hotels in england

Germany: America, remember that you’re hosting next week’s meeting.

America: what?? Me, again?? Can’t you get anyone else?

Germany: why? You used to be okay with hosting world meetings.

America: yeah, until everyone had high standards! Like England wants half-price on hotel laundries, France wants a free hotel spa message, China wants cheaper hotel foods, Italy wants free inroom breakfast everyday, Japan wants a HD tv in his room, and Russia wants to be two floors away from Belarus! And don’t get me started with the other 189-ish of us!

Germany: well, we do need to share the burden at times. It’s tough, but I’m sure you with your capabilities, all will be well.

America: aw, thanks Germany-

Germany: by the way, remember that I want a loud alarm clock, personal printer, and computer in my room. I forgot to bring my laptop. Thanks, America.