Trump is likely to lose Election 2016, but Republicans are likely to keep their House majority and stonewall Hillary Clinton because she’s a female Democratic President who beat their preposterously unqualified and terrible nominee. It’s uncertain which of those Clinton characteristics makes Republicans angriest, but the GOP’s inflated House majority of Tea Party hotheads is America’s eternal problem. The only comfort will be in watching Paul Ryan struggle with the House Freedom Caucus.

Okay, big guy…I let ya work a little longer but
now It’s really becoming too much The teen
called once he entered the room with a dish.
He turned Donnie’s chair around and placed
the dish on the desk so Donnie could see what
was on it. Apparently Casey had made him a
ham/cheese sandwich since the genius refused
to leave the lab.

Before ya work further on that thing, I want ya
to eat this thing, okay?

25 things you don't know about Elizabeth McGovern
Monday, January 05, 2015

1. For 10 years, I’ve been writing and performing with my band, Sadie and the Hotheads. We just toured in America. It’s a great show!

2. I’m so bad with technology that I can’t turn on the TV without calling one of my kids to help.

3. Director Todd Haynes was my date to my high school prom.

4. I try to tweet, but I’m a lousy tweeter.

5. I can’t really do Facebook either.

6. I love to read, but I never seem to have time anymore.

7. Greek yogurt is my go-to snack.

8. My most recent favorite movies are Wild and Inside Llewyn Davis.

9. My brother, Monty, got 100 percent of his SAT questions right, and he has perfect pitch.

10. My sister, Cammie, is a published fiction writer. Her YA book Say What You Will is out now.

11. I adore Lena Dunham.

12. My grandfather William McGovern was an explorer, a Buddhist monk and a teacher, among other things. He was the first white man to enter Lhasa.

13. I’m very ritualistic in my habits.

14. I love to sleep.

15. I’m naturally a very quiet person.

16. I try to always take public transportation.

17. My daughter Grace (17) and I are Taylor Swift’s biggest fans.

18. My husband (director Simon Curtis, 54) makes me laugh.

19. My favorite recent TV show is Mad Men.

20. Last year, I vis­ited the child I sponsor in Jong, Sierra Leone.

21. I’m very neat and clean, but I live with slobs - in case anyone who visits our house is wondering.

22. I love Pilates, and I’m proud to be extremely connected to my pelvic core.

23. I’m very close to giving up wearing Jimmy Choo shoes unless absolutely necessary. Anyone who’s worn them will understand why.

24. Maisy, my Yorkshire terrier, is going prematurely bald.

25. I feel that I’ve lived the luckiest, most blessed life imaginable, and I am grateful every day for it.


GoLion, Episode 1 - Escape from Slave Castle
Voltron, Episode 1 - Space Explorers Captured

So the whole tenor of this scene is very different between the two series.  In GoLion, Tsuyoshi is ready to take on Daibazaal himself, hothead that he is, and after being brought back to earth (so to speak) he pauses to pay his respects just as Akira did.

Meanwhile in Voltron, Hunk is still understandably rattled, but the conversation centers around an Important Lesson about not judging vultures by their appearances.  Nobody except Keith refers at all to the implications of the skull pits, and Hunk’s concern is not to pay his respect but rather to implore The Powers That Be to let them escape.  

The scene as a whole doesn’t paint Hunk in nearly as compassionate a light as it did for Tsuyoshi.  To be honest, at this point the Five Boys in Voltron don’t seem overly concerned about anybody else.  There could be some interesting character exploration and worldbuilding in that, I think – not that they were necessarily awful people before becoming Voltron pilots, but maybe that they weren’t necessarily heroes yet, either.

Oh, or you could just read any of the Edgy Reboot™ comic continuities, I guess.

heroes-imagines  asked:

hey Immy!! congrats on reaching your next thousand, your blog is so great and i'm glad people like it as much as i do! x [1/2] can i have a ship for marvel and criminal minds? my name is jill and i'm from the usa, i'm also and intj and sagittarius. i'm a bit hotheaded and usually a bit impulsive. i like to draw and have a knack for being super awkward in social situations, i have about shoulder length dark brown hair and brown eyes, i also wear glasses and i'm asian. i'm 5' 3" and not that

+ [2/2] physically fit and believe my intellect will win over the brawn, i also in enjoy reading science fiction books and am a bit of a fangirl (whoops) and i tend to listen to indie pop music as well as alternative music. as for your ship, from marvel i think that you and steve would be goals, he would do anything to protect you and you would be his little ball of sass too precious for this world and from criminal minds i ship you with derek—the two of you would have sass competitions and overal [3/3] the sassiest and funniest couple in the BAU ever. oh an can i get option one (i’m not sure if i added that in the previous asks or not). and sorry for spamming your ask box!! <3

Hey Jill!! I’m just assuming that you wanted option four?? Thank you for shipping me though – I’ve never thought of being shipped with either of those people but it makes so much sense actually omg thank you!


Ship: Remy Lebeau

Best Friend: Kurt Wagner

Secret Admirer: Bruce Banner

Who’s the most affectionate: You | Him

Who says I love you first: You| Him

Who initiates the first kiss: You | Him

Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk: You | Him

Their favourite thing about you: So you’re the one person I ship with Remy (congrats btw because he’s basically my son it took a lot for me to ship him with anyone) and the reason is because I feel like he just wouldn’t be able to stop himself from loving everything about you? I don’t think he’d be able to narrow down just what his favourite thing about you is because there’s so many little things he adores. You’re cute, he can rest his chin on your head (that’d be his fav thing to do), you’re cuddly, he would think your hothead-eness is just hilarious and would find your awkwardness endearing

The moment they realised they were in love with you: Remy and you would just be sitting quietly, maybe by a lake or in a park or something and Remy would be busy doing something of his own while you’d be doing something such as drawing and he’d just look up at you briefly, smiling a little when he sees your lil concentrated face and that would be when he realises he loves you.

Affiliation: X-Men

Job: You’d work alongside Bruce Banner in a variety of jobs helping mutants and inhumans

Powers: Your main power is lunar magic but you’d also have healing abilities

Weapon of choice: Your intelligence

Criminal Minds

Ship: Spencer Reid

Best Friend: Emily Prentiss

Secret Admirer: I couldn’t really think of anyone but I feel like Hotch would sort of have a soft spot for you

Who’s the most affectionate: You | Him

Who says I love you first: You | Him

Who initiates the first kiss: You | Him | Her

Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk: You | Him

Their favourite thing about you: Spencer would have multiple favourite things about you but I think what originally drew him to you would be that you have a similar love for nerdy things and science fiction books. He’d also think that your awkwardness in social situations is really cute because he’d be awkward in situations as well and then he’d look to you and laugh a little bit because you’d both be having trouble (you can be awkward together though).  

The moment they realised they were in love with you: Probably after a really hard case – the team would already know that he loves you and he wouldn’t realise it even when all he could think about during the case would be going home and seeing you but it wouldn’t be until he is home; you’re in his bed, he’s cuddling you and he can smell your comforting smell and you’ve fallen asleep. That would be when he realises he loves you.

Job: You’d work in the FBI – not in the BAU but you’d work alongside them occasionally. I’m not a hundred per cent certain what your job would be but the role would be for a really intelligent person so it’d suit you well.

Affiliation: FBI/Jason Gideon

IS IT NEWSWORTHY? Look, I’m just a simple barkeep with a blog and some cleaning duster because I somehow spilled Frosted Mini Wheats crumbs all over my keyboard. And yeah, earthquakes, Daesh, I have a Dream, all of that’s in the news. Fuck, even the VMA’s feel like they deserve a more prominent space in our timelines. BUT. BUT. Let’s backtrack a bit. A couple years ago this guy was going places. I don’t think the presidency, the guy’s too hotheaded. Too NEW YAWK to get a 51% majority in any earth timeline. You had the feeling that something was going to sink him, even though you figured it’d be like some weird tax thing and not his actual penis. He fucked up once, and you know what, people were ready to forgive him, and actually get him back into elected office… AND HE BLOODY DID IT AGAIN! So now, like people are like “OK Dude, you played yourself. At least shut the fuck up and please god let Huma be able to do her job without a paper bag over her head,” and now here we are, waiting for some excuse. Like what do you even say? You’re practically begging for the New York Post to beat your unfortunate name into the dust. Like

And like YOOOOOO, like there’s no entrapment to this shit. It’s not like ghost breitbart is sending him texts and saying “I’m a supermodel who loves has been politicians, can you please like… I don’t know, can I see your tighty whitey bulge?” I mean there probably is, but from what I’ve read, the guy can’t WAIT. Like every conversation he’s ever had in his life was just a setup to letting AJ get some air. Nigga’s a walking chatroulette joke from 2012. We’ve reached the paraphilia part of the story, the restricted Internet use part of the story, the Chris Hansen asking how the cookies are part of the story. And while obviously I’m disgusted by it, I’m also like just… I don’t know. Like behold the hubris of man and shit, but even in 2016, a year where God will be ROBBED of an emmy, even in 2016 this is fucking ABSURd. Imagine Sophocles trying to wrap his head around this fucking tragedy.