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Feline Felix...

I’ve been on Seeking Arrangement for a few months. I’ve met plenty of guys, have arrangements going with a couple of guys but never did I think I would run into this issue. 

I’m legitimately attracted to my Sugar Daddy that I just met. 39 tall, dark, HANDSOME…. Conversations and laughs flowed at dinner. There was chemistry that I actually wanted. When the plates were cleared off our table, he reached out his hands to grab mine…  In that spark of a moment, I knew I was done for. The restaurant we went to was in a Westin hotel right next to a golf course. He wanted to walk the golf course trail barefoot with me. I catch myself smiling while writing about this moment because it was just a fun idea. Typical Aquarius man. 

Alone on the green he wraps in his arms around me and comments, “I never thought this would happen, that I would be so into it,” and kisses me. Thus, we were both thinking the same thing. His previous encounters were of girls who didn’t look like their picture, or they came off rude and greedy for money and mine were of older men that I usually bullshitted my feelings for.

Since it was early in the night we agreed to go back to his place but throughout the night he kept asking, 

“Is that okay with you?” 

“Are you doing okay?” 

“Are you uncomfortable?”  

He cared. He cared about me and how I was feeling. (Which all SD should do.) The difference was, his voice was so kind and gentle. Sincerity was in his voice, eyes and body language. I like him, a lot. I find myself wanting to communicate with him, I check my stupid phone often… I’m setting myself up for failure basically. 

I looked online for help for what happens when you start to fall for your SD. Everyone said to end it. Granted he’s not married but he is near the end of his divorce with his EX. Regardless, I am considering it even after one date. I’m a Scorpio, and there’s no gray. Just black and white. I love passionately. He’s an Aquarius. Unpredictable with his feelings. Like a cat. lol Feline Felix. I’ll have an update soon. 

Die Elbphilharmonie is a concert hall in the HafenCity quarter of Hamburg, Northern Germany. Construction work is scheduled to end in Oct 2016, with an announced opening date in Jan 2017. Parts of the building will be rented by the Westin Hotel Hamburg; the upper floors west of the concert hall will accommodate apartments.

Hasani Olujimi, MSW  and Jim Harvey, MPH, MSHA were married on May 23, 2014.  Hasani is a Navy Veteran, Retired Social Worker, and current actor in musical theater. Jim is a Retired Public Health Professional and an Organizational Development Consultant. They reside in Albuquerque, New Mexico (but they call Washington, DC home). They will celebrate 17 years of commitment to each other on February 19, 2017.

They met during an organizing conference for the National Association of Black Lesbians and Gay Men in Chicago which convened at the Westin Hotel located in downtown Chicago.  It was Jim’s 54th birthday and he asked Hasani to be his dinner guest at a party held in his honor.  Hasani, age 29 at the time, was reluctant at first.  However, his colleagues assured him that he was in excellent company. They have been together ever since that very cold February day. They recently celebrated their 16th anniversary and 2nd year of marriage, which they have named “16 & 2.”   They are looking forward to “17 & 3” and beyond.

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UFO Sighting The Westin Hotel in Virgina Beach.
This UFO is like many of the glowing UFOs seen around the world. Great catch and nice someone stopped to record it. Sighting occurred April 18th 2015. This is the tallest structure exceeding 500 feet which is much higher than drones are allowed to fly. Also the flight pattern would seem to be under intelligent control.