jinnai Yodogiri corporation. (in volume 11, he pretty much confirmed he had nothing against being stabbed and in fact he considered himself “lucky” for it).

Izaya had plans to get rid of Kasane Kujiragi as well, and that’s when Shizuo showed up, appearing to have befriended her. And also when he coincidentally really began to want to kill him, right before he threw down the crane tower.

And in the Epitome of Eighteen Histories, Izaya’s part, he goes on to tell Shinra’s sister the dangers of Shinra being involved with Shizuo because of the possibility of him getting hurt and caught up in one if his fights, pointing out that you can’t just go back after he’s already hurt too badly. Though he was also obviously jealous of(and for)Shinra(as a part of humanity or as an individual, one) and said to Kazane something to the degree of refusing to “share” Shinra with Shizuo(and also said to Shinra “I’d rather you cut your ties off him as soon as possible.” Maybe he was somehow afraid to lose to Shinra to somebody he felt was even more of a monster that himself?

Also his conversation with Celty in Volume 9 before he punched the telephone pole kind of reminded me of Haruna’s first conversation with Anri. “I could never hate Takashi for falling in love with somebody else, but the one he falls in love with; I won’t forgive them.” Or something like that. Izaya was only ever supportive for their relationship from Shinra’s side of things.(just like how he refused to “share” Shinra with Shizuo. :P)

I also believe that Shinra is Izaya’s “god”((aka his past)).

((The thing about Haruna, I feel really bad for Celty and Anri, but I also feel bad for her, because Takashi used her and her family to get money! She said herself in spite of everything he did to her, she still loved him even when he basically threw her away when he “got bored of” her. He’s a piece of scum that deserves to rot, and both Izaya said for a teacher he was pretty stupid, and I agree. I’m glad they showed Nasujima’s shady past in the light novel) and Shizuo for once felt the same. Thank Narita that Shizuo got to beat him up in the Volume 2 epilogue. X3))

Plus, when he realized he might be betraying Shinra and that he would probably be mad at him, he laughed before punching a telephone pole.

Furthermore, he actually told Mikage that the “guy I thought was my best friend” just hung up on him in the hospital.

Also, before Shinra and Izaya talked on the phone in the hospital, Izaya had plans to leave because he knew they probably saw his pocket knife, therefore he seemed suspicious to them.

But suddenly after Shinra tells him “go die chest-first into an iceshaver”, Izaya suddenly decides to stay at the hospital thinking, “might as well go out with a bang”. Plus, when Shinra hung up on whim, he actually bitterly said “what a piss poor excuse for a friend”, before deciding to “troll” him, for him ignoring him. Shinra and Miyoshi are the only two I believe he showed irritation at being ignored or left out by(with the hotpot thing he decided to have his own, most likely because he spited Shinra not inviting him to the hotpot party).

Kadota(despite all of his advice to stay away from Izaya) also said “If you want his love, you have to be his friend first. Start with your own to love him on the line, go to him as a friend on the line, and you will that he was unexpectedly the type of guy who has the strong bond of friendship.”

Plus, confirmed by Durarara! Light novel Volume 2 epilogue, according to Izaya, Shinra, Simon, Shiki, Yumasaki, Karisawa, Kadota and Togusa are not his pawns.

And despite that he called everyone his friend, when Celty suspected he was to blame for Shinra getting hurt, he texted her “It was not me. I’m not stupid enough to hurt a friend. I have few enough of them as it is.”

In other words, to shorten this into one sentence:

Don’t mess with Izaya’s best friend or friend, or you will pay dearly.

My reasons for shipping IzaShin.

-Shinra is “Izaya’s only friend by normal human standards”.

-To Izaya, Shinra resided in a different world, just as Celty also resided in a different world to Shinra(which was apparently one of the main reasons he fell in love with her).

-Shinra loves Celty’s black, and coincidentally, Izaya wears lots of black.

- The idea of Shinra getting hurt was the only thing that ever made Izaya ‘crack’.

- Izaya punches a telephone pole when he was afraid of Shinra being mad at him.

- Shinra is the only one to ever acknowledge Izaya’s fragile heart(or really that he even has a heart)

- Shinra stands up to even Celty, whom he’d do anything for to gain her approval, when she basically says he shouldn’t be Izaya’s friend nor feel guilty for hanging up on him in the hospital and says, “but still, Izaya is one of my only friends.”

-Shinra and Izaya could be considered best friends.

- Shinra can read Izaya better than anybody else.

-Shinra was confirmed as “his eccentric friend, the first person to see through Izaya to his true nature((even before Izaya?))”.

-Izaya obviously gets really bitter about being left out of Shinra’s hotpot party.

-Izaya agreed to found the biology club for the sole purpose of observing Shinra.

- When Shinra tells Izaya to die on the phone in the hospital, Izaya bitterly says, “what a piss poor excuse for a friend” before “trolling” Shinra. And also, despite his earlier plans to leave the hospital, he decides to stay, knowing that somebody would come after him, thinking that he, “might as well go out with a bang”.

- Nothing says that you can’t fall in love with your ‘best(only friend’ by the world’s standards, especially when you claim to ‘love’ all of your other ‘friends’ by your own standards.

“If you use that past guilt as the basis for your actions and your way of life, doesn’t that kind of make it a god in itself?”(“Which means in a way she is your God, but it’s not all that bad, right? After all, you do love her.”)

- Izaya says Shinra is not his pawn.

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Hey... For the prompt thing... Would you be interested in a post novel 13 Shizuo trying to understand his changing feelings for Izaya with Celty, because Shinra told him weird things about Izaya. In the end, he decides to search for Izaya and bring him back... I don't really know if this would interest you, I hope this is good enough for you, because I'm not so good with creating prompts...

I was talking about like non-canon stuff but this works as well haha. Here you go!

Word limit: 700 words

Word count: 700 words

“…That Izaya took the blame for Shinra being stabbed…what the hell…it isn’t like him at all.”

Shizuo muttered under his breath, but his eyes held no anger.

[Do you still hate Izaya?]


[You were thinking about what would it have been like if Izaya and you had been on better terms right?]

Celty asked, for it was Shizuo who had brought up Izaya’s past.

[Maybe it’s not too late. Kazane-chan is a good girl, so if she wants to invite Izaya maybe he isn’t as bad as we thought.]

“….But didn’t you say Izaya would have used me for bad things if we had gotten along?”

Shizuo tilted his head in slight confusion, and Celty responded sheepishly.

[Ah…I did say that, but that was the past. I don’t think you would let Izaya use you now.]

Shizuo lapsed into silence as he raised his gaze towards the sunset, murmuring, “…I’m still not strong.”

“…At the coming of age ceremony, Traugott told me being weak is not a crime.”

[Oh, the martial artist you admire… Wait, he called you weak?! Just how strong is he?!]

Shizuo gave a wry smile, “Yeah, he’s amazingly strong…anyway he meant the weakness of my mind, I think. That’s how I realized I am a very weak person…”

Leaning against the guardrail, Shizuo looked up into the sky, muttering, “The strength to accept someone’s life…I haven’t gotten it yet. A guy like me doesn’t have the softness to accept everything, but –”

Celty regarded Shizuo in concern before he said it like an epiphany, “Hey Celty, people don’t change right?”

[Yeah, it’s hard for people to change.]

Shizuo dialed a number and held his phone to his ear, having come to a realization of some sort.

“Hey, Kazane. It’s me. …Yeah. I’ll do it. I’ll drag the flea’s ass back to Ikebukuro.”

[Shizuo? What’s…with the change of mind?]

Shizuo kept his phone, giving her a half sheepish, half self-deprecating smile.

“Well, when I become a little bit of a better person someday, I want to attend a coming of age ceremony at least once in my life.”

“I told you right, Izaya? That someday I would let you meet my brother and Shizuo again!”


“Shinra nii-san isn’t here, but he’ll definitely be there with Celty and everyone else if you come back.”

“Hey wait –“

But the girl who had given the promise over the phone was already gone. Izaya stared at the closed door, as he felt his gaze on him.

Shizuo moved forward, but stopped when Izaya tensed. The blond opened his mouth, but no words came out. He brought his hand out from behind his back.

“I…brought ootoro. I heard from Shinra it’s your favorite…”


“I’m…not going to hurt you. …I won’t hurt a guy in a wheelchair.”

Shizuo muttered as if to himself as he walked towards Izaya and deposited the gift on his lap.

Izaya was afraid to be alone with him.

Izaya was afraid of him.

Shizuo could have said many things. He could have apologized. He could have asked Izaya about his past.

But when he looked at Izaya in his wheelchair, he said –

“Do you…want to come to the hotpot party?”


“Everyone…will be there. All your humans…”

Izaya was silent. Shizuo inhaled.

“…Just a yes or no, Izaya. If you say no, I’ll leave you alone.”


“…I see. You no longer have the softness to accept everything.”

It was the look in Shizuo’s eyes which gave Izaya his voice back.


Shizuo turned back. He lowered himself in front of Izaya’s wheelchair, and held out his hand.

He stayed there for a few minutes as he met Izaya’s gaze, until Izaya’s fingertips touched his.

A smile spread across Shizuo’s face as he admitted sheepishly, “We never did attend the coming of age ceremony, did we?”

As if remembering the old days, Izaya’s voice came out automatically, “Because Shizu-chan picked a fight with me.”

“Tch, you weren’t free of blame either….well, I was at fault as well.”

Izaya smiled, and Shizuo felt like he had found what had been missing in the past two years.

“…You’re going to help me become a better person…flea.”

Headcanons about domestic Sousuke (living with Makoto):

  • He loves shopping at MUJI because he finds the minimalistic aesthetic pleasing and the stuff useful. Makoto usually likes going along to browse the colorful stationery and comes home with pointless little items like cat-shaped sticky notes.
  • His specialty is omu-rice and ofc his own favorite tonkatsu. He’s also very good at making hotpot, and usually has all of their friends over in the winter for a hotpot party. 
  • He has secret stashes of chocolate hidden away among kitchen supplies for when Makoto has a random craving or is feeling down. Makoto doesn’t know where he hides them because if he did he’d eat them all in one go. 
  • He cooks in a Rilakkuma apron which Rin got him as a joke but which he actually finds adorable (no one can convince me otherwise).
  • He always wakes up early in the morning to make breakfast for Makoto and himself, but he loves napping in the afternoon. He naps everywhere and anywhere, but his fave spot is on the couch in front of the TV, with Makoto’s lap as his pillow.
because i'm saitama/genos trash

i want to see more saitama/genos fluffy domestic superhero husbands fic, and by domestic, i mean:

♡ bullying criminals/villains together
♡ trainingggg together
♡ sale day shenanigans where saitama is impressed (& not jealous at all) that the housewives give their egg cartons and other sale items to genos in exchange for his autograph
♡ genos doing crazy accounting so he can plot their savings until retirement
♡ videogame party with king! hotpot party!
♡ saitama helping genos w/parts maintenance askgmjdjwg


OVA ep.4.5 My Heart is like a Hotpot Goods 

(squealng for pictures with Shizuo and Izaya in hoodies, Masaomi and Kida under umbrella with teru teru bozu of Shinra and Celty. And the hearts ♥ ♥ ♥ )