hoth rebels


The Empire strikes back by being a bastard. Their target is the flippin shield generator, but they take some time out of their day to gun down the people on foot running away from our their giant machines of death.

Some Chopper Base Headcanons
  • Zeb teaches hand to hand combat to anyone who’s willing.  Some Lasat martial arts don’t translate too well to species without prehensile feet, but the emphasis he teaches on unpredictability of motion, and unexpected angles of attack, helps to give the agents an edge.
    • Sabine is his star student, as she’s mixed together Imperial, Mandalorian and Lasat styles rather beautifully to become absolutely terrifying
  • There’s no dedicated cook, but all the personal with any degree of skill are on a mess hall rota.  Some people are dreaded.
  • All the pilots who have been around since before Chopper Base do respect AP-5, since things have become much more efficient since he’s taken over inventory duties.
    • he’s still a pain to work with, often
  • Fenn Rau, post him joining properly, works with Hera in training and drilling the pilots in more complex manoeuvres.  He’s significantly harsher as an instructor than she is.
    • Rumours say he can outfly Phoenix Leader, but few of the younger pilots believe those.  “She took on Darth Vader, after all!”
  • Some of the personnel are from Separatist worlds, and as such are wary of Captain Rex
    • And, for that matter, the Jedi!
  • A lot of personal behave rather cautiously around Lieutenant Bridger.  He once almost killed a random pilot, after all!
  •  Thanks to Mart, some amusing stories about Commander Sato end up circulating through the base.  
  • Some of the sand of Atollon ends up on Yavin IV.
    • Rumour has it that some ends p on Hoth too
War Heroes

They may have been evil, but they were very, very good. Finn studied all the historic battles over and over again as part of his training, told about the Empire’s mistakes and how the First Order would avoid them.

He studied the Rebels’ infiltration of the imperial records depository at Scarif, how a team led by the traitors Bodhi Rook and Jyn Erso, the ruthless assassin and spymaster Cassian Andor, and the cult-bred killers Chirrut Imwe and Baze Malbus infiltrated the installation and destroyed the planet in a deadly suicide mission.

He learned about the Battle of Yavin, where Princess Leia Organa–after all these years still a menace to peace and order–lured the Death Star to the Rebels’ base and an ambush, where Luke Skywalker destroyed the station with one well-placed shot, snuffing out the thousands of lives within.

He read about the Battle of Hoth where the Rebels eluded the Empire’s pursuit yet again, about the Battle of Endor where the Rebellion moved together like the parts of a symphony. Finn found himself glued to the screen as he learned, through reports and surviving archival footage, how the smuggler Han Solo led a ground assault to  disable the Second Death Star’s shields while Admiral Gial Ackbar, at large and a threat like Organa, joined battle in space. All this was only a cover, however, for Luke Skywalker to board the battle station and murder Darth Vader and the helpless Emperor. Criminal kingpin Lando Calrissian finished the job in another act of wanton destruction, an assault so reckless, so foolhardy it should have failed by all rights but somehow succeeded brilliantly.

Finn used his own time to delve deeper into these battles, reading past lights-out until he was caught and got in trouble. He told himself as he dug out a drainage ditch as punishment that he wasn’t getting too deep into the history of the Rebellion, he just wanted to know the enemy so he could beat them this time around.

But by Space, those Rebels were good. It was no wonder a terrorist group had toppled the mighty Empire. If the First Order learned more from their enemies’ tactics it would be unstoppable, and unlike the Rebellion whose puppet government was already crumbling, the Order’s victory would be a lasting one based on justice and the rule of the Supreme Leader.

Nevertheless, the sense of awe at the sheer skill of these terrorists stayed with Finn. That was why, when faced with one of those legends, the smuggler, criminal, the terrorist Han Solo in the flesh, the words burst out as though they had been caught in his throat the entire time:

“Wasn’t he a war hero?!”

*inhales and composes myself*

rex on hoth with the other rebels coming across luke skywalker. rex wondering if luke is a relative of anakin’s (being a jedi from tattooine) but keeping it to himself. rex offering to teach luke how to shoot like he did with ezra but luke’s all like ‘nah thanks im good i’ve been shooting womp rats since i could hold a blaster’. luke finding out rex is a clone war vet and wanting to hear stories. han and rex arguing over what’s best for luke (a la kanan). rex just. glad that that he keeps meeting jedi time after time, and that he gets to keep fighting beside them.

*exhales, screams into a pillow*

Luke Skywalker x Reader: Reunion

* You and Luke were good friends, although truth be told you wanted to be more then friends. But you didn’t say anything to him because you knew there wasn’t much time for romance during war.

* And since the evacuation of the rebels from Hoth you had barely seen him. Whenever you would see him you two would wave and smile at each other. If you were lucky you got to say a few words to him before he whisked away. You both desperately wanted to spend more time together and kept telling yourself soon.

* You were both so busy. And currently he was helping plan how to rescue Han from Jabba. You wanted to help with that mission but Mon Mothma said you were needed elsewhere.

* And before you knew it was the Battle of Endor. You were working when you heard that Luke went to face Vader and the Emperor. You felt sick. Would Luke be able to survive?

* When the second death star blew up you were relieved but also terrified that Luke was hurt. When you arrived at the after party on Endor you searched frantically for him.

* Thankfully you ran into Han. You told him how glad you were to see. He thanked you but he knew exactly why you looked so worried. He told you that Luke wasn’t in the explosion. You were relieved to hear but still needed to see him.

* And when you saw him you felt the weight lift from your chest. He was hugging Leia and had that magnificent smile. And when you two locked eyes he walked straight to you.

* You hugged him and you both spoke at the same time saying how glad you were that the other was safe.

* You comforted him over his father and told him how proud of him you were for resisting the dark side. He also commanded you on your work during the battle.

* But your conversation keeps getting interupted by people coming to congratulate Luke. Which he appreciates but he really wants to talk to you right now. And so he asks if you’d like to go somewhere more quiet and you agree.

* And you tell him how much you’ve missed him and hope you can spend more time with him now.

* And your smiling at him and Luke thinks it’s now or never. He tells you that he loves you and didn’t want to tell you before because he knew he wouldn’t be able to be there for you like he wanted but he says he can now.

* And you quickly tell him you feel the same before throwing yourself in his arms.