Good idea, bro.

CONCIERGE: So unfortunately Peter Luger is fully committed until 11:30PM. Do you want 11:30 or try another night?
GUEST: Hm. Well if they don’t have 8, let’s do 9.
CONCIERGE: Ok. But they’re fully committed until 11:30PM. That will be the earliest we can get a table.
GUEST: Right. Right. I got it. So what if I do something early? Like 7?
CONCIERGE: They are fully committed until 11:30PM.
GUEST: Oh, ok. Ok. 6?
GUEST: Do this. Make a reservation for just one person and then the 3 of us will just show up and ask for more space.

Hey Flipper, hold my umbrella
Guest: Excuse me, do you know if the dolphins and fish will be out if its raining?
  Guest #2: (Looks at the floor embarrassed for their friend)
  Guest: I just need to make sure they are still out if its raining…
  Concierge: Yes they will be out, they don’t mind the rain.
  Guest: Really?!? They come out even in the rain? … Guest #2: (still looking at the floor)
  Concierge: Yes ma'am. They live in the water.

Up in the air and down to earth

Hello hello :)
Took quite a while but here we go:

First of all: I’m fine. :) Had dental surgery yesterday but luckily I don’t look like a hamster and pain should be gone within the next few days.
I also survived a rad skydive. Man, that was great! Kate and me got a local deal and just paid half the price. Unfortunatelly we had to reschedule it again and again due to bad weather conditions. Friends already said it’s a sign of the gods and we better shouldn’t jump but we thought it’s still a cooler way to die then getting smashed by a bus. In the end it was one of the best things I’ve ever done. I was chosen to be the first one to get out of the plane tied to my instructor Scott and with my photographer Matt. It took about 15 minutes to get up on the height of 15000ft (4,5km) which is the highest height for commercial skydives. Then a red light turns into green, they open the door of the plane, you slide to the door and then - jump. I was more keen on jumping than being scared but the first few seconds took my breath away. You’re tumbling and you feel unstable (the feeling is indescribably) until the instructor opens a small parachute to decelerate. After that 60 sec of freefall with 200 km/h. But it doesn’t feel like falling at all! It’s simply amazing! Too be fair, it was a lil bit hard to breathe. And it was freezing cold. But this times breathtaking in a good way. The view was ridiculously good. As soon as the great parachute opens you just feel like a bird gliding in this postcard panorama. I wanna do it again. And again. And again. That’s why I’m thinking about getting a license. My mum is not that amazed about this, I guess ;)
That day turned out to be a real Kiwi day. After the skydive we had a survival pizza at “Fat Badgers” (a Queenstown must-do) and then I went for a hike with my Kiwi friend Larissa at Lake Hayes which is about a 35 minute drive from Queenstown. It was actually the first time that I’ve been driving around in New Zealand. And obviously it is beautiful whereever you go ;) And it got me a new challenge: I want a picture with a friendly sheep! :D But haven’t met any nice ones yet haha. We were walking around Lake Hayes, enjoyed the sun, the panorama and the swings.
The other day me and Valeria, an Argentinian girl from my house, went for a walk on Kelvin Peninsula Trail which is the one across the lake from our place. A beautiful walk with a deep conversation and a lovely girl :)
I had quite a few good nights out aswell. One night we went out with Larissas mum who came down to Queenstown for a few days. We were dancing on the tables in “Winnie’s”! What a cool lady ;) Got an invitation for christmas at Family Worgans. I think I might take this :) Another night we went to town with our housemates and ended up at “Rhino’s” where a bunch of tall black guys were hanging around. It turned out they are part of the Original Harlem Globetrotters and having an aftershow party after playing at the Frankton/Queenstown Eventcenter. Nice guys. ;)
To be able to afford all that stuff I’m still working at the hotel which is quite satisfying at the moment. I hunted some great tips down (e.g. $22 on a $38 bill) and some of the guests are so heartwarming like a young couple from Perth or an elderly couple from an outback town 5 hours west of Sydney which left such a great feedback about me that I got some bonus points from the hotel (I can collect them and turn them into vouchers for stores in town). Haven’t expected that this feel so much better than watching the commercial on TV or the billboard next to the street you were working on for ages. When you see that you don’t feel like you’re reaching people. Statistics might tell you some numbers about that but you never know. In my current job you get the feedback right on the docket or by the smile on their faces. And since ski season started (on Coronet Peak 2 weeks ago, today at the Remarkables) and the Aussies got on school holidays lots of young people and families are coming over and stay with us. During the Queenstown Winter Festival also lots of young Kiwis came around from other parts of the Southern Island. Because of my work hours, toothache and medication I couldn’t go out as much as I wanted but it was still fun. Have expected actually a lil bit more of winter fest, but it was alright. One afternoon we went to town for a concert which didn’t happen due to a power cut, so we had mulled wine (Glühwein. Im Juni. Aber hey, in Deutschland solltet ihr bei den Temperaturen den Weihnachtsmarkt dieses Jahr vielleicht auch etwas früher eröffnen.) and hot cider with cinnamon and played Mario Kart at “Red Rocks bar”.

What else?!
Oh I forgot: I know now how to evacuate a fully booked hotel haha. We had an firealarm during one of my shifts and I haven’t had my official firetraining yet. Was quite exciting though…
And again: Happy, happy birthday and all the best to my grandpa! He had his 91. birthday last weekend. Ich hoffe, du hast es dir gut gehen lassen, Opa!

So in the next weeks I’ll try to keep it fun, maybe go for a day on the slopes and some more treks.

With love,
Lil Hamster xx

If you are fortunate enough to be staying at a hotel with a concierge service at your disposal and you should choose to use this service, please keep the following in mind:

They can help you with most any request, but please avoid the nonsensical and ridiculous.  They are people, not jinn. 

They deal with a lot of stupidity from a lot of people, please be courteous and patient.  They are human.

If you feel they have done an exemplary job, tip them.  Anything is usually appreciated, a happy concierge makes for a happier guest.

Always say thank you.  Even if they could not help you, say thank you.  There is a rule in Girl Scouts, when you have asked someone if they would like to buy some cookies, if they say no, you say “Thank you anyway” or something to that effect.  Have I stressed enough the importance of  a simple thank you?

Do not assume, that because they know nearly everything about the city, that they can get you free tickets, free bottle services, or free transportation.

If there is a line for the concierge, wait patiently.  You are not the only guest.  You are important to them, but so is everyone else.  Even the individual in front of you who keeps them in an eternal dialogue loop is important to them.  Do not be that person.

It is most likely that you have a world of information at your fingertips through your phone or computer, it might be able to help you faster than the concierge if they seem busy.

The concierge can make mistakes too. 

Avoid being one of the people mentioned in hotel-job.

Travel well,

Mademoiselle K. L.

Work Gripes

I work at a hotel as a Front Desk Clerk. I have worked at the same hotel for 2 years, the second longest of any of our current staff. The woman who has worked there the longest is an older woman (60s) that has worked there fore 17 years. You would think by now, that she is a pro and doesn’t make any mistakes. You would be wrong in this assumption. In fact, she makes MORE mistakes than anyone else, and they are not just minor, some of them are huge, such as forgetting to collect someone’s ID information, or walking into a room that is currently rented because she thought it was unoccupied. 

Recently, I expressed concerns to my boss regarding her mistakes and that perhaps disciplinary action was required, such as probation or even termination. My boss said she was reviewing the situation, but I don’t feel like anything is being done. It’s so freaking frustrating. I love my boss, she is great and I enjoy working for her. However, with the older woman working here, I don’t like it. She makes so many mistakes that affect the rest of us and she comes super early for shifts because her car is broken down right now, and it makes it inconvenient for the rest of us.

I am considering quitting, but with the economy the way it is, I don’t know that I will find a job that allows me to work as many hours and all that jazz. I feel like my concerns are not being considered and that the older woman is not being penalized. If I had messed up in the various ways she has, I would have been fired already. >_< Being an adult sucks sometimes. 

Rant (the second)

Apparently one of my coworkers about got her face verbally ripped off by a guy yesterday because he decided to wander around in outskirts of our property IN TEXAS IN THE SUMMER without shoes on and managed to stomp right through a fire ant nest.

Spoiler warning: the ants didn’t like this.

Also, he thinks this is All Our Fault for… Existing in Texas where almost everything has some amount of venom and wants to bite you? Allowing it to be summer when the bitey things are active? Not stopping him from wandering around not wearing shoes? Not reminding him that he should look wear he’s going? I’m fuzzy on what he’s actually upset about.

Dude is just lucky he didn’t trample on a scorpion or snake instead.


We had a departed guest write us an internal and Tripadvisor review trashing our housekeeping team, which is 1) infuriating and 2) unjustified for the following reasons:

We let the lady check in at noon a few hours before normal check in because she totally lucked out and we had a room ready that day (almost never happens in the summer). According to both reviews, the family in that time manages to use all the towels, fill all the trash cans, and mess up both the beds in the very short time they were in the room BEFORE heading towards one of the local amusement parks for the day. 

As they were a one night stay, they were neither on housekeeping’s cleaning report NOR did the family stop by the desk and request unscheduled service for their room before heading out, but somehow it’s HOUSEKEEPING’S fault for not being psychic and realizing these people would need service after being in the room for an hour. (I can’t attest to other hotels, but if you have just checked in, we are not in the habit of being immediately in your hair asking if you want anything done for your room here, mainly because most people would find this annoying as all get out and that it would take a lot of time away from housekeeping cleaning stay over or checked out room.)

The long and the short of it was the poor, poor reviewer had to request extra towels from the front desk at 10:00PM when returning to the hotel, and this evidently RUINED their entire trip. The horror. How awful for her that this is the biggest problem she has in her life.

Extra fun bit? I checked this #$%^& out the morning she left and she said NOTHING to me at the time when I could have done something about it or explained the situation to her. Nope, had to wait until she got home to say our housekeeping needs to “learn to do their jobs” when, newsflash, they DID do their jobs you absolute fuckwit.

Some people’s children, I swear to God…