A couple of weeks ago, I had an idea/headcanon of Drift and Ratchet returning to the Lost Light. Of course, Rodimus is super happy to see his best friend forever and Drift feels the same. They hug each other and accidentally fuse back together. Everyone around runs off in pure fear except Ratchet and Ultra Magnus. Hotlock does form but he’s completely different from his last appearance.

He isn’t aggressive or mean spirited. He’s a normal fusion who actually can talk to people. Just a….nice fluffy thought. Fusions can be powerful and scary, or normal sized and calm :3

“I-I’m calm?”

I was thinking of a scenario of Drift and Ratchet making it back to the ship. As soon as Rodimus and Drift see each other, they would hug and accidentally fuse together.

Thus making a “calmer” fusion of Hotlock. He wouldn’t be this monstrously tall mech, he would just be a bit taller than others. He also would be happy that he’s not constantly angry or needing to be tough.



The MTMTE AU will be just MTMTE but with SU rules (fusions) and matching up some major events that happen in SU with MTMTE storyline. Click here for more info on time/setting/etc.

This is a art and fic telling how Tailgate sees a fusion for the first time. Enjoy!

The Lost Light is dangerously low on supplies and fuel due to a raid on the ship. They find an extremely old abandoned prison planet once controlled by Cybertron in the past. At first, a scouting group (Consisting of Rodimus, Drift, Rung, Cyclonus, Tailgate, Swerve, Rewind, Whirl and Chromedome) confirms that there’s fuel for them to use and supplies but it’s soon discovered that they’re not alone on the planet.

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The fusion of Drift and Perceptor.

An incredibly skilled shooter. His accuracy is always 100 percent, rarely ever misses his target. Very light on his feet and is a quick thinker under pressure. With his chin up, and a low voice, Precision is a very great asset to have on a battlefield. Unfortunately, he can get very smug towards others and speaks what’s on his mind. (For example, he jabs at Rodimus for fusing into Hotlock almost destroying part of the ship and losing control of himself.) Weapon of choice are his arm crossbow canon with energy arrows or using his blasters on his back. And finger guns. Alot of times he’s using his finger guns.


Hey guys and guyettes! (I don’t even.)  You can say this is a tiny update for you guys and say whats going on! I’m gonna be doing a bit more of Cygate pics! I’m actually making a comic on how he was fused! (I might change Cygate’s name to clear up confusion. I dunno because its the shipping name of Tailgate and Cyclonus.)

I’m also making a comic about how Hotlock was fused. And a nsfw Blitzbee comic thats gonna be on my other blog. I’m still ironing out Drift and Perceptor’s fusion form, along with others. And drawing you guy’s requests and answering questions! Simply put, I’m totally on this Transformers!SU headcanon hard. Lots of WIP stuff but its all gonna pay off very soon!

For those who don’t know what the fuck I’m even talking about. The fusions you’ve been seeing on this blog, Hotlock, Cygate, and others, are based off the idea of Transformers doing Steven Universe (A really good cartoon) like fusion dances and the result of them. Me and redskoollovr have been working on doing a TF MTMTE AU fanfic/series of matching which characters would fit with Steven Universe characters. (For instance, Tailgate would be Steven since he’s the youngest, spunky, and ya know what I mean) Its weird but its us having fun! We’ll be releasing a doc. on what we got so far and what we got planned later on.

And you can help too! If you have any suggestions, comments, characterization, or anything! Shoot me or redskoollovr a message!

Alright I’m done talking. *Slithers back under the bed*