hothot not

And you, you make my desire run hot
Hot as the desert sands
Your eyes have the power to warm me like no others can. [x]

We’re all four years older, but still everyone’s crazy for this guy. Go figure, lol.

I was gonna shade Tennessee in, but I have enough on my art plate as it is, so I left him with flat colors. Sorry haha. xP

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냠냠쩝쩝~ 맛있는 저녁 다들 드셨나요??
더위가 저녁이 되어도 식지가 않네요 ㅠㅠ 이럴땐 과일이 최고죠!!
수박이나 메론을 먹어보는거 어때요??😁
#아스트로 #문빈 #더워더워 #물러가랏


NyumNyum NyumNyum~ Have you guys ate your dinner?? It didn’t get colder even though it’s already late in the evening ㅠㅠ By this time fruits are the best!!
How about having watermelon or melon??😁
#Astro #MoonBin #HotHot #GoAway

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anonymous asked:

2doc request... something fluffy? I always just see 2doc fanfics as "hot man sex wow hot hothot murdoc has no emotion hot man sex" I'd love to see Murodc actually caring about 2D and being there for him. :) <3<3<3

Ooooh my god this took me way longer than it should have and I apologize for that, but I hope this story is to your liking. Since the request doesn’t have a specific scenario in it, I used one I’ve been considering for a while and I thought would be cute. Hope you enjoy!

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Just One Word Book Photo Challenge
August 2016

Day 3: Hot

Hot colored books on a hot day


[IG] 170725 winnercity (WINNER):

 “Is it true that this heat weather is going to last until October? #REALLYREALLY #HotHot But we have prepared a summer work song to cheer up our Inner Circles that are tired from the heatwave, a magical #SUGOSONG (T/N: Meaning WorkHardSong) 
#We’veAllSugoSugo (T/N: We’ve All Worked Hard Let’s Keep Going)