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Sick Days With Cal

note: i’m sorry if this sucks and has any errors, i haven’t written anything in ages! also, it got really long. oops.

You’d been sick for the past few days, so bad that you’d barely been out of bed at all. What made it especially bad was that you’d ruined all the plans you and your boyfriend, Calum, had made for his few days off on the weekend. He’d offered to stay home with you another day but you’d insisted that he’d be much better off going into work.

Cal had been gone all day and you were missing him terribly. Today was definitely the worst day of your sickness; your whole body ached, your head throbbed every time you moved, and your stomach was in knots. You wished Cal could be here to help but you knew it was better for him to be in work and you didn’t want him to catch whatever it was you had. 

You had spent most of the day lying in bed trying not to move and staring at the pictures of you and Cal all over the bedroom. Eventually you decide that a long hot bath would do you some good, if you can muster up the energy to get there that is. Sucking up the pain, you make your way to the bathroom down the hall and run the hot water. While the bath is filling, you sit on the floor with your cheek pressed to the tile wall. The cool tiles feel nice against your feverish skin, so as the bath finishes up, you manage to grab a small cloth from the counter and run it in cool water. Slipping into the hot water, you place the cool cloth over your forehead and eyes and another cloth under your neck.

You soon start to feel the bath taking effect. The hot water soothes your aches while the cool cloth eases the fever. Your stomach is loosening, although you can still feel a slight twinge. You’re almost able to forget how terrible you have been feeling lately and settle into the silence. 

All of a sudden there’s a few muffled sounds from downstairs. You hear feet coming down the hall and right as you push the cloth off of your eyes, Calum pushes the door open and nudges his ways inside the bathroom holding a brown paper bag.

“Hi, love,” he says, “I know you told me to go to work today but I just couldn’t bear the thought of you home alone and sick like this. So I took the day and I brought you some ginger ale and crackers,” he pulls a small bottle of ginger ale, warm and slightly flat because he knows that helps your tummy, and some saltine crackers from the bag. Your eyes well with warm tears of affection for your boyfriend as he leaves the bottle and box of crackers at the edge of the tub and exits. He comes back before you can register that he’s gone, this time guitar in hand, strumming lightly and singing some made up song about how the prettiest girl he’s ever known should not be sick and he will do anything to make her better. He sits next to the tub feeding you crackers and ginger ale when you can stomach it and holding your hand when you can’t manage. He just let’s you sit and relax and close your eyes and quietly plays guitar and sings silly made-up songs to you. Then you realize that you’re feeling better than you have in days.

“Thank you, Cal,” you murmer.

“Anything for you,” he whispers, kissing each of your fingers.

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