InstaFame Car Show Coverage by #HotHeadzMedia. Thanks Guys 😄👍.
RANDOM STORY: So while I was on the way home from work I’m stopped at a red light and I hear a man say “My other car is faster.” I look over and a middle aged Armenian man in a lime green Hyundai Accent is smiling at me and then says “I’m just playing with you, I like your car!” Quickly realizing he was joking with me, I laugh with him and give him give home a polite “Thank you sir, I appreciate that!” He tells me about this is his daily driver and how his real car is his Porsche. He loves how economical this one is but he tears it up at the track too. Genuinely interested, he tells me about how he’s rather pay $80 for 2 laps and get his fix rather than a speeding ticket haha 😄. The light turns green and I tell him, “well you have a great day Sir, thanks for the love.” 🚗💨💥 It makes me smile knowing that some random guy decided to share with me his similar interest over something so simple such as this stoplight conversation. I would’ve never expected it, and yet that what makes the car game so priceless; surprises and social camaraderie 👊. (at Real Talk with Devyn B.)

#Fitted #G35 Sedan on #XIX #X25’s!

This past weekend we met up and interviewed Deejay Goz on his nicely fitted G35! We have the full interview and set of pictures up on ! Go check it out and let us know what you think!

Photo Credit: Hotheadz Media

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