Nalu week day 5- need

Natsu was a hotheaded, stubborn, pyromaniac dragon slayor. He was also very overprotective, always wanting his friends to be save. Especially Lucy. He didn’t even know why , but this strong need to protect her had always been there. It had always been there and it just grew stronger from time to time.

He had failed here already, way to often. Natsu still blamed himself for the dead of future Lucy. Or in the battle of tartaros where he din’t catch her hand. Hell he blamed himself for every bruise she was getting, no matter in what kind of battle.

Of course he knew that was stupid. Lucy had told him many times already that it wasn’t his fault. That it was her own weakness. The pink haired had gulped ,when she had used the word ‘weakness’. Lucy was strong. He knew that. He knew that she was one of the strongest woman in the guild. For him she was the strongest anyway. The strongest woman and his best friend.

7 of July. Natsu was sitting at his usual spot, a cliff behind his house. He always came here when he had to think. Or when he wanted to be alone. No, that was a lie. Natsu hated being alone. He loved his family and the thought of not having them around him made him sad. But not having Igneel around him also made him sad. After the battle of Tartaros he was broken. He had searched years for his foster father and then- he just disappeared in front of his eyes. he knew that even if Igneel had won the fight against Aconologia it wouldn’t have changed anything. His father was gone so why was he sitting here. Same day, same place as every year. Why was he sitting here, when he actually met his father. Searching time was over. Suddenly he heard the sound of footsteps behind him. He knew those steps, he knew the smell. Lucy sat down beside him. She din’t say anything, nor did he. They just looked down the cliff. Natsu knew that this was a hard day for Lucy as well, It was the day her mother had died and her life had changed. Nobody said anything. They just needed each others presence. They just needed each other.

Blinking into the darkness of her room Lucys thoughts went back to the day Natsu had left her. She always thought about that day, nearly every night. She didn’t even deny it. That day had changed her. It had left her so broken. Yea Natsu had left a note but nothing more. He left a note and left. Quietly. Lucy had thought that day would never come. They were always together, since the day she had met him in Hargeon. No, she knew that day would come. She just didn’t want it to come. Because she didnt want Natsu to leave. It’s funny really, how she grew so attatched to him in only one year. How she couldn’t sleep without him since she was used to his presence next to her. How working was no fun without him because nobody ever smiled at her like him. Hell she had missed that smile. She turned around to face her best friend, who was sleeping next to her, silently snoring, with that peaceful expression on his face. Hell she needed him.

It just was like that. Everyday. In the simple things. In hard fights. Natsus eyes would always search Lucys first when he entered the guild in the morning. Lucy would always rely on Natsu to catch her, if she was to fall from the sky again. They just needed each other. It simply was like that. It had always been like that. It will always be like that.

They just needed each other.

Yeah. Tom Welling is awesome. The only complaint that I have about Tom is that he’s… he is a man of steel. Like he’s a super duper strong guy, like he’s a big, you know, manly man. And the first season… he always has these scenes where he comes in and like saves us. He’s Superman, so… It was like my first scene where I was getting saved and I was in a room full of fire and he has to run in and he stands there and he, you know, flexes his chest and I run up to him and he embraces me and it’s all wonderful and heroic. Well, my head comes right up to his chest and he’s got a very strong chest. [Woots from audience] Yeah, I know (sighs) So, I’m gettin’ all geared up and ready to go and they say action and I race in and… my head bounces right off of his chest. It was like a full on ricochet effect. And I… after like the fifth time I was like “Tom, I’m getting a little bit of a concussion. So, if you could just envelope a little bit I’d really appreciate it. Soften the steel.” – Allison Mack on Open Mike with Mike Bullard