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Hotel Song
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VAST - Hotel Song

 Curl up your body it’s fine

I’ve got something to pass the time

Drink and be merry tomorrow we die

Tonight I’m yours and your kind of mine

If you have regrets don’t have them now

Its just you and me in this forgotten town

Your daddy always said nice girls don’t mess around

Did your daddy ever say you were nice 


We have got a lot of options,

there is just so much to choose!

If you want a room with sequins

Well I’m pretty sure I have that too!

I’ve got rooms to make you happy

I’ve got rooms to make you spin

This room’s a little sappy

But I’m sure you’ll fit right in!

You can sleep inside a sandwich

Or snuggle in the Arctic

If you’re wanting something standard

Well that wont be problematic!

Yes there are beds abound,

Some soft some round

And some with glowing patterns

If you want a bed out of this world

well this one looks like Saturn!

I’ve got red rooms, pink rooms, and rooms with funny shapes

This one’s a wee bit risque with hanging chains for drapes

And once you find your perfect stay

With fresh breakfast and full service

I know it sounds a tad cliché

But I promise you wont forget this!

[Things and stuff. … Parker’s being well taken care of I promise. And he thinks he’s an excellent butler/host]