the whole day you had been walking around hollywood studios with luke you had been dying to go on tower of terror. knowing how long the stand by line was usually, you decided to fast pass it among a few other rides. the whole time luke was faking his best american accent pretending to be checking in at the hotel. you couldn’t stop your giggling every time he whispered something in your ear like, “i can’t believe this is where we’re stuck at night for our honeymoon.” when you both got in the room where you were told the story of the hotel and the family that was struck by lightning in the elevator, you mumbled most of the commentary under you breath. luke was still saying silly things in your ears and when the lightning crackled at the end of the video and a cast member just barely got him behind him and laughed manically in his ear, he jumped pulling your closer. pushing you through the door and out of the small room, he whispered yelled into your ear. “oh my god y/n let’s get off of this and go to rockin’ roller coaster. i’ll show you my best steven tyler impression.” you shook your head laughing but it was stopped short when he kissed the skin behind your ear and sang softly, “love in an elevator…” 

quiffedluke and featuringluke disney!5sos night

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Due to the time that Medic fell asleep at, her body didn't want to wake up early at all. In this case, she didn't end up waking up until 12pm. Rolling over when she did so, she grumbles in her sleep before she buries her face into the nearest pillow not wanting to move or be awake at all. {To Yui}

At 12pm, Yui was already fully awake, looking out from the balcony of their hotel room. She didn’t wish to wake her sleeping lover, so she made sure to open the sliding door quietly as she went to change her clothes for the day.

Once she’d changed into her everyday clothes, she knelt by the bed, looking at Mai’s peaceful sleeping face, and smiled to herself at the rare sight…

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I was reading a fic where Jane was stranded at an airport due to a snowstorm. She met Maura at a hotel and rizzles. Didn't finish it, can't find it. Sounds familiar ? Love your blog, I get my best reads from your suggestions.

Thanks! Glad you find it helpful :) It sounds like The Perfect Storm by futurebwaystar411. Is that it?


jaekyung huffed as she pulled her luggage up to the hotel. “i really don’t fuck with planes, i would have rather swim here,” she muttered under her breath. the plane ride was actually quite decent, but jaekyung detested planes. and it was more of a fear than actual hate. 

with a frown she began to drag her luggage behind her as she made her way to the room. she still had no idea who her partner was and she didn’t doubt that she had not met them before at all. when she came face to face with the door of her shared hotel room, she almost kicked the damn thing down. all she really wanted was a nap and maybe grab a drink.

mspoodle1 said: :( I was hoping it would be fun for you. Sorry it’s being so much trouble. I can’t wait to watch the video. ;)

It’s been fun :) But shooting the video was really troublesome this time. Some days it’s all very fluent, and some days it’s like swimming in tar. 

Poor Coco has been kept alive by the grace of testing cheats. I want him to hang out in the hotel, poor thing can’t even sleep on the floor D:

So next year I’ll have to have a rule that if the sims are living in a hotel, no pets allowed but who knows, maybe next year they can go camping :)

My SD is cheap

like I don’t get it, he doesn’t want to go to nice restaurants or nice hotels, he doesn’t have a fancy car or watch and has no desire for anything materialistic. He doesn’t even know any designers or brands. 

I am not complaining because I get £1000/meet if I stay with him, plus for dinners and things he always takes me shopping and has bought me thousands of pounds worth of gifts etc so I am happy with how generous he is (even though he will sometimes buy them in a bit of a grudgey way) but it actually shocks me that this guy works sooo hard and doesn’t ever treat himself (except when he’s seeing me loool). Need myself a guy who is as into things as I am and just wants to shop together and stay at amazing places and book 5* restaurants, thought that was the whole point of a SD but whatever..

when the semester is over and you get to throw out your schoolwork

when u have shitty internet / everything’s so slow that there’s no point in trying to use it

when u need to level up in a game so u send your character into the flurry

when u send your friend off to watch your favorite TV show

when ur daughter’s baby is part human part vampire and it’s time for them to learn to fly