Hotei Reaching for the Moon; Session Shukei (1504-89); Muromachi period, 16th century; hanging scroll, ink on paper. Collection of John C. Weber.

Humans are really, really bad, aren’t they?” Hotey looked at Tom thoughtfully. “Not all,” he replied after a few moments. “I have known some good humans. One of them was almost as kind as a donkey. Almost.

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After an hiatus I am back on the road. Not that I haven’t been doing anything mind you. I got my nerd on in Atlanta over labor day weekend, rocking out a convention with my pint sized homy. Photos may get posted. The weekend after that I moved. Not so awesome. We shall see how that turns out.

These photos are from my surprisingly swanky hotel room. The final photo is rather interesting. You have to put your room key into the slot for the power to come on in the room. Kind of neat. 
Some more photos to come later.

anonymous asked:

i saw you explaining the fairy tale cards and this question immediately popped to my head! you see, in the seven lucky gods set the SR cards each represent one of the gods right? so i've been wondering what eli and nico's designs are based on...

I went through and tried to determine all of the cards:

  1. Honoka: Ebisu
  2. Maki: Benzaiten
  3. Rin: Jurōjin
  4. Umi: Bishamonten
  5. Nozomi: Daikokuten
  6. Kotori: Hotei
  7. Hanayo: Fukurokuju

Kotori and Hanayo might be switched as Hotei and Fukurokuju and both Gods of happiness and Kotori and Hanayo’s cards are called “Big Sack of Happiness” and “Happy God”. Other than that these should be accurate!

As for Nico and Eli, I don’t think they are based on one of the Seven Lucky Gods. There are only seven after all, and each of the SRs seem to be based on them. Nico and Eli’s URs are called “Celestial Maiden in Love” and “Giving Thanks to the Gods ♪” which doesn’t really seem to describe any of the Seven Lucky Gods the way the SR titles do.


this awesome theme from Kill Bill by Tomoyasu Hotei

Quentin Tarantino movie soundtracks


1) Quentin Tarantino on the moral choices in Pulp fiction
2) The Ventures : Miserlou
3) James Brown : The big payback (Tall black guy BIGBACK slap-up re-edit)
4) Brothers Johnson : Strawberry letter 23
5) Minnie Riperton : Inside my love (Disco tech edit)
6) Joe Tex : I gotcha
7) Tomoyasu Hotei : Battle without honor or humanity
8) Smith : Baby it’s you
9) Keith Mansfield : Funky fanfare
10) Dusty Springfield : Son of a preacher man (Charlels Beale edit)
11) Bill Whiters : Who is he
12) The vampire sound incorporation : The lions and the cucumber
13) Alan Reeves, Phil Steele and Phillip Brigham : The Chase
14) Kool & The Gang : Jungle boogie
15) Bernard Hermann : Twisted nerve
16) The Coasters : Down in Mexico
17) Eddie Bunker / Harvey Keitel : Madonna speech
18) Jack Nitzsche : The last race
19) George Baker : Little green bag
20) Bobby Womack : Accross 110 th street (DJ “S“ bootleg bonus beat)
21) Al Green : Let’s stay together (Disco tech Dj cut mix)
22) Marsellus gets medieval
23) Dave Dee, Dozy Beaky Mick and Titch : Hold tight
24) Lively ones : Surf rider
25) Eddie Beram : Riot in thunder valley
26) Harry Nilsson : Coconut
27) RZA : Ode to Django (The D is silent)
28) Isaac Hayes : Truck turner
29) Quincy Jones : Ironside
30) April March : Chick habit
31) The Centurions : Bullwinkle part II

Fotos de Las Vegas 

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Music Shuffle Challenge:I was tagged by the lovely lekaleidoscopedemarine like two weeks ago and I didn’t find the time to do it before this morning. Sorry!

Rules: hit shuffle and listen to the first ten songs (no skipping), then tag ten people.

1. Tomoyasu Hotei - Thrill
2. Can Bonomo - Love me Back
3. Dave - Sugar Baby Love
4. Ken Hirai - Pop Star
5. Elvis Presley - In the Ghetto
6. Gogol Bordello - Immigranadia
7. David Bowie - Heroes
8. Les Fatals Picards - Commandante
9. Malice Mizer - Syunikiss
10. Faith no More - A Small Victory

And I don’t tag anyone because it’s alreay 40° here and I feel lazy…

George Pataki Launches "Stand Up to Trump" Online Petition

George Pataki Launches “Stand Up to Trump” Online Petition

George Pataki Launches “Stand Up to Trump” Online Petition (Photo Credit: Donkey Hotey) #UniteNotDivide:  Former NY Gov. George Pataki is going in on fellow GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump in a big way. He launched ‘Stand Up to Trump‘ online petition to denounce Trump’s racist comments about Mexicans and immigration. Get out the popcorn. This is going to get crazy. George Pataki:  We are…

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Went to a yoga art thing this afternoon and was so inspired by the beautiful things I saw + felt that I came home and created this…’s got Buddha, Hotei and Ganesha. <3