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This hotel annex restaurant was founded in 1979 and quickly built a strong name and reputation for itself, which resulted in a much coveted star in the Michelin guide. It managed to keep this star until 2012. In 2011 the founder left the by now reputable business to his son in law, who was also a chef and his daughter, who took over the service in the restaurant. In 2013 the restarurant hotel suddenly closed its door for no apparent reason, which quickly started rumours about bankrupcy and even suicide of the proprietor. A short while later however, just as suddenly as he had disappeared, the propietor resurfaced. His son in law had accepted an offer from a three star restaurant in France and had left Hotel au Paradis together with his wife. The proprietor  needed some time to digest this blow and to rewrite the menu. Shortly after that things took a turn for the worse. The hotel had gotten itself into a substantial debt, for which there was no solution to be found. In 2013 Hotel au Paradis was declared bankrupt. The contents of the hotel and restaurant were auctioned publically, but no buyer was found for the buildings and the estate itself. Since then things have gotten increasingly worse. Burglary, theft and vandalism have left the former reputable business in a dilapidated state


• do not purposely make a mess of restaurants tabels, hotel and hospital rooms, or public bathrooms. Someone has to clean that and it’s not cute or funny.
• if you need to throw away a beverage make sure it’s empty or dispose of the liquids in a way that won’t inconvenience the person taking out the garbage. There’s nothing worse than having to clean the inside of a filthy can or getting mystery liquids on you.
• if you miss the garbage can, pick it up! It takes 2 seconds and it’ll save someone else a lot of time later.
• if youre staying at a hotel or hospital gather all your trash to one central spot before you check out. Housekeepers have a set amount if time to clean a room and they don’t have time to play find the trash.
• do not make someone else clean your bodily fluids! Despose of them correctly and don’t try to flush things that should not be flushed!
• if you have the opportunity to give positive feed back about the housekeeping or sanitation services, do so! It’s easy to forget that someone goes behind you and cleans but they do and they almost never get compliments or positive feedback. Hearing something good for a change might make their day or maybe even get them a raise!
• also be nice your sanitation workers! It’s shit pay and not a fun job but someone has to do it!! They’re people too and they deserve respect and dignity!