The Ultimate Tumblr List of couples and females with active porn-blogs and own pictures

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A (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
anipper2 (Female)
anjeelowe (Female) (Couple) (Couple)
anndarcy (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)

B (Couple) (Couple)
beatricefetish (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
blitzblanke-maus (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)

C (Couple)
candidsandra (Female)  
candy-caney (Female)  
carolsexxxy (Female) (Couple)
cathyishisdeliciouslittleslut (Female) (Couple)
caverndestruct (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
chellesilverstein (Female) (Couple) (Couple)
cjspam (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
curvy-redhead-k8 (Female)

D (Couple)v (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
dawnwillow (Female)
diebeate (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)

E (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)

F (Couple)
facelesswife (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
fitfam2be (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
fusselsche (Female)

G (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)

H (Couple)
hairypussypolska (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
hotdirtymilfsara (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
hottiedanielle (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
hot-soccermom (Female) (Couple)

I (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
insane619 (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)

J (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
jennifer-share-your-pussy (Female) (Couple) (Couple)
jessika34 (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
junglecat1975 (Female) (Couple) (Couple)

K (Couple)
kristendixon79 (Female) (Couple)
katzemond (Female) (Couple)
kelly-momnwife (Female)
kimsdirtypantysforsaleatklippcpl (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)

L (Couple)
landlady1966 (Female) (Couple) (Couple)
layla9teen (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
llittle-lluna (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
ludykatrin (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
lysylvie (Female)

M (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
masterundbabygirl (Couple) (Couple)
maxfitsocal (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
mhys-ead (Female)  
milfaubrey040 (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
mrssandiexxx (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
myrobotwat (Female) (Couple) (Couple)
my-dirty-suggarland-85 (Female) (Couple) (Couple)

N (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
naughtyjaneb (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
nicegirl1984 (Female) (Couple)
nikkiq778 (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
nylonmilf (Female)

O (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
onesubsjourney (Female) (Couple)
onlyprivatephotos (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)

P (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
paganhairypussy (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
peterannacpl (Couple)
pet38 (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)

Q (Couple) (Couple)
queenbitch1989 (Female)
queenofouterspace (Female) (Couple)

R (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
reneelynn4u (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
rose9284 (Female) (Couple)

S (Couple) (Couple)
sandyc4fun (Female)
sarah-1971 (Female) (Couple) (Couple)
schamlippenlady (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
share-your-pussy (Females)  
sharing-my-smile (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
shymilfmarie (Female) (Couple)
simply-snow (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
sklavin-n (Female)  
slim–jim47 (Female) (Couple) (Couple)
soccer-mom-marie-2 (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
streeter69 (Female) (Couple) (Couple)
stutebonn (Female) (Couple)
sue122 (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)

T (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
the-layne-nicole (Female)
tiboun (Female) (Couple)
tina2103 (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)

U (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)

V (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)

W (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)

X (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
xxxsouthernwifeslut (Female) (Couple)

Y (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
ynglatinmilf (Female)


zeigefrau  (Female) (Couple) (Couple)

0 - 9 (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)


Tyler had that “fuck me” look in his eyes that drove Josh insane. He held Tyler’s wrists above his head and leaned down, licking into his mouth before letting his hands roam down his chest and sides. Tyler groaned, pressing his hips up as he felt arousal pooling in his lower abdomen. Josh was heated, grinding his hard dick up against his and pressing little kisses down his jawline to his neck, then back to his lips. 

Sitting close while watching a movie was typical for them, but when Tyler got bored, he casually placed his hand on Josh’s knee and moved up towards his inner thigh. He knew this would most likely make Josh hard and wanted to see if he’d push his hand away. Instead, Josh let out a soft sound from his throat and faced Tyler with a look of surprise, biting his lip. When he didn’t push his hand away, Tyler smiled at him knowingly and continued up until his hand was resting on his bulge. From there on, it was a blur of pulling each other’s clothes off and exploring every inch of each other’s bodies with hands and mouths, except…. They were still just in boxers, with hard dicks poking through cloth and teasingly grinding on each other while making out. 

“Can’t get enough of you.” Josh confessed before clutching Tyler’s hair with one hand while cradling his face with the other and kissing him deeply. Tyler returned the kiss and moaned into his mouth, allowing himself to be completely overtaken by Josh. Maybe he liked being a little submissive sometimes. Josh dipped his head and sunk teeth into Tyler’s neck hard, but not too hard. Tyler tensed up, gasping and scratching at Josh’s back. 

“Josh…oh god.” Tyler felt so decadently helpless against the sensations Josh was bringing onto him. Josh expertly palmed him through his boxers while sucking bruises into Tyler’s skin, until he was tasting a hint of blood and marking him up.  

‘Feel good?” Josh murmured hot breath against his neck as he began reaching into Tyler’s boxers and wrapping fingers around his cock. His thumb slid circles around his silky wet tip and Tyler pressed into Josh’s hand, panting uncontrollably.

“Ohhh god yes, more please…” Tyler moaned deeply, horny as fuck. His heart was racing fast and Josh could feel him trembling on edge as he slid his palm up and down over his slick dick. He smiled at his needy looking friend while continuing to pump him languidly in his hand. For some reason, it turned him on how Tyler’s eyes rolled back and closed, as if it was just too much. He was so sensitive. 

“Ok, if you say so..” Josh said before he scooted down between Tyler’s legs, pulling his boxers off all the way and tossing them to the side. He’s seen his friend naked several times, but never this close and in this state. He was in awe. He gripped the base of his dick and immediately dropped his head to swirl that long tongue of his around Tyler’s ~other~ head, causing Tyler to squirm and yell “Joshie!” Josh plunged him all the way to the back of his throat, gagging slightly before pulling back up. Tyler was so vocal and Josh loved that about him because it let him know how well he was doing. It’s not like he’s done this before, but he had an idea and did what he thought would feel good on him, which seemed to work. He especially loved how Tyler’s voice sounded so wrecked as he begged and praised him, circling and fucking his cock into his mouth to get just the right angle. When Josh figured he was getting close, he tightened his mouth and pulled off with a pop then grabbed Tyler’s hand. 

“Here, hold this.” Josh said, bringing Tyler’s hand to his own cock. Tyler whined missing his mouth, but then gasped as Josh sucked his finger and began working it at his entrance. He continued fingering him and admired the concentrated/perplexed look on Tyler’s face and the way his slender fingers cautiously worked up and down his cock. Once he relaxed and seemed to really be getting into it, Josh lined himself up to Tyler and pushed in as gently as possible. Tyler wrapped his legs around his waist and held onto his shoulder for dear life as Josh began rocking his hips, fucking into him and making him cry out with every thrust. Josh let out low, guttural moans, mouth open at how warm and tight Tyler felt constricting around his cock. Their eyes stayed locked and Tyler continued jerking himself off to the pace of Josh’s thrusts, feeling himself getting dangerously close. 

“Cum for me, baby boy. You feel so fucking good.” Josh coaxed, watching Tyler tense up and his face turn a deep shade of pink as he let out soft panting sounds. He looked so pretty, with swollen red lips and brows knitted together. With a sudden cry Tyler let go, shooting cum all over his stomach and chest and Josh moaned with him, leaning down to suck his bottom lip and kiss him through it. Tyler whimpered and shook, squeezing his eyes shut from overstimulation as he allowed Josh to continue fucking him hard and fast until let go next, spilling inside Tyler and clutching at the pillow behind his head. Tyler watched in fascination as Josh’s face contorted and he let out a sound like a wounded animal.

“Fuck Tyler…” Josh shuttered, looking down to admire the cum adorning Tyler’s tanned skin. Tyler grinned, dipping his finger in it and bringing it to Josh’s lips. It was so provocative, Josh licked and sucked his finger, then leaned down to lap the rest off his chest and stomach while Tyler sighed softly and raked fingers through his hair. When Josh returned to kiss him and slid his tongue along Tyler’s, he could taste himself on Josh which turned him on even more

“We’ll have to do this again.” Tyler broke the comfortable silence once his normal breathing pattern returned.

“For sure. Um…I love you, Tyler.” Josh barely whispered.

“I love you more, Josh.” Tyler replied, hugging Josh tightly. 

anonymous asked:

what is your number 1 fave smut fic of kai

ARE WE RLY GOING TO TALK ABOUT THIS OKOKOK I don’t have one fave smut fic of him, I have many… 

  • Default State Of Being (this fic is a classic, and I’m sure you’ve read it already. but if you haven’t, you need to get on it asap! it’s an absolute fave of mine. nothing is better than a sexcrased jongin!) author!au, kaisoo, + hints of ; krisoo, kairis.
  • Tank Tops and Tattoos (jongin is so hothothothot in this fic. I’ve probably read it a million times and it still gives me chills) mechanic!au, kaisoo.
  • Good Boy (forever dying over how hot kyungsoo is in this fic, and jongin is so loveable omg. one of my absolute faves) college!au, kaisoo
  • The Beast’s Growl (thx to this fic, I’ve been obsessed with wolf!au’s ever since.. absolute fave) wolf!au, kaisoo
  • Challenge Accepted (I don’t even know what to say about this fic??? it’s just so great and hothothot. pornmanic jongin is always appreciated) kaisoo
  • Won’t You Get On Your Knees (asdfghjasdfj if you’re into love/hate relationships, you’re going to die reading this one. it’s so hot) rockband!au, kaisoo
  • Any Way That You Want (I can literally imagine their relationship being like this uuunf. #goals) kaisoo,
  • Split Screen (how lucky is kyungsoo to be dating jongin and kai???) twin!au, kaisoo
  • Blind Date (in which jongin accidentally has sex with his brother in law) kaisoo.
  • Mine (this is a twincest fic between jongin and kai! hothothot) twin!au, kaicest.
  • All I want to see you in is just skin (This fic is really hot but also kinda sad.. I just want to give jongin a big hug :*) hooker!au, kai + everyone
  • Bad, you’re so bad (jongin playing with kyungsoo’s puffy cheeks! I’m swooning asdfghjkjgfdsa) kaisoo
  • Good Boys Have The Best Toys (this fanfic is a classic! I’m sure you’ve read this one. it’s really hot) kaisoo.
  • Drag your teeth across my chest, taste my beating heart ( yet another classic. this fic makes me feel so many things uuuunf! hot & sweet) kaisoo
  • Don’t You Want To Kill Me (jongin dressing taemin up as a girl and having his way with him, its really nice~) taekai
Bard's gif master post

I welcome you, Mr. Bard


May I help you, sir?

Sir?  hothothothot

Just stand there, and I will be suffer here

Do not touch this baby! agh, that’s your son 

hothothot wait What? ou, This’s Aramis, but continue hothothot

o good lord, hothothothot

Yes, that is where I live. Simply-keep pushing straight

Watch on

louis x harry (OMG HOTHOTHOTHOT)