Times Square station - NYC - 7/30/16

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I would really love to know how did you make your desert Rin turban, it looked awesome.I read on your instagram that it was based on a tutorial from mangosirene.However i searched everywhere and I couldn't find anything. I would be very thankful if you get a chance to reply this. Thank you

Thank you. I basically took strips of fabric and wrapped + hot glued it around some foam tubing that you can get from hardware stores which had been cut to the size of my head and scotch taped together. I hot glued this to half a styrofoam ball that had been covered with hot glued squares of fabric. To make the dangly bits, I took some wire, wrapped it around the ends of some furniture trim that I had cut into small sections, and then stuck the wires through the fabric and through the styrofoam ball.

Hot Tubbing || E-Squared

Erica changed into a shimmering black one piece bathing suit when she and Elena had decided that they would go to the hot tub together. She hadn’t any girl time in forever, and she desperately needed it, seeing as she seemed to be slipping back into depression. The brunette had never been good at being alone and recently she’d been alone a lot, despite her tour family but that wasn’t the kind of company she needed. Her flip flops were audible as she made her way to the elevator to take it down 11 floors to the main floor where the hot tub was. Erica made her way into the pool area and slipped her flip flops off as well as her cover up. She stuck her feet in the water and waited for Elena to get there. @elvnadusoleil

Just had hot grease pop me square in the face. Ow, ow, ow, ow, fucking ow.

Thank gods I had my glasses on, damn. Otherwise, some of that grease would’ve gone right in my eye.

Cooking is hazardous.