corruptedvergil-deactivated2016 asked:

>_> Tumblr must had done something. It said I wasn't following you when I flippin' know better! <3 <3 <3

Haha well it’s complicated…

This blog is a secondary, which means I can’t reply to other people’s posts, follow back, or ask questions. It would show up as my primary “theycallmerazz” and people didn’t know who the hell that was.

It was incredibly frustrating and I hated it, so I created a different primary using “hotpixellatedmen” (wooo two Ls) and transferred this secondary from “theycallmerazz” to that account!

So when I follow people, ask questions, or reply to posts, it’s under “hotpixellatedmen”. When people click on the link for that blog, it redirects to this blog. Basically I tricked tumblr into thinking this is the primary on that account.

IN SHORT: I started following you with the other primary I made, and you followed that account.