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for my birthday someone write me phichit slamming into their hotel room at barcelona just like yes that’s nice you‘re engaged that’s fine good job on the silver make him cry and I will kill you.

now go away (climbing into bed) we don’t want coaches or fiancés, it’s roomie cuddle time. victor is like “hey!” and yuri just says, sleepy, sweet, “phichit?” and snuggles in

go away, says phichit

victor goes away.

Look up, Barcelona!

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10/2016 - Hotel Mandarín, Barcelona

when in doubt, just remember:

This was Yuuri’s hotel room at the cup of China:

where it’s unclear whether or not he shared a room with Viktor, 

And this is his hotel room in Barcelona, where they



I’m gone, people. 

Just try not to imagine them getting that hotel room, with those beds separated, and literally pUsHinG them together just so they can lay closer to each other, and probably just looking at the other person with the dorkiest gaze and grin while they fall asleep–

They’re such dorks I love them. 

Edit: I’m wrong and dumb as shit but enjoy some screen caps ig

To celebrate May 1st/International Workers Day, I’ll explain a bit about this famous photography.

This picture was taken by Hans Guttmann (also known as Juan Guzmán) on the 21st of July, 1936, at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War, at the top of Hotel Colón in Barcelona, Catalonia.

The girl is Marina Ginestà i Coloma (January 29 1919 - January 6 2014), at the moment aged 17. She was an antifascist militian, journalist, and translator. After this picture, she never held a gun again. Instead, she helped by translating international news and books, writing in newspapers, and by being a correspondent for foreign newspapers.

She was captured in Alicant, and moved to a concentration camp. After some weeks, she was liberated and escaped with her boyfriend to France, but he died while trying to cross the Pyrinees. In France, Marina found her family and all of them were taken to the internment camps of Argelès-sur-mer and Agde. When the nazis invaded France, they left on exile on a boat that said it was going to Mexico, but went to the Dominican Republic. In 1946, she left the Dominican Republic because of the persecution led by the dictator Rafael Trujillo, and went to Venezuela. She moved to different countries for the rest of her life, and in the end died in Paris when she was 94.

Even though this picture became one of the most famous from the Civil War, Marina Ginestà didn’t know about it until a few years before dying.

Otabek and Yurio

I want to think about Yurio and Otabek as a couple. Canonical, they met before during Yakov’s summer program. Otabek must not have made a huge impression cause Yurio hardly remembers him.

Flash forward to five years later. I’m assuming that Otabek has been watching Yurio from afar, waiting for him to move up to the senior division. That would make sense since Otabek gives Yurio that very searching look at the hotel in Barcelona, then shows up to rescue Yurio from his Angels.

Honestly, it looks like Otabek has it BAD. He pounced so fast! (Which is so delightfully cute to me.)

However, look at it from Yurio’s POV. Yes, he slightly remembers Otabek, and they obviously hit it off very, very well (see scene when they’re having tea and Mari-neechan dies a little).

But they’ve only been taking for three days!

They have that one day where Otabek rescues him.

The next day is the short program (“davai” from Yurio and thumbs up from Otabek).

And the next day is the free program (“davai” from Otabek and thumbs up from Yurio).

Then the next day, Otabek is (according to hints of Yurio’s Gala performance) assisting Yurio on the ice? When did they have time to practice? Why would Yurio ask Otabek and not Yuri or Victor for help?

I think this shows just how quickly their feelings solidified. (I’m thinking love at first sight, for Otabek at least.) I also think that Otabek would do anything Yurio asked of him.