Need assistance - place to stay for 2 weeks in June-July in SF Bay area.

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I’m sorry to have to do this, but I need your help.

I know I haven’t talked about this, but good news: I’m getting bottom surgery in a few months! Bad news, I’m unemployed, have no income (save some intermittent knitting commissions, but that’s for another post), and am going to be spending just about every penny I have on this surgery.

My fiancee and I will be in San Mateo (SF Bay area for those who may not know) from June 20th until July 4th, and need a place to stay during that time frame. While paying for a hotel wouldn’t quite empty my bank account, it would mean that I’d be entirely broke before I’d even be clear to work again (September at the earliest).

Please, if you or anyone you know would be willing to put up two trans dykes for two weeks (minus the 3 days in middle where I’d be recovering in the hospital itself), you would be a lifesaver. I’m sorry I don’t have much to offer in return, save custom handmade knitwear and musical dedications

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Hi! I am going to be on vacation next week. The hotel doesn't have an excellent work out room (leg press but no bar for squats, small weights, etc.) How should I keep up my gains? Any recommendations for good vacay workouts?

its a vacation! you dont need to work out every day it wont kill you. but use what they have, be creative! do things with dumbbells, body weight things like pushups, burpees, jump lunges/squats and just do your best with what you have, but dont stress.

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