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Just One Word Book Photo Challenge
August 2016

Day 3: Hot

Hot colored books on a hot day

…. HotHotHot Hot / ..Hot. HotHotHot HotHotHot Hot.. / Hot .Hot … Hot . … / HotHot. HotHotHot HotHotHot Hot.. / .. Hot. / HotHot Hot.HotHot / Hot… . .Hot.. .Hot.. . Hot.HotHot

Heroes Rise LIs: pros and cons

Since there’s new people in the tag (*waves*) I thought I’d post a little guide to the HR love interests…

Black Magic (aka Lucia/Lucas Taylor)


  • too hot
  • hot damn
  • wait, don’t call the police and the fireman, false alarm…
  • famous
  • powerful
  • nice to you (if you’re nice to them…)


  • nightmare dressed like a daydream
  • enough skeletons in the closet for a funpark house of horror
  • scarily powerful
  • thinks ‘i like the way your brain feels’ is a legit chat up line
  • it really isn’t, sweetie

Jury (aka Aaron Victon)


  • pretty
  • even less smooth than the pc (seriously, 'take these shirtless headshots of me … as a symbol of our rivalry??’)
  • even less competent than the pc (in the 1st game at least)
  • not as big a jerk as he could have been


  • smug jerk
  • hangs out with people who hate your guts
  • his dad is the worst
  • really the worst

extra pro

  • pissing off his dad by dating him is great, though

Prodigal (aka ???)


  • funny
  • cool tech powers
  • likes chickens
  • pc thinks she’s hot (pc thinks everyone’s hot though)


  • supervillain
  • that’s a pretty big con
  • spent half her life plotting to kill you
  • and stalking you
  • bit awkward to introduce to the family

Lucky (aka Insertnamehere Smith)


  • pc’s first kiss!
  • cute
  • um
  • yeah


  • one kiss ten years ago, let it go already
  • um
  • that’s about it

Jenny Yu (aka Null)

  • bff
  • ninja cyborg secret agent social worker
  • takes no shit
  • always has a plan


  • 'my way or the highway’ attitude
  • her being the pc’s case worker when they were a kid makes the romance a bit weird
  • you cradle snatcher, jenny