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Model // Jeon Jungkook (BTS)

Description: The reader is a famous model who was invited to attend a fashion show in Korea. The reader gets lost while exploring the city and she stumbles upon Jungkook, who immediately recognizes her. She asks for help with her broken Korean and he gives her directions. Later on that week at the fashion show, her and Jungkook meet again.

Type: Fluff?

Pairings: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 2165

Requested: Yes

“Can I get a scenario where you’re a famous model who went to Korea for a fashion show but you went out and got lost on your way back to the hotel then you stumble across Jungkook who you recognize (and he recognizes you) & you ask for help in broken Korean that you learned from variety shows you watch. He gives you directions. Then BTS goes to the same fashion show backstage since they’re going to perform and you call out to him to thank him again. Sorry if its too specific haha”

Author’s Note: I’ve never been on an airplane before so I don’t know all the procedures that you have to go though, especially if you fly internationally. I had to do some research so hopefully it’s somewhat accurate. Thank you!

Rushing out of my apartment complex, I was greeted by the bustling city of New York. Stepping slightly off the sidewalk and onto the street, I stuck my arm out to hail a taxi. Noticing that one was going to pull over for me, I backed up onto the sidewalk and waited patiently. The driver got out and began to assist me with my luggage. After my luggage was safely put away into the trunk, the driver held the door open for me so I could get into the back of the taxi. Climbing back into the front seat, he questioned, “Where to, miss?” After giving him the address to the LaGuardia Airport that was located in Queens, New York, we were on our way.

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Title: Maid Service is the Antagonist 

Characters: Logan (Wolverine) x Reader
Word Count: 1.9K
Age Suggestion/Rating: T (lots of cursing, one violent scene)
Summary: Your sort-of boyfriend could take your life in his sleep, but his dreams are filled with worries for you.

Request: Maybe a maybe could you maybe write one shot about comforting Logan (from X-Men) after a nightmare? {Anon}

Universe: Post Origins: Wolverine, Pre X-Men.

You are more than well aware of Logan’s severe PTSD.

A man of his experiences, of course, had to be prone to flashbacks, to racing heart beats and always having to be on his feet. It was a wrestle just to get him to lay down in your bed- some overriding instinct informing him that, if he ever slept, then he’d be right where his real-life nightmare started all over again. You know he never would’ve went for the procedure, had he known how infinitely painful it would be, how close he would get to death, just to be ripped back, and to have it be the only decisive memory left of his past.

You do the best you can do- a human in the arms of a literal mutant killing machine is a dangerous place to be, but you never acknowledge that fact. Logan’s Logan to you, not some mindless monster. His hands may have claws, but they’re gentle when they hold you at night, his nose at the nape of your neck. Canada’s a good place for renting hotel rooms and getting easy money, and the two of you drifting from place to place is like a dream.

Logan lets out a grunt and kicks you slightly, his arms growing tighter around your waist. He’s shivering, you notice, so you attempt to turn around and pull the blanket up to his shoulders. He’s never one to mention if he’s uncomfortable, and he’ll just endure whatever temperature the finicky thermostat throws at the both of you.

Locked between his chest and his arms, however, you’re unable to so much as move to help him out when you hear something that’s enough to make you start sweating.

Logan’s rather expressive in the way he breathes. For a man of few, grunted, often sarcastic words, his entire emotional range could be summarized in the way he breathes. And, right now, you heard his breathing catch, right against your neck, in the peripheral of your auditory senses. You know this routine. This is how it begins, with a small, held breath, and then he starts huffing. It all concludes with his unseeing eyes panicking, and his claws unsheathed.

He wasn’t aware that he gets like this- you doubted he’d ever let you come within four feet of himself if he knew- but you were always on your toes whenever he actually got some sleep. Logan awake was less frightening than a blind Logan, asleep, and you usually weren’t even in the same room when it starts up. You swallow, your mouth entirely dry, your eyes wide and set staring straight ahead.. “Logan, babe?” He stirs, his arms frozen around you. For once, you hope that you’ve read him completely wrong and he’s really just having a dream about a really great fighting match. “Babe, please, let go of me.”

He teeth set together- you can hear the sound it makes- and you hold your breath. In a flurry of movement, his hands come off of you and his knee jerks upward, catching you in the back. With nothing holding you back, you’re sent flying off of the bed, tumbling into the wall. Getting up slowly, swiping your hand across your now bleeding nose, you stare at him, waiting for him to make his next move. You start shuffling to the left.

You’re almost out the door when you hear the sound of metal splitting flesh. Daring to turn around, you find Logan crouched on your shared bed, his claws out. Even though you had to assume that not piping up would be your best option, you still felt an obscenity fall from your lips. “Aw, shit.” You’re no idiot- you’ve seen cats before and, when he finally leaps, you take your opportunity to get out the door and pull it closed.

His claws go through the wooden door, and you pull away from it fast. Still in your pajamas, you realize how very unsafe it would be to still be around while he’s still dreaming. So, with your pride put on the backburner, you left the apartment building at two in the morning and headed to the 24-hour mart on the street corner.

It was going to be a long night of sipping cheap coffee.

Technically, you couldn’t have left Logan to a worse scene. He wakes up (first time he’s done that in weeks, especially in a comfortable bed) to a room in tatters. His bed is shredded (fuck, they weren’t even due to leave today), his pillows unrecognizable, and his claw marks are quite literally everywhere. Oh, and he distinctly recalls you in his arms last night.

Walking through his own hotel room felt like walking through a crime scene. Clothes were scattered about, wood was broken, the door had marks in-

“Son of a bitch.” Logan rubs at the spaces between his fingers, where his claws retracted from, and stares at the door. He moves his fingers away from his opposing hand, instead tracing them down the marks on the wood. Your scent hung stagnant in the air, but you didn’t seem long gone. Had you two had a fight that he couldn’t remember?

At the very least, he was assured that he didn’t kill you- there wasn’t a single drop of blood in the apartment. He’d already checked. Twice. That was one of his larger nightmares- waking up to a red stain on the floor and you laying on it, all pretty, even though your face was pale and your eyelids a deep blue. He would take the Weapon X nightmare over…

Yeah, how about neither? Neither was good.

Left in the silence your lack of presence brought, he simply trudged back over to the bed. He didn’t like to consider the fact that you leaving him was pretty much a definite. You were his, well, ‘mate’ seemed to be a pretty accurate title, considering how ‘girlfriend’ didn’t even begin to describe the physiological changes he experienced whenever you were even within arms-reach of him. He loved you like exercise freaks loved pilates classes and flavored water, but you were human and he was…  This. Like a two-year-old throwing a fit, he laid down face-first onto your (his?) bed and let out a groan.

What the hell could the two of you have fought over? Were you pissy because he’d eaten the last doughnut? Did he snap because you were hogging the blankets again? Did he-

A cold sweat suddenly comes over him. Past the cloudy fog of early morning exhaustion, he remembers that he’d finally fallen asleep last night. While he was technically human and needed sleep, he hated the feeling of helplessness that came along with it. And, with his mate being human, well, that practically sealed the stress-insomnia deal. “Urgh.” Logan rolls over, folding his hands over his face. With that realization came the onslaught of an elephant-worthy memories with cold tables and dogtags and an unending darkness.

He’s not a guy to get worked up about things. He’s the rock between you two- he’ll let you cry all over his plaid shoulder after you’ve watched those animal movies that you know will make you cry, but watch any way. He’s never shed a tear for Fido or himself or anyone. But he’s simply overwhelmed in this moment and, feeling very much like Mazlo the Dog (or whatever the hell that kicked dog was named), grabs the pillow you’d slept on and stuffs his face into it.

Your scent alone isn’t enough to push out the cold press of unseen needles or the melted metal on his bones, but it’s enough to keep him grounded. God knows what he’d have to do without-

You come in, and he spares an eye to look in your direction. He finds you looking as big of a mess as he’s ever seen you be. Sporting bags under each eye and a long bruise that ran from your cheek down to your neck, you smiled at him and yawned, big and wide. “Morning, Sleeping Beauty, how was your shut-eye?” You were holding a bag of Tim Hortons, a wide grin on your face.

“It was god awful, but what in the hell happened to you last night?” His hands shake, ever so slightly, as he pushes himself upwards and off of the bed. Logan’s almost reluctant to let go of the pillow, which is ridiculous, considering you’re standing right in front of him.

You roll your eyes, though doing so elicits some pain from your tired sockets. “You were having a nightmare. You kept kicking me outta bed, so I went to the Exxon across the street and drank coffee ‘til eight.” You shuffle across the room, discarding the bag of doughnuts on the side table and sitting beside him. “So, what was it this time?”

While he knows that that isn’t the whole story, he lets you get away with it, if only for his own peace of mind. You drag your thumb down his cheek, and he leaned his whole head into your palm. “I was back in the program again. Same old, same old.”

No, not really.

Somehow, his subconscious was able to conjure an awful combination of two of his greatest fears: experiencing the Weapon X program all over again and losing you. He had been trapped behind a glass wall while you, a plain human being that meant the world to him, were infused with adamantium, screaming and thrashing the whole way through. Of course, it concluded with you sinking to the bottom of the chamber, hitting it with a solid sound that let him know intimately that you’d been filled to the brim with the baneful metal.

Just thinking about it made him sweat.

“Hey, come on, Logan.” You pushed his strangely shaped hair back, running your hands through it briefly. “You’re safe, now. I won’t let them ever hurt you again.” You start to pull his head towards your chest, to hold him as securely as you can, but you can feel the muscles in his neck bunch up.

He pulls away from you, eyes wide, shaking slightly. Turning even further away from you, Logan unsheathed his claws, staring at the adamantium in visible relief. The harsh sound of the claws clashing together is enough to assure him that the reality in his dreams wasn’t one that actually existed. He retracts them again, then rolls his fingers, looking away from you. “Logan…” You exhale, your breath ruffling his hair. When you encase his shoulders in your arms, he tilts his head in your direction.

“I’m the one that did that to you, aren’t I.” It isn’t a statement. He knows what he’s capable of- and, worse yet, he knows that a bloody nose (because he can smell it on you, and shit he has never felt guiltier) and a giant black-green bruise isn’t the worst you could’ve gotten.

“It’s not your fault.” You’re quick to speak up in his defense. “You were asleep at the time, even seeing me as someone different, I bet. I understand- you just wanted to be safe and I seemed like a threat. Babe, this isn’t something you need to apologize for.”

“Who said anything about apologizing?” His attempt at humor is weak, and you look at him blankly. He cuts his eyes away from yours. “I really am sorry, _. Damn, I don’t even want to think about what would’ve happened if you’d still hung around while I was in the…” He trails off, shaking his head viciously.

Lazily, he drapes an arm around your waist, his head resting on top of yours. “Apology accepted, Logan. Now, go call a maid and get her to bring us new sheets. I’m sleeping like the dead, today.”

Logan felt himself freeze up at your word choice, suddenly less at ease.

anonymous asked:

May I request a 4/4 where you're being harassed by fans and another band member protects you :)

Here you go, lovely! I’m sorry it took me so long, but I hope you like it <3


“Ready?” Ashton asks, his hand gripping yours unusually tightly.

You take one last nervous glance at the large crowd of girls that are standing outside of the hotel you’re in. You nod and everyone immediately begins moving forward.

This is one of the down sides to dating a world famous rock star. It’s not that you don’t like the fans, because most of them can be quite lovely, but the crowds can sometimes make you feel a bit overwhelmed.

Ashton tries his best to keep the crowds away from you, but unfortunately there is no other way out of this hotel. You have to walk through the sea of screaming people outside.

The screams amplify as soon as the doors open and Luke and Calum head out first. The girls go crazy and start reaching across the barriers in an attempt to grab them. Their security guards keep a tight hold on the boys as they maneuver them quickly through the crowds in order to avoid any injuries.

You hold your breath, hoping that this goes smoother than you think it will. Another security guard ushers you, Ashton, and Michael forward and the three of you walk out.

The screams get impossibly louder, and after a few seconds it gets to the point where you let go of Ashton’s hand to place your hands over your ears in an attempt to block them out. It’s too loud out here for you to think, and you can feel yourself starting to panic.

Ashton tries to reach back and grab you as soon as you let go of him, but security continues ushering him forward until you can no longer see him. You freeze. Not having Ashton with you makes you start to freak out even more and you’re almost to the point of tears.

Then you feel someone’s hands on your waist and you nearly turn around to punch whoever it is until you see Michael’s familiar blonde hair. You sigh in relief as he gives you a reassuring nod and smoothly guides you through the crowd and toward the waiting bus.

His hands never leave you as the security guards continue making a human wall around the two of you to block out the girls that are trying to claw at Michael.

The ringing in your ears is so loud that you can’t hear anything that Michael is saying to you, but you can see his lips moving out of the corner of your eye. He’s probably trying to keep you calm, but he should know that it’s pretty much a lost cause right now.

It seems like forever before you finally reach the bus and the doors open slightly to let the two of you slide in. As soon as you’re inside, Michael’s hands let go of you and Ashton’s replace them. 

He pulls you tightly against his chest and you finally feel your lungs starting to open up again. He suddenly pulls away and looks at you quizzically. He mouths something, but you still can’t hear very well.

You point up to your ear and say, “My ears are ringing, I can’t hear a thing.”

He nods, realization washing over him. You see him give Michael a grateful pat on the back before he leads you back to the bunks. The two of you cuddle in his bunk and as your hearing comes back, you can hear Ashton softly singing you to sleep.


“Calum! Can we get a picture, please?” A blonde girl asks, pointing to herself and a young girl beside her.

Calum smiles and nods, giving you a quick peck on the cheek before making his way over to them. You, Calum, and Ashton have been out at the mall doing some last minute shopping for Luke’s birthday.

You’ve already gotten him a gift because you’re a great friend. Calum tried to get you put his name on it as well, but you said no. That left him and Ashton with no gift and no idea what to get for him.

The day has been relatively calm. Ever since Calum’s band started to get more famous, anywhere you go people seem to recognize him, and sometimes it turns into a huge scene. Today, though, only a few people have stopped you guys. You usually just stand off to the side and let the fans have their moment with the boys. You know how much it means to them, and you don’t want to be in the way.

Right now, Calum is still carrying on a conversation with the blonde girl, and Ashton is somewhere behind you talking to another small group of fans that have gathered. You’re awkwardly leaning up against a wall, holding a few of your bags in one of your hands and scrolling through your phone with your other hand.

You’re lifted from your trance when someone taps you on the shoulder. You smile when you see a girl, probably fifteen or sixteen, wearing a 5SOS t-shirt. Fans recognize you sometimes because Calum posts a lot of pictures with you.

“Hello,” you say politely.

The girl’s face goes from indifferent to angry in a split second, and before you know it, she’s pouncing on you. She’s a bit taller than you despite being younger, and she immediately knocks you to the ground, her attack taking you completely by surprise.

You drop your phone and your bags and you hear people yelling as the girl starts hitting you. You flail in an attempt to get her off of you, but you can hardly see what you’re doing. You’re too panicked.

Someone finally lifts her off of you, and next thing you know, you’re being picked up in someone’s arms. You look up and see that Ashton is holding you, his worried eyes trained on your face.

He carries you for a short distance before finally setting you on a bench far away from the commotion. You look around for Calum, but you don’t see him.

“Where’s Calum?” You ask nervously. “Is he okay?”

Ashton squats down so that his eyes are level with yours. He’s still looking at you worriedly and his hand gently reaches up and touches your forehead.

You don’t understand what he’s doing until he pulls his hand away and you see that there’s blood on it. You immediately reach up and touch that part of your forehead and you feel a cut.

“Damn,” you mumble.

“Yeah we should probably get you to a hospital or something,” Ashton says.

You shake your head. “I’m alright,” you assure him. “She just took me by surprise. I wasn’t exactly expecting that,” you say, forcing a nervous laugh.

Suddenly you hear someone yell your name and you turn around to see Calum running toward you. His eyes widen when he sees the cut on your head and he immediately engulfs you in a hug when he reaches you.

“Oh my god, (Y/N), I’m so sorry! I was talking to some girls and then I heard a bunch of yelling, but by the time I turned around there were so many people in my way that I couldn’t see what was happening. And then some girls told me that you were attacked and I started freaking out because I couldn’t find you and-,”

“Cal,” you say, cutting him off. “Breathe. I’m okay.”

“No you’re not! Look at your head! Oh my god, this is all my fault. I should’ve brought security with us,” he says, his face flooding with guilt.

You shake your head. “You can’t live life with a security guard around you at all times, Cal. This was just a freak thing. Ashton was there to keep everything under control,” you say, reaching out to place your hand on Ashton’s arm.

Ashton gives you a weak smile and Calum immediately pulls Ashton in for a hug.

“Thanks for keeping her safe,” Calum says, his voice slightly muffled by the fabric of Ashton’s shirt.

Ashton nods before pulling away and glancing at you. “Of course, Calum. She’s family.”


You and the boys are all out to dinner enjoying a rare evening with just the five of you. You’re sitting between your boyfriend, Luke, and your best friend, Calum. You’ve been friends with the boys for years, and it’s difficult not getting to see them much, especially since you and Luke are now together.

But unfortunately, with fame comes touring, fans, and a lot of work. So even though the boys have been back from tour for almost a month now, you still hardly get to see them.

You’ve all finished your meals already, but nobody is ready to leave. You all are having too much fun catching up with each other that you hardly even notice how late it’s getting.

Pretty soon, you guys are the last ones in the restaurant. Your waitress comes to the table and smiles politely.

“I don’t mean to alarm you,” she says softly. “But there is a large crowd of people waiting outside. I wasn’t sure why they were here at first, but since you are the only ones left, I would assume they’re waiting for you.”

Everyone’s heads immediately turn toward the door and you can see that there are a good many people sitting outside waiting for the boys to walk out. Calum chuckles nervously.

“Yeah, I think they’re waiting for us,” he says. “You boys ready?”

Michael and Ashton nods, and Luke gives him an uneasy look.

“Hey, um, you guys can stay and talk to them,” Luke says. “I think (Y/N) and I are gonna head home. We haven’t really had very much time to ourselves yet, and I have to be at the studio super early tomorrow morning.”

They all nod understandingly as everyone stands up. Everyone has already paid for their meals and Ashton pulls out his wallet to leave the waitress a tip. Luke puts his arm around your waist and pulls you close to him.

Ashton and Michael say ‘goodbye’s to the waitress and the other staff who are still lingering around the restaurant before opening the door and walking out.

The fans outside immediately jump up and start screaming and shoving cameras at them. The boys are pretty used to this by now, so it hardly fazes them.

Calum walks out next, and you and Luke are close to follow. Calum stops to talk to some fans, and a few girls try to get Luke’s attention. He gives them a polite smile, but continues walking toward the parking lot where his car is waiting.

“Hey!” A girl yells, her hand reaching out and grabbing your arm.

She yanks you to a stop and Luke is pulled to a stop as well. You turn to look at her, a little irritated with how tightly she was gripping your arm.

“You’re such a bitch, you know that?” The girl yells, silencing the rest of the crowd. “Luke used to stop and talk to us with the others, but now because of you, he won’t. Why don’t you just go die?”

Even though you’re fairly accustomed to hate at this point, her words still sting a bit. You can feel Luke tensing up beside you, but before he can do anything, Calum comes over and carefully pulls the girl away from you. 

“(Y/N) is a great person,” Calum says, a bit of anger behind his gentle eyes as he stares at the girl. “She’s one of my best friends and she makes Luke happy, so don’t you dare try to tell anyone that she’s a bitch. It wasn’t even her who wanted to get out of here, it’s Luke. He loves you guys and you know that, but we’ve been up at five A.M. every morning and staying out until midnight for the past two weeks working on songs for the next album, and to be honest we’re all exhausted. As much as we love and appreciate everything you guys do for us, sometimes we just have to take a break from it, okay? I hope everyone understands that. If you want someone to blame, blame us for being human. Don’t blame (Y/N).”

The other fans start applauding and the girl suddenly seems ashamed of her actions. She backs away and fades into the crowd and Luke pulls you against him for a tight hug.

“You okay?” He whispers, his lips only centimeters from your ear.

You nod, and pull away. You glance back at Calum and smile. You walk over to him and give him a light kiss on the cheek.

“Thanks, Cal,” you say.

He blushes and smiles. “Anytime.”


“You’re sure there’s no other way out?” Michael asks for the hundredth time.

The hotel manager gives him an apologetic smile as she shakes her head again. You’ve been on tour with the boys for a few weeks now, and usually everyone is pretty good about keeping what hotel you guys are at a secret. Unfortunately, this one got leaked, and now there are hundreds of screaming fans waiting outside.

Michael has always tried his hardest to keep the crowds away from you. You two spend most of your time together inside watching movies or playing video games, because any time you go out, it turns into a riot.

You have extremely bad social anxiety, and being around crowds doesn’t exactly help it. You can hardly even look at a crowd without having a panic attack, and your throat is tightening at the thought of having to walk through one.

Michael squeezes your hand and you look up at his worried expression. He turns to the boys, desperate for a solution. He knows how bad your panic attacks can be, and the last thing he wants is to cause one.

“Maybe you guys can go out, and (Y/N) and I will just spend another night here. The crowds should be gone by tomorrow, right?” He asks hopefully.

Ashton shakes his head. “Our flight leaves tonight, Mike. We have to go now.”

You nod, your eyes wandering as you find it difficult to focus on anything.

“It’ll be fine,” you whisper, trying to assure yourself as well as the others. 

Michael sighs, knowing that there’s no way around this. “Okay,” he finally says. “But Calum, you and Ashton go in front of us, and Luke stay behind us. Let’s try to keep (Y/N) in the middle so no one can grab her, okay?”

The boys all nod and they form a tight circle around you. Someone opens the hotel’s doors and you all walk outside. You want to close your eyes, but you have to keep them open in order to see where you’re going.

You fix your eyes on the back of Ashton’s shirt as you stumble your way through the screaming mess of people. There are some security guards trying to hold some people back, but there aren’t nearly enough to hold off everyone.

Suddenly, Michael is ripped away from your side and you look up, panicking as you see him being dragged away by some girl. More people are grabbing at all of the boys, trying to drag them away, and you feel your knees becoming weak. 

You keep trying to glance back to see where Mikey is, but you can’t see anything as tears start to blur your vision. You hear Luke’s voice yelling above the crowd and you can feel his large hands on your shoulders.

“(Y/N),” he yells. “Just breathe, okay? Michael is fine, security’s got him. We have to get to the bus.”

You nod, but you can’t seem to find the will to move. You can see that the other two boys have already walked ahead, leaving you and Luke in the middle of the chaos. Before you can understand what’s happening, you see Luke bend down and signal for you to get on his back.

You do what he says and hop on, letting him give you a piggy back ride as you bury your head in his shoulder. You try to regulate your breathing as you inhale the scent of Luke’s cologne.

A few seconds later, the screams die down a bit and you look up and see that you’re now on the bus. You and Luke are both breathing heavily as he sets you down and turns around to place his hands on your shoulders again.

“You okay?” He asks.

You nod, your breathing starting to calm down. “Where’s Michael?”

As if on cue, the bus door opens up and Michael is shoved through. He glances around wildly before his eyes land on you and he breathes a sigh of relief. He rushes over to you and pulls you into his arms.

“Thank god you’re alright,” he says.

You nod against his chest. “Luke kept me calm,” you say.

Michael looks up at Luke and gives him a smile. “Thanks, man. I owe you one.”

Not Another Number Part 3

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Here’s part three! I’m sorry it took me so long to write and post it! Happy New Year everyone!!

Link for other parts! One  Two

You reached the hotel and Auston insisted on having you come in and meet Mitch Marner, his roommate for the away games.

“It’s not a big deal, really come on in.” he nodded his headed toward the hotel.

“Okay, I mean, I’m a little nervous. Like aren’t you guys best friends?” you added.

“You could say that.” He smiled grabbing your hand while you entered the hotel. You walked through the lobby heading straight to the first elevator Auston saw open.

He pressed the 6th floor as the elevator doors began to close.

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Contact: Part 2 (Request)

Here is the second part of “Contact” - the first part you can read HERE

Enjoy, lovelies!


You were going to hang out with Harry Styles one-on-one. All the looks and smiles and winks that you had seen during the show were not just your imagination. He actually invited you to come see him, and there was no way you were going to pass that up.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

You had never had a birthday quite as exciting as the one you were currently experiencing. Not only had you gone to a One Direction concert and had the boys sing to you, but now you and your friend were going to a hotel lounge to meet up with the boys at the personal request of Harry Styles. If your friend hadn’t been beside you the whole time you would have sworn you were dreaming.

The two of you made your way to the hotel and nervously walked through the front doors. You instantly felt as if you didn’t belong there because of how fancy everything was, but none of the workers seemed to bat an eye at your presence. You followed the signs down to where the lounge was, and were suddenly very thankful that today you had turned 21 today so you wouldn’t have any trouble getting in.

As the two of you approached the girl behind the desk, she gave you a bit of a look to suggest that you weren’t the first girls who had tried to crash the One Direction party.

“Um…hi. I’m here to meet with Harry? My name is (Y/N)?”

The girl looked down at her list and then back up at you.

“Okay, you’re on here. Come with me.”

You started to follow her with your friend close behind, but the girl put up her hand.

“She’s not on the list.” She said, pointing to your friend.

“O-oh, but she’s…”

“Let them both in, please.” A familiar voice came from beside you.

You looked over and saw Harry standing there with a grin on his face. He was a a lot taller in person, especially when you were at equal ground level and not watching him on a stage. And, if possible, he was even more incredibly beautiful close-up. Something about his eyes made you unable to look away, and when he smiled, the dimple in his cheek made you light up.

“Hi, love.” He said, giving a gentle squeeze to your arm. “I’m glad you made it.”

“Thanks for the invite.” You stammered. “Uh, this is my friend, (Y/F/N).”

Your friend waved, but seemed to also be a bit preoccupied looking for the other boys. She had always been a big Liam fan.

“This is a nice place.” You said, silently kicking yourself for not having more interesting things to say.

“Come with me.” Harry said, taking you by the hand which sent tiny shock waves through your skin. “I want you to meet the guys.”

You followed close behind him as you walked away from the front part of the lounge into the back room, which you saw was completely empty except for the other three boys. That confirmed that Harry had invited you, and only you, to hang out with him. The thought of that made you weak in the knees.

You friend made a beeline straight for Liam and plopped herself down next to him. Thankfully, he didn’t seem to mind and the two of them started making conversation.

“I got you a cake.” Harry said to you, pointing at the table. “But we weren’t sure if you were actually going to come so I haven’t put candles in it yet. If you didn’t come, we would have had to eat the whole thing ourselves.”

Louis piped up from the couch. “I wouldn’t have minded that.” And then gave you a wink.

You laughed, starting to become more and more comfortable with the situation. “Thank you, it’s very nice.”

“Can we dig in now, then?” Niall asked from his spot. “I’m starving.”

Harry reached into a plastic shopping bag on the table and pulled out a giant candle, sticking it on top of the cake into the icing and then lighting it with a lighter.

“Alright, I know we already sang to you but we obviously need to do it again with the proper cake and all.” Harry said, holding his hand in front of the flame to prevent it from going out.

You sat down in a big armchair as Harry brought the cake over in front of you and the boys all started singing again. There were thousands of voices less this time, but it was just as good as during the concert. You couldn’t remember a time you had felt this special.

After everyone had gotten a slice of cake, Harry came over and took a spot next to you. Your friend had managed to capture the attention of Liam, Louis and Niall and you were secretly thankful for that.

“You want to come for a walk with me?” Harry asked. “There’s a really pretty balcony outside that I think you’ll like.”

You nodded and stood up with him. He led you out of the lounge and through two big glass doors. As the cold air hit you, you shivered but were instantly distracted by the view. Even though it was dark, the sky was lit up by stars and the lights from the houses across the small lake you were staring at made the water sparkle.

“Wow.” You breathed. “This is beautiful.”

Harry let out a “Mmm”, before you both walked to the railing and leaned against it, looking out at the water.

“I’m really glad you came.” Harry said, after a moment of silence. “Like I said, I don’t normally just invite random people places, but something about you tonight just made me want to get to know you a bit. Like I was drawn to you or something.”

Your heart was pounding and you swore that Harry would be able to hear it through your skin.

“I’m not that interesting, I’m afraid.” You replied, giving him a smile. “Just a normal girl.”

“That’s what I like. I have enough abnormal people in my life already. I mean, they’re all great and I love them, but sometimes it’s nice to just feel like me again, you know? Like I’m just Harry. With you, I don’t feel as if you’re looking at me like I’m famous.”

Your heart couldn’t help but swell when he said that. Here was a guy who you had barely met for more than half an hour - someone that had previously only existed as a public figure to you - and he already considered you to be someone he could hang out with as a friend. It was true that you didn’t like looking at him like he was famous, but if he wasn’t famous you would have never met him so you were glad for those tiny victories.

“Makes it hard though,” He continued, “being on tour all the time. It’s not like I could come visit you every day. We won’t be back here for a while…probably a long while.”

You could almost hear the sadness in his voice. It must be so hard to be on the road that often; never being able to maintain friendships with people you met while on tour because you were moving around too much.

“Well…there are other ways to stay in contact with people.” You said. “Doesn’t just have to be in person, even though that’s nice.”

Harry looked up at you and smirked. “Is that your way of giving me permission to call you sometime?”

You ducked your head to hide your blush, despite the darkness. “I guess so. I mean, if you wanted to.”

“I would love you.” Harry replied. “I would be great to get to know you a little bit more.”

You looked back out at the water and were suddenly aware of the cold again. Your body involuntarily shivered once more and this time Harry noticed.

“Sorry, are you cold? I didn’t even think about that when I suggested coming out here.”

“A little bit.” You admitted.

“I’d give you a sweater if I had one.” He replied. “We can go back in if - “

“No, it’s okay. I like it out here. I’ll be fine.”

“I can try to warm you up if…” He hesitantly reached his arm out and hovered over your shoulder. “…I mean, do you mind?”

Your heart pounded again as you smiled and shook you head. Harry lowered his arm to your shoulders and wrapped it around you a little tighter as he pulled you closer to his body.


You nodded. “Yeah. Thanks.”

You continued to stand there with him on the balcony and look at the water. You talked to each other about random things, just finding out general details about each other and laughing. You felt very comfortable with him. It was bittersweet because you knew that it would be only be for the one night and then life would go back to normal, but the hope you had of seeing him again was strong.

You had no idea what was going to happen in the future, but the prospects were exciting.

Alright everybody it’s story time! Today I am going to tell you all the other Bobby story and let me tell you something kids this one’s a doozy.

Alright so this is from the same night as the Literal Dick Parade we’ve all been fucking around in different rooms (mostly not our own) after that insanity. At like 3ish in the morning our captain knocks on my door and says he thinks we should go around and start getting kids back into their own rooms since we have a game the next day.

So we start texting kids and checking rooms and after like an hour of trying to get these fucking savages back in their rooms we’ve got everyone but Bobby back in their rooms. We’re checking all over on our floor and our captain decides it would be easier to find him if we split up into groups of three or four to check the whole hotel. So I’m walking through the halls with two of the boys and we’re looking for Bobby and one of the other guys decides he’s going to get a snack from the vending machine so he jogs ahead and rounds the corner into the vending area and like literally half a second later we just hear him scream at the top of his lungs so we sprint down the hall and run into the vending area and just

In the corner

Up against the ice machine

The 50-year-old mom of one of the cheerleaders

With Bobby’s dick sandwiched between her boobs.

And so the three of us are just standing there for a moment as Bobby violently thrusts into this woman’s chest, until we hear the pounding of feet coming down the hall. That kid’s scream has summoned literally our entire team.

So we have 16 kids suddenly at the entrance of this tiny little room all clamoring to find out what the fuck is going on and the three of us trying to block the door so they can’t get in. One of them manages to slip past the three of us and starts screaming about Bobby and I literally have half the guys grab me and start trying to drag me out of the room so they can see. It takes Bobby like a full minute to notice his audience and when he finally does he gives everyone the wink and point because what else would he do? Stop? That’s crazy talk.

So the captain and I finally get the team out of there and we’re all blocking the doorway because he’s 18 so there’s nothing illegal going on and this mom had spent the weekend hitting on us so we’re just going to let it run it’s course. Eventually they finish up and they come out and she’s just a mess so Bobby and our captain walk her back to her room because we literally don’t know what else to do and then we make everyone else go to bed. The next day after our game we went to get team dinner and we’re all joking around and one of the fucking dumbass freshmen (it’s always a fucking freshman I swear to god) fucking loudly announces in the restaurant with most of our families at the same table as us that Bobby titty-fucked a mom the night before.

So we’re all sitting there like horrified because Bobby’s parents are sitting right next to him and there’s this awful awkward silence and then his mom just turns to him and goes “was she pretty?”

So we all start dying because we all thought he was fucked but not the good way so we’re all laughing and joking around and we all started joking about it and it apparently became like a team joke long after we left like if some kid saw a hot mom at a hotel the seniors would jokingly tell them to go for it and to “be Bobby.”

Three Men and a Ghost

From this request: platonic TFW oneshot where the reader is a ghost that helps them hunt another ghost that’s in the same place she’s in?


Vacations were supposed to be relaxing.

There’s nothing relaxing about having the roof collapse on you when you’re sleeping, wooden beams and plaster crushing you to death, leaving you to struggle against their weight for hours until the rescue team managed to uncover your corpse.

It had hurt at first, but then your body slowly felt like it was melting away. You felt yourself rising from the ash (or, you know, plaster dust), watching everything sink below you. You watched as the firemen pulled the broken bits of ceiling away, revealing your bloody and dusty body, face a bit mangled from the pressure.

You watched as your body was placed on a stretcher, carted from the room with nothing but a white sheet covering it. You knew you were dead, living in ghost form.

‘I’m probably going to be stuck here for eons,’ you thought as you floated out into the hallway, watching the safety workers examine other nearby rooms. It sucked, yes, but as far as hotels go, this was a nice enough one.

You saw a small child, a girl, peering around the corner at you. She had a strange luminescent quality to her skin and her hair was styled in a way that was not typically seen on a child that young nowadays.

You carefully stepped closer. “Can… can you see me?”

The little girl nodded, her curls bouncing around her face. “Did it hurt?”

You shrugged. “A little, I guess.” You studied her dress– frilly and full-skirted. “How long have you been here?”

“Madame Suzanna says I’ve been here for a hundred and thirty years.”

Almost as long as the hotel itself had been standing.

“What’s your name?”


You held a hand out, wondering if ghosts could physically touch each other. “I’m Y/N.”

The girl slipped her hand into yours, feeling strangely warm, almost like flesh.

“Are there others like us here?”

The little girl nodded again. “I can show you.”


That had been four years ago. You’d grown accustomed to the afterlife here at the hotel. You liked to listen in to the other workers tell stories of thinking they saw a ghost. Occasionally, you would try to help some of the nicer ones, rolling a can of cleaning powder or pushing their cart closer. Your room (after having been fixed and inspected by the safety board) was a hot-spot for thrill-seeking guests and paranormal investigators.

The other ghosts had told you that it really depended on their mood as to whether or not they interacted with the ghost hunters and their equipment. You found yourself following their footsteps– sometimes, you were extremely active, scaring the living daylights out of people. Sometimes, if the hunter seemed particularly arrogant or had a problematic attitude, you were as silent as the grave.

None of the ghosts really ‘haunted’ the guests. Some would play small pranks on them, brush up against them in the hall, but no one was really vicious.

Except for Teddy.

Teddy (named after the great Teddy Roosevelt, as he often bragged about) loved nothing more than to be malicious to the guests, tripping or shoving them, hiding their belongings, dragging them from bed. He was also quite the jackass to the other ghosts, especially little Caroline.

Teddy’s attitude seemed to grow more horrid as the months passed. But things really crossed the line when he gave a little old lady a nearly-fatal heart attack.

‘I hope he gets what’s coming to him,’ you thought, watching as the woman was loaded into an ambulance, her husband clutching her hand. Teddy stood on the landing, watching from the big picture window on the second floor, laughing to himself.


You were hanging around the garden, watching the red and yellow leaves fall from the trees when you felt a small tug on your hand. Looking down, you saw Caroline staring up at you.

“There’re some strange men here,” she said. “They say they’re hunters.”

“Well, it is nearing Halloween,” you reasoned. Paranormal ‘experts’ often popped up around this time.

Caroline shook her head. “Not like those hunters. These men have guns and knives and potions in their bags.”

You followed Caroline into the hotel, walking through the wall in room 407. Three men stood there, two large duffle bags on one of the beds.

“All right,” one of the men said, looking at a piece of paper. “Most of the activity has been on this floor.”

“Including the woman who had the heart attack?” the tallest of the men asked.

The first man nodded. “Room 412.”

“See, Caroline?” you asked. “I told you they were–” You paused, noting the third man, the one who hadn’t said anything. He had a strange glow about him, but you knew he wasn’t a ghost.

And he was staring right at you.


The other two men looked up, turning towards where the third man was pointing in your direction.

“What?” The man apparently named Dean asked.

“Do you not see her?”

“See who?”

“A young woman. And a little girl.”

Caroline gave a small giggle and disappeared through the wall. You saw the men react to the giggle.

“Kid ghosts,” Dean said. “Great. My favorite.”

“She’s gone,” the strange man said. “But the woman is still here.”

“Where?” the tallest man asked.

The strange man stepped toward you, his head cocked to the side. He reached forward and put a hand on your arm.

You felt it.

He turned toward the men. “You honestly don’t see her?”

The men shook their heads. You let down your guard, the special sort of camouflage ghosts had in order to remain hidden when so desired, and watched the men jump back a few feet.

“What the hell?!” Dean asked.

“Who are you?” you asked.

“We could ask the same of you!”

“I’m Y/N. I live here.”

“You mean you… died here?” the taller man asked.

You shrugged. “Living, dying. It’s all the same to me.”

Dean reached forward and pulled a shotgun from one of the bags. He aimed it at you. “Don’t try anything.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean I know how to waste a ghost and that’s exactly what I came here to do.”

“The hotel management called you in?”

“We heard about the string of activity here, including what happened a few nights ago to that old woman. We’re here to stop it.”

Your skin bristled at the idea of this man hurting Caroline or any of your other friends. “You’re here for Teddy. He’s the one who caused that.”

“Why should I believe you?”

You realized you didn’t have a good answer. “Teddy is the only vicious one here. Everyone else, myself included… we just give the thrill seekers and ghost hunters what they want.”

“Again, why should I believe you?”

You paused. “Let me help you find Teddy. I want him gone as much as everyone else. He gives ghosts a bad name.”


“He’s an asshole! I didn’t tolerate them well when I was alive and I’m sure as hell not going to tolerate them for the rest of my afterlife.”

The man who was standing next to you turned to the others. “I think we should trust her. And it would help to have one of their kind on our side.”

Dean finally relented. “Whatever. You so much as say ‘boo’ and I shoot.”

You rolled your eyes. “This way, gentlemen,” you said, disappearing through the bedroom wall.

KBTBB Headcannon - The guys meet MC for the first time.

Anonymous Request:  *Tapes a pack of ice cubes on belly, and slides into your room like a penguin* hello, can I have a headcannon and also a GIF to go along of KBTBB’s individual reaction of when they meet MC’s for the first time, and she has…. (1 of 2)

Lmfao where the hell do you guys come up with this stuff *bursts into another fit of giggles* I’d be happy to do this for you dearie. lol


It was in the lobby of the hotel when he first met you. You had been carrying a small bundle of packages to help a friend, and you’d accidentally bumped into him. As he hadn’t really been paying much attention himself, he finally looked down at you as you apologized for the inconvenience, smiling at him. You were beautiful, that much was for sure. But he wondered if you even knew your own beauty, a subtle kindness in your eyes that told him that you were likely overly modest when it came to yourself. You walked away quickly, embarrassed. But Soryu’s eyes followed you. His entire face softened as he watched you leave, a smile gracing his face. He couldn’t place his finger on just what it was, but there was something about you that made him suddenly want to know you more. 

Originally posted by hageryu


You’d been leaving the hotel with some of your coworkers when you passed by Mamoru, who had been standing outside smoking a cigarette. You waited for a car to come pick you all up for some party you’d been invited to. Mamoru watched curiously, his eyes drawn to you for some reason. You easily stood out in the crowd of your friends, a total knock out to him. But it was more than that, it was a gentle humility you seemed to have. You probably weren’t even aware of it, but Mamoru saw it. A rare quality in any person. You seemed to feel his eyes on you, and you turned. The two of you met eye and stared at each other for several long moments, as if you’d known each other for years. Then, looking slightly shy, you gave him a warm smile before turning back to your friends. That simple smile was like a bow to the heart, knocking the breath right out of him. He flicked his cigarette away as you climbed into a car, driving away. He decided to see if he could talk to you when you returned back to the hotel, his curiosity getting the better of him. 

External image

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He was sitting in a cafe drinking coffee when you passed by the window. You appeared to be alone, and you walked slowly as if you were thinking. Ota watched with interest as you made your way down the street. Your hair was blowing in the wind, cascading around your shoulders like a waterfall. There was a subtle rosy tint to your cheeks because of the chill in the air, and Ota saw you even shiver slightly in the cool breeze. He was completely entranced by the creature in front of the window, unable to look away for some reason. The wind suddenly knocked your bag from your grip, and you bent over to pick it up, letting out a little laugh as you did so. Ota hadn’t even realized he’d been smiling warmly just watching you, so absorbed in everything about you. How could someone look so incredibly beautiful in something so mundane? He wasn’t sure how you managed to do it, but you did, and he quickly finished up his food, deciding he wanted to talk to you. 

External image

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Baba was walking down the hallway, heading towards the elevators to take him to the penthouse when he passed by one of the rooms and saw you. You were folding sheets and tidying the room, but Baba stopped in his tracks upon seeing you. You seemed unaware of his presence, continuing in your duties and humming to yourself as you worked. But he watched you for was only a minute or two, but felt like a lifetime to Baba. You were different from any woman he’d ever met, that much he knew instantly. You were one to cherish, to protect with every fiber of his being. A blush touched his cheeks at how even in a maid’s outfit, you looked simply stunning. But how could that even be possible? He didn’t even know you, you were a complete stranger. He suddenly didn’t care though, knocking on the door and making an entrance to talk to you. He didn’t know you now, but he was determined to know you soon. 

External image

Originally posted by thatcuteeginger


He was doing some business in the lobby of the hotel when you were walking through, carrying some towels for one of the rooms. Despite the papers he was trying to get through, you caught his eye. An understated beauty that was hidden in the crowd of elegant hotel guests. It intrigued him slightly so he watched you subtly. Some rude girls passed by and purposefully knocked into your side, sending the towels and yourself to the floor, falling back on your bottom. Even at a distance, Eisuke felt an almost protective instinct over you. Even though he’d never met you. But instead of getting mad like most people Eisuke knew would, you simply shrugged your shoulders and sat forward on the floor, trying to collect some of the towels in front of you. Eisuke got up from his seat and walked up to you, he gave you a small smile and offered his hand to help you up. You looked up at the hand offered to you and then up into Eisuke’s eyes, giving him an almost grateful smile. That was it, he didn’t care how long it took, that smile sealed the deal. You would be his some day, no matter how long it took.  

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Shawn/Taylor imagine

About: Shawn tells the boys you are coming to hang out and meet them. After seeing pictures of you on Shawn’s phone, Taylor seems to be the most excited. Shawn would never admit it but he has a huge crush on you and gets nervous when Taylor takes a liking to you, knowing Taylor’s background with heartbreaks. Will you fall for Taylor’s charms or fall into Shawn’s arms?

“So guys, my friend Y/N is coming to New Jersey for the week. She should be here in an hour” Shawn announces to the other guys.

“Cool!” Matt calls out.

“Is she hot?” Nash asks, raising his eyebrows. All the other guys directed their attention to the question and back at Shawn. Shawn tapped on his phone and pulled up a picture he took of you without looking.

“Zaym” Cameron comments as the boys are all speechless.

“I CALL DIBS!” Taylor calls out falling onto Nash’s bed and celebrating as the other boys complain. Shawn began to scratch the back of his neck awkwardly. “Deal with it, guys, that babe’s mine!” He called out shaking his shoulder’s with a smile on his face. Jack G noticed Shawn’s quiet and pokes his side.

“You okay?” He whispered. Shawn gave him a shy smile and nod.


You arrived at the hotel and walked quickly through the halls to see your best friend, Shawn. You were so excited to finally meet the boys he always talked about. You couldn’t wait to see Shawn too.

You knock on the door. Shawn said you could stay in his room. The door swung open and you were embraced into a hug. You hugged the taller body tightly, letting go of your luggage and giving him a tight squeeze.

He pulled away and ushered you into the packed room. You set the luggage down and looked at the boys you knew as the magcon boys. Most of them stared at you with wide eyes and others were pouting.

“Hi” You say with a small wave.

“HEY” They said together making it really loud. They introduced themselves, as if you didn’t already know who they were, and you gave them a smile. You sat down and imputed into their conversation every now and then.

“Hey, babe” Was whispered into your ear as shivers went through your whole body. You looked over and tried to hide that you were turned on but his smirked showed he knew.

“Hi” You breathed out as the room got thicker and heat rose to your cheeks.

“So I was thinking… ugh… you would want to go to get something to eat tonight?” I hesitated and he looked up at me with a but a fear in his eyes. “Like as a date…” He added looking away.

“I would love to” You answer reaching over the bed and grabbing his hand. He smiles at you and squeezes your hand.


After the date that night, you and Taylor had an amazing time getting to know each other and planing another one the next day. He even asked you to be his girlfriend, which you gladly excepted. You came into the room you shared with Shawn with a smile on your face. Shawn sat in his bed with a disappointed look as he saw you.

“I thought we were going to hang out… like old times.” You walked over to your bed, still in a faze, and feel on it sighing.

“Sorry, Taylor and I went on a date.” You told him smiling and giggling to the memory of the night.

“Y/N I need to tell you something.” He said, getting up and sitting on the edge of your bed. You looked at his interested. “Y/N I like you, no… I love you.” He corrected, standing up and looking down on you. You stared shocked at the ceiling before crawling into your covers, not even bothering to change, and sighed.

“You’re too late” You say, turning away from him and trying to fall asleep. He shuts the lights off and leaves the room without another word. As you try to fall asleep your mind wanders to Shawn… and only Shawn. Sweet innocent Shawn. What would this do to your friendship? What there even a friendship anymore? 

So tell me if you like this imagine because I was thinking of doing it longer and making like parts (like I see a lot of people do) So tell me how you feel

If You Hate Me Then Why’d You Kiss Me?
(Jack Barakat Imagine)

Anon Requested:
hEy I READ THAT REQUESTS ARE ALWAYS OPEN YAY OK so may i please have an imagine with jack barakat? where y/n is in a band and they go on tour with atl and her and jack dont really get off on the right foot and kinda just like hate each other but they get stuck in an elevator or something for a few hours and they bond on something they both like and jack admits he likes her? lol thank you :)

Aw, i enjoyed writing this (: Sorry if I changed it around a bit. But hope you like it c: and sorry if it looks weird I’m on mobile because my computers broken. :( and one more thing it’s also in first person point of view.

“(Y/n)! Come meet All Time Low” my manger screeched through the tour bus.
I grabbed my phone and ran out the door.

“(Y/n), this is Alex, Rian, and Zack.”
My tour manger said as Alex
Extended his arm and shook my hand.

“Wait isn’t there 4 of you guys?”

“Well yeah. He’s not here yet. But isn’t there 4 people in your band as well?” Alex said joking around.

“Yeah. John the drummer is running late and Dillan & Daniel are probably sleeping or eating”

“Seems like you need to get your band in check” rian teased.

“I guess so. But-”
I was cut off by an awful rude but attractive person.

“Hey alex! Let’s go!”

“I’m a little busy”
Alex said as Jack walked closer to us.
“Come on dude this fan can wait”

“Dude this isn’t-”

“Oh god I’ll tell her to leave”
Jack said stubbornly as you crossed your arms.

“Um where do I start… Your a wonderful person. Thanks for being such an inspiration… Blah, blah, blah”
Jack said pulling on Alex’s arm.

“Big shot aren’t ya buddy”
I said.

“Yeah whatever shorty”
Jack said firmly walking away.

“Come on guys we gotta go meet (Your Bands Name)”

“Dude that girl you were a dick to back there is the lead singer of
(your bands name)” Alex whisperd to jack.

Jack furred his eyebrows.

Zach answerd .

“Shit. I’m really sorry”

“Yeah whatever”
I rolled my eyes.
“I’m jack”

“(Y/n)” I replied back. With. A stubborn tone.

“Bitch” he mumbled.
“Ass” i said loud enough for him to hear.

“So (Y/N). It’s getting pretty late and were gonna go grab some beers. Maybe you
Can text your buddies so we can get together and get to know each other?”
Zach said.

“Seems like a plan”

“Okay well the bar we’re going to is going to be in the Empire Hotel”

“I’ll tell the guys then” I said as I walked over to the tour bus.

I walked in the bus and told Dillan and Daniel and I texted John. I quickly curled my hair and changed my clothes from ripped jeans and bland shirt to white, flowy, spaghetti strap and jean shorts. Not much of a change with shoes I just changed my faded converse to my new vans.

I glanced in the mirror one last time making sure I looked okay. I fixed my lipstick and grabbed a small purse and my phone. I headed to hotel. I walked through the front door glancing around to see any of the guys from all time low. Or any of the guys actually.

A voice came from behind me.

“Yeah actually” I rolled my eyes to find jack.

“Hey! Don’t be mean”


“Shall we?” Jack gestured toward the door elevator.

“Oh yeah”

I steeped into the elevator. And he did as well. He pressed the button and the elevator started going. But not for long. It stopped.

“Hey what’s happening” I yelled.

“Calm down the elevator just stopped”

“Great my luck” I mummbled

There was a pretty long silence for about an hour or two. I sat on the floor. Jack sat across from me.
I pulled out my phone.

“Do you like the nightmare before Chritsmas?”

“Yeah actually. Why?”

“Your case”
He pointed at my case.

“Oh yeah forgot I had that one on”

“What else do you like?”

“Why does it matter?”

“Hey just trying to start a conversation”
He said gesturing his hands up.

“Well why don’t you tell me about you”

“You wouldn’t want to hear about me… I rather much hear about you”
He said scutching closer to me.

“Well if you must know. My full name (Y/F/N) I music is my passion. I like movies I guess. And food. Other than that I don’t really know what to say”

“I love movies. And food”
He laughed .

“Your stupid” I joked.

“Sorry if I we started on the wrong foot”

“Yeah me too. Sorry if I was a bitch to you”

“The truth is (Y/N).. I really like you”

My checks flushed with warmth and my stomach filled with butterflies.

“Yeah. Actually since the first time I saw you I thought y-ou were beautiful.”

I covered my face. Since I was turning bright red at him starring at me I had to. He pulled my face towards his and kissed my lips .

“Well the truth is .. I still hate you.” I joked around.

“What the hell?!? If you hate me why did you just kiss me”
He chuckled .

“A kiss doesn’t mean anything”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah but I mean if I had another kiss maybe ill like you”
I smirked.

“Okay” he leaned in and kissed my lips softly and sweetly. Making my stomach flutter.

“Nope still hate you”

But before I could say anything else he kissed my whole face. And pinned me to the floor.

“Jack stop” I laughed as he tickled my sides and kissed my checks.

“Nope not until you say you’ll be mine”
He kept pecking at my neck.

“Okay I’ll be yours”
I sat up as he did as well. And he placed an arm around me.



“Fuck yeah!”
He yelled.

“Your such a loser”

“I’m your loser”
He kissed my face another time.
I leaned in and curled up in his arms.

“It getting late go to sleep.”

“But we’re in an elevator”

“Doesn’t matter when the elevator starts to move I’ll carry you”
He smiled.

. He took off his jacket and placed it over me like blanket. I started falling asleep. But before I did I heard him whisper.
“I hope she’s the one”

“I hope your the one” I whisperd back to him.

“Now go to sleep my sleeping beauty”
Sorry if it sucks.
I liked it though.

Shawn Mendes Image 

*requested* for Erin aka themagconfamly (Hope you like it friend, sorry it isn’t the best) 

A random picture leaked in the media where you were with your ex-boyfriend and a couple of friends at school. Despite the fact that the picture was innocent, the fans made a huge scandal about you cheating on Shawn. Pissed off about it, mostly because he hated your ex-boyfriend, you both had a huge argument over the phone, since he was away for magcon.

On the heat of the moment, victim of impulsivity, you called things off, angry because he believed the rumors and did not trust your word for it.

The next day you felt horrible. It was a radical thing to do to break up with shawn. You both had a lovely relationship together and if he appeared in a picture with an ex, you would be freaking out too. The guilt took over you and impulsively you took the first flight to where he was. You didn’t tell anyone you were going to meet him, since it was a last minute decision, but you just had to see him and make things right.

Arriving late at night, you couldn’t find Shawn anywhere. You met Cameron and the only thing he knew is that the boys went out to dinner after off. You took a cab and tried to find them, calling all the boys as many times as you could, but none of them picked it up.

“God, Shawn… Where are you?” You sighed, looking at your screensaver with him, where he was giving you a kiss on the cheek and you had the biggest smile on.

After a couple of hours, you returned to the hotel, devastated. Walking through Shawn’s bedroom, you heard some giggling. You smiled, hoping he would be there already, so you could talk. The door was open, so you got in.. You walked to the bedroom, confused.

“You’re just as good as they said” A girl said, which you didn’t recognize the voice.

You put your hand in your mouth, refusing to believe what could be happening in there, while tears came in your eyes. You took a deep breath and opened the door, confirming what you thought.

Shawn was kissing another girl.

“Oh my God…” You said, breathless.

Shawn heard your voice and turned his head immediately. “Erin?” He said, in shock.

He got off the chair, but you couldn’t handle the scene. You ran away, storming off his bedroom and walking to yours, cleaning your eyes. You opened your bag, trying to find your key card without much luck. You felt desperate, trying to find it as quick as possible, knowing that Shawn would come after you. That’s when you realized you had taken a cab.

“Erin! Wait!” And so he did. He yelled and ran to you, while the wind blew your hair  and you feet thumped the dirt.

“No! Leave me alone!” You said.  “You broke up with me!” He yelled back. “I was a mess! A complete wreck and they took me out to make me forget about…”

“Don’t! God, just don’t” You said, putting both hands in your head. “I don’t want to hear about it. Just leave!”

He got closer to you and hugged you. You tried to run away, punching him in the chest while crying.

“Erin… I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. I love you” He said, while taking the punches.

“No, you don’t! You clearly don’t. The first thing you do when we fight is to run to another girl!” You said, crying.

“I love you… I don’t care about her. I’m sorry” He said, touching your face and frowning. His face expression was painful to see. He was full of regret and angry with himself. To see you in pain like that almost killed him. “Erin… I thought you didn’t want anything with me anymore”

“How could you think something like that? I love you. I’m in love with you!” You yelled. You pushed him away and cleaned your face. “I came all the way here to apologize for breaking up with you. It was irrational of me. But this? This is so much worse!”

“I know… I know that” He said, messing his hair, panicking.

“And you said you couldn’t trust me?” You laughed, ironically. “I can’t believe this. I’m such a fool”

He came closer again, pulling you by the arm and kissing you. You kissed back for a moment but then pushed him away again.

“Don’t!” You said, angry.

“Please don’t leave me…” He whispered. You could see the tears in his eyes as well. “Please, Erin”

“You cheated on me,” You said, with an angry tone. “All I did was take a random picture with my ex”

“I was afraid he was going to steal you away from me. I’m so far away from you… I felt powerless and…” He tried to say.

“You didn’t trust me” You shook your head.

“Just give me another chance… I messed things up, I know… I’m just… Please Erin” He touched your face with both his hands. “I love you. I need you”

“Stop it… Stop saying that you love me. It doesn’t make me forget what just happened” You whispered, vulnerable. Having him so close, looking into his eyes, seeing how hurt and regretful he was, made you reconsider things.

“I’ll never do it again. Ever. I promise you,” He said, feeling your walls breaking down.

“I’m hurt…” You whispered, looking away.

“I know…” He hugged you again, tight.

You cried for a while, letting it all out. Once you felt calmer, he took you to his bed and you both lied there, quiet. You ended up sleeping in his arms, waking up the next day with him staring at you.

“Good morning” He whispered, caressing your face gently.

“Hey…” You said, happy to see him for a second, feeling as you always felt in his arms: safe and loved.

Then you remembered everything that happened last night. Your heart felt heavy. You felt the scars in it and it wasn’t good, but it was worse to think that you could be without him. Lying there, looking at his dark green/hazel  eyes, you couldn’t just leave him. He had a look on his face, staring at you as if you were about to disappear any second, so he was enjoying all the time left with you.

As a response to that, you gave him a gentle kiss. That was the chance he asked for. For the sake of the love you had for him, you decided to try again, after all, everybody makes mistakes.

After the kiss, he smiled. It was an innocent smile with a pinch of surprise. “I love you, Erin” He said.

“I love you shawnyboo,” You said, snuggling in him. He took a deep breath, feeling the relief to see you call him by his nickname again, as if everything was normal.

“We’ll be okay. I promise you” He said, hugging you tight. 

5SOS Preference - Luke & Ashton - Birthday Boys

A/N: hi guys so since I’m out of the country and I’m on holiday, I will be posting quite often. I decided to do an Ashton and Luke preference because since it was Luke’s bday and I was gonna do this for Ashton’s bday but then I was busy so here you go. Enjoy ! Let me know what you think and if I should do more 5sos preferences k byeee .xx

(Part 1) Part 2


In exactly 1 hour it was going to be my 19 year old but soon 20 year old boyfriends birthday. It’s unbelievable because he has the brain of a 5 year old. Since he was away on tour I decided to give him a birthday surprise. I’ve been away from him for 5 months now and I couldn’t stand to wait another month nor not be their to celebrate for his birthday. I’ve been planning this for almost a month now and hadn’t told anyone about it. Not that i didn’t trust anyone it’s just that I wanted it to be really special. I had just finished packing the last of my things in my bag, grabbed my phone and headed towards the door with my baggage. I called for a taxi to pick me up and drop me off at the airport. I made my way towards the Check-In counter. I did what was supposed to be done, made my way towards security, after security i heard an announcement of my flight leaving to Dusseldörf. I made my way to the gate, let them scan my ticket and let out a sigh of relief as I was now seated. I was gonna see my boyfriend in 4 hours.

I had just landed in Düsseldorf. With so much excitement in me, i hadn’t slept at all. I stayed awake throughout the flight. I switched on my phone as said by the air hostess that it is safe to do so. I went onto twitter to find out which hotel the boys were staying at and luckily I found it quickly enough and left the aircraft with the rest of the passengers. I made my way through baggage claim, grabbed my luggage and exited the airport to get a taxi. Once I entered in the taxi you told the driver the destination, luckily the hotel was just 15 minutes from the airport. It was 7:00pm here in Düsseldorf. It may be late for his but at least I’m here to spend it with him. I got out of the taxi, payed the driver and entered the hotel building. I walked my way towards the front desk and was greeted by a lady named Margaret. “Hello, how may I help you ?” She said smiling, she seemed really nice. “Hi, I know you probably don’t get this a lot but might I ask what is Ashton Irwin’s room number.” I asked, this was so awkward but it was the only way to find out. “Ashton Irwin” she mumbled to herself while doing things on her computer. “Here we go. Room 507 . Level 3.” She said smiling at me and handing me the key.”Thank you so much.” I said thanking her and walking towards the lift. {a/n: I know this doesn’t happen in real life but just go with it lol} The lift dinged indicating I reached Level 3. My palms were starting to sweat, my body was trembling. What if I embarrass myself ? What if he’s busy and forgot about me ? What if … I brushed off the stress from myself and took a breath. I adjusted myself and quickly scanned for the room with the number on the door 507. I’m now standing in front of his door. Oh god. I forced myself to knock on the door. I regret knocking on the door. What if something goes wrong and not as planned ? What if- I was interrupted my the door opening to Calum. “Y/N.. What are you doing here ..?” He said nervously. Something’s up. “I’m here to wish my boyfriend. Duh.” I said laughing. We stood their in silence for about 10 seconds. “So can I come in ..?” I asked. “Uhh yeah. “He said looking back at the room and moving aside for me to enter. I walked with my bags in hand and towards their dining room. This place was more like a penthouse than a hotel room. This place was huge. I slowly stopped when I see a women’s heels placed on the floor. I grabbed it and turned my body towards Calum’s direction. “Who’s are these ?” I asked my gaze now on the heels. “Err I don’t know…” Calum said his hands traveling to the back of his neck while nervously laughing. “Calum who’s ar-” I was cut off by a moan. “What was that” I said getting angry and emotional. Don’t tell me what I think it is. I walked my way towards where I thought the moans were coming from. As walking I find more pieces of clothing of both and man and women’s on the floor. No. This can’t be happening. Just when I stopped to the trail of where their was no more clothing, my eyes slowly trade their way up to see a half opened door. I heard more moans coming from the room. I walked closer, as I get closer the moans get louder of the sound of a .. women ? I pushed open the door. I never thought this would happen. Tears were now forming at the rim of my eyes at the sight of what I’m seeing. I see a shirtless boy with brown curls on top a girl and both of them covered with a sheet. A gasp left my lips and tears had now threatened to spill. The boy and girl turned their attention towards me. It was Ashton and some slut. “I CANT BELIEVE YOU WOULD DO THAT ASHTON ! I CAME ALL THE WAY FOR THIS ? I WASTED MY TIME LOVING YOU. I HOPE YOU ENJOYED YOUR PRESENT. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !” I screamed with now tears in my eyes. I speed walked my way out of the room while hearing shouts of my name from Ashton. “Y/N babe please wait !! It’s not what it looks like.” I stopped in my tracks. “It’s not what it looks like ? Oh it’s exactly what it looks like !” I said making my way past Calum and out of the door. More tears had threatened to spill from my eyes. What a birthday surprise…


Today it was the day my Lukey was turning 18. Though he looks older believe it or not he’s turning 18 today which means he’s legal if you know what I’m talking about ;) (a/n: if you don’t know what I mean just carry on reading and hopefully it will make more sense to you) I’ve been planning for his birthday for at least a week now. I’ve decided to make it really special. We’ve been dating for two and a half years now. I’ve thought about this long and hard and I think it’s time … I’m going to lose my V Card to Luke Robbert Hemmings. Yes you heard it right… At times whenever we got in a steamy make out session at a part where one of us is about to remove our clothes, I always end up rejecting him, telling him things like “maybe next time” or “not today” or “I’m not in the mood” and I used to feel guilty rejecting him especially seeing his face when I tell him that. But today is going to be perfect. I was currently backstage waiting for them to finish their concert. The plan was once we were back at the hotel I was going to change into lingerie that I had bought from Victoria Secret, and from then start sending him flirty texts and eventually tell him to meet me at his room. We couldn’t spend much time today because the boys went for soundcheck and well the concert started so their wasn’t enough time.

After the concert had finished it was still afternoon so I decided to stay behind to buy my things while the boys and Luke go back to the hotel. Once I had bought my things, I headed back to the hotel. I walked through the lobby and into the lift. Once the lift dinged indicating that we were on our floor. I headed towards our room but I stopped in my tracks by the sound of blasting music coming from next door. It was coming from the boys room. I quickly left my things into our room but hid it and headed towards the boys room to see what’s all the noise about. The door was slightly open so I pushed it a bit and made my way in. I know that’s rude but i mean it was open and no one would have heard my knocks anyway because of the music. “WHAT THE HELL” I shouted above the music. I shouted at the scene that was happening right in front of my eyes. Their is a female stripper who is all over Luke and I can tell he’s feeling uncomfortable by his facial reactions and his cheeks are pink. All the boys including Luke and the stripper turned their attention towards me. “Y/N babe it’s not what it looks like” he said getting the stripper off from him and walking towards my direction. I turned on my heel and speed walked towards our room luckily it was already open. “Babe please here me out, speak to me please !!” He said. He was right behind me. I barged into our room until he grabbed my wrist “let me go.” I said turning towards him.

{A/N: sorry about these but I just wanna ask you guys if you want these to be a bit dirty and which boy do you want it to be dirty. If not that’s fine I can change the ending so please let me know. Comment also if you enjoyed it so far and if you want the next part .xx}

Dominance over Michael- Smut

I left for the day to just walk around, this was one of the cities that I have never been to before. You see, I was on tour with Michael, Luke, Calum and Ashton. Since I was the girlfriend of Michael, who had apparently been missing me just as I have been missing him as well, the boys decided I should tag along for the summer shows. Michael was going to be out most of the day rehearsing and doing a few interviews, so I thought wandering around was a good idea to pass the time. When I came back to the hotel I walked through the door, hearing Michael saying my name, and before I could ask why I ended up gasping instead. I guess Michael had gotten out earlier then expected because he was on the bed masturbating. He immediately stopped and blushed slightly while attempting to pull the covers up and over him. I closed the door and slowly walked toward him with a grin plastered on my face. “So Michael, is this what you do whenever I’m not here? You couldn’t even wait for me?” “I guess not” he said smirking as he slowly crawled over to the edge of the bed where I was. He was just about to grab onto me when I grasped his hand midair smirking back. “I’m going to show you why you should have waited for me” and with that sentence I got on the bed and pushed him down. I pressed my lips against his and slowly the kiss began to deepen. His hand traveled to my inner thigh and I slapped it away breaking contact with his lips. “No, no touching baby. I need you to close your eyes and stay still”. He obeyed me and I got up and walked over to the closet opposite the bed, looking back every once in a while making sure he was still doing as I told him. I pulled out my vibrator and some rope, feeling slightly embarrassed about how he would feel about this, but I went on anyway. I walked back to the bed and started to tie his hands to the bed post, he didn’t protest so I traveled to his feet and tied them to the bed as well. I straddled him and set the vibrator next to me, taking off my shirt and bra and then my pants and my underwear. I reveled at how Michael was watching me the whole time. I bent down and softly whispered in his ear, which sent shivers down his spine. “Now baby I want you to be a good boy for me. You will come when I say so, is that clear?” “Yes Y/N”. I grinned at being so in control and started kissing his neck and slowly traveled to his collar bones and down to his stomach. I could feel his neck and head bending back in pleasure. I then got off him and instead sat next to him on the bed and started massaging the tip of his cock, and he let a moan escape his beautiful lips. I placed my mouth on him and used one hand to message the parts I couldn’t reach. “Ugh fuck Y/N I’m going to cum”. Before he came I took my hands and mouth off of him. “Remember what I said, baby. You don’t come until I say so”. He whimpered softly and I got back on top of him, straddling him. I slowly slid onto him and let my head fall back as a moan slipped from my own mouth along with his. I grabbed the vibrator and put it on my clit and bounced up and down on top of him. “You are driving me insane kitten, fuck” Michael said as his moans filled the room and sent me over the edge, I spread my legs wider as I hit my high. “Mmmm baby I am so wet right now, I’m sure you would just love to touch me huh? But you can’t.” I grinned as he growled as a response. I slowly slid out of him and again went to sitting next to him on the bed, with the vibrator still on I put it on the tip of his cock, and he buckled his hips at the feeling. “Fucking hell” he moaned under his breath as I messaged the parts that the vibrator wasn’t touching. “I think I am ready for you to cum Michael” I moaned into his ear, knowing my moans would send him over the edge. “Fuck Y/N, I’m going to cum” “yeah baby cum for me”. He screamed my name as he hit his high, and I continued to message his cock as he did, allowing him to ride his orgasm out. When I saw he was finished I turned off the vibrator, untied him and laid next to him in the bed. He turned to me, grinning. “We should do that more often” “I would have no problem with that idea at all” I said as I returned the grin and placed my lips softly onto his.

Never Again.

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Part Five-

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    You are woken up to someone banging on the door. 

“Who the fuck is that?" Jack grumbles.

"I don’t know." you respond groggily.

   Jack gets up and goes to open the door. And in walks Sydney, she shoves past him and comes up to me.

"You, you ruined everything. I hate you." she screams at me than tries to punch me.

"I don’t know exactly what I did, but you’re fucking crazy and you need to leave." you say standing up.

"You know what you did, you are just a jealous little bitch. You wish that you had Kian and you wanted me gone so you could have him. Wanna know something? He is only your friend because of Matt. He feels bad for you." she says spitting in your face.

"Ya know what, I did like Kian but I have Jack and he is great. If you don’t leave right fucking now I am going to kick your ass." you say getting in her face.

"Do you think I am scared of you? Of course not. I fucking rule you." she says while shoving me.

"GET THE FUCK OUT." you say shoving her back.

"Fuck you I do what I want." she says while getting into your face.

  You were tired of her being bitchy so you punched her right in the face, she fell to the ground and you pushed her out.

"Don’t fucking come back you cunt." you say and slam the door in her face.

"Well what was that about?” Jack asks.

“I honestly have no clue. But I am hungry let’s go get food!" you say.

☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ 

  You walk back to Jack’s room to grab your phone you give him a kiss goodbye and go back to your room to get ready.

"Hey Hailie, Hey JJ. How was your night?" you ask.

"It was great." Jack J says while walking out of the room.

"Did you do something about Sydney? Because she barged into Jack’s room about an hour ago saying that I sabotaged her and Kian or something." you ask Hailie.

"I got rid of her for us." she says with a smile.

"Oh, what did you do?" you ask confused.

"I did what needed to be done." she said walking into the bathroom and shutting the door.

   You go and sit on your bed and turn your phone on to see if you got any messages.

7 New Messages:

- Hey (Y/N), I know you and Jack are something but if you don’t work out, we could. Taylor.

- I am glad you are keeping in touch honey, be safe! Love you more. Mom.

- I will send you so many pictures that it will be like you were with! And you can’t be to sure, I mean you never really know. I just don’t want you hurt. Hunter.

- Hey meet up with me in a half hour. Kian.

- It’s okay I did it. Hailie.

- Hey where are you? I feel like you’re mad at me. Matt.

- You’re great you know that (Y/N)? Jack G.

    What the fuck is up with Taylor and Kian texting you? I mean I know that Taylor has kind of had a crush on me but Kian..


- Taylor, what? ~2 Taylor.

- Well big news! Sydney and Kian broke up, so Kian texted me. Me and Jack showered and slept together and it was great. Taylor idk, I think he might have a crush on me or something.. Idk it is a weird subject. And good can’t wait to see them! ~2 Hunter.

- Hi? And for what? And where? ~2 Kian.

- I am not mad at you, I just wish you would fucking tell me what your deal is. And do you know what the group’s plans are for the day? Lemme know ASAP. ~2 Matt.

- You’re great, what are we doing today? ~2 Jack.

   After you read and respond to all of your messages you get dressed in a tye dye crop top and light washed high wasted shorts. After you finished straightening your hair you brushed your teeth put your makeup on and grabbed your snapback. You packed your belongings, than left.

"I’m going down to the RV, so people can start putting stuff in. You gotta leave here in 20 mins so we aren’t charged another night.” you yell walking out the door.

“Ok, I'l be down in five!" she responds.

✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿

  You arrive at the RV and Kian was already there.

"Good thing I showed up huh?” you say pulling out the keys.

“Ya, it was getting pretty hot standing out here." Kian says wiping his forehead.

"Where is everyone else?" you ask walking into the RV.

"Packing up, I told them all that they had to be out here by 11." he says while setting his stuff on his bed.

"So, what happened with Sydney? And what did you want to talk about?" you mumble.

"Well, I realized that she was the biggest bitch to everyone including me. And I wanted to say that I think you’re cute." he says with a straight face.

"Oh well.." you were interrupted by Jack G walking in.

"Hey!" you say running up to give him a hug.

"Hey, what’s going on?" he asks.

"I came down to open the RV." you say.

  Everyone came but we were waiting forever for Matt and McKayla. They showed up 15 minutes after 11, Cam was pissed. We drove to the next hotel on the list which was Paris. This one you were pretty excited about considering you have taken a couple years of French. You all grabbed your begs and checked in. 

"Want to go walk the strip with me?" Jack asks.

"Yes, I would love too!" you say overly excited.

   Jack takes you to a candy shoppe, you bought a huge lollipop the size of your palm. The next thing you went and saw was the Bellagio dancing fountain. You ran into Cam and Mckayla while walking to Ceaser’s Palace. 

"Hey, what are you guys doing?" Cam asks.

"We are going to Ceaser’s to look at the mall and the fountain." Jack explains.

"Oh, we just came from there, it’s gorgeous." Mckayla says.

"I can’t wait to see it!" you say tugging at Jack.

   You and Jack leave them behind and keep walking to the hotel. You walk through the lobby and past the ship nightclub, to finally make your way to the shopping area. The first thing your eyes landed on was a gelato stand, you have never had gelato.

"Can we please get gelato?!" you beg Jack.

"I suppose." he says with a smirk.

   He got strawberry cheesecake, you shared it with him and when you tasted it you fell in love. It was amazing and creamy. 

"So is it good (Y/N)?"  Jack asks with a smile.

"It’s amazing!" you exclaim with a mouthful of gelato.

"Good, I am glad." he says wiping some gelato spilling from your mouth.

   You walk down to look at all the super expensive designer stores. You both giggle at the materialistic people in each of the stores. You finally make it to the aquarium and fountain. Jack stands behind you and wraps his arms around your shoulders you look up and he gives you a little peck. You watch the little 15 minute show, and then decide to go back to the hotel.

∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞

4 New Messages.

- (Y/N) I am serious we could. I mean if you don’t work out I’ll be here. Taylor.

- Wait, WHAT? KIAN TEXTED YOU? WHAT DID HE SAY?! How was the shower?! I want full deets. You didn’t know that Taylor had a crush on you? He has since ever. How is Matt? And what hotel are you at now? I wont text you much for a couple hours I will be on the plane. Shawn says he misses you and every one. Love you. Huntie.

- Hey wanna go get dinner with me? Kian.

- I just idk we need to talk asap. Matt.


- Taylor… where is this coming from? ~2 Taylor/

- Yes Kian texted me, he just did again and asked me to go out to dinner with him. THE SHOWER WAS FUCKING AMAZING!! No I didn’t know that, how come I didn’t?! Wtf. We are at the Paris hotel, too bad you aren’t here we could be killing it with our French skills. And okay well text me and let me know where you are going! And what it is like! We all miss him and you as well. Be safe! ~2 Hunter.

- Hey mom, miss you! We are at the Paris hotel and went to Ceaser’s it is gorgeous. See ya in a week. Love you! ~2 Mom.

-Sure, meet me in the lobby in 15 minutes. ~2 Kian.

-Okay well we can talk later tonight ok? ~2 Matt.

  You and Jack are sharing a room this time with Hailie and JJ. While walking to the room you mention to Jack that Kian wanted to go to dinner with you.

"Are you going than?" he asks worried.

"Ya, I kinda wanna know what happened with the Sydney thing." you say as an excuse.

"Well I guess I’ll go and eat with Matt." he says glumly.

"Don’t worry I will be thinking about you the whole time and I’ll give you a present." you say while rubbing your finger around your lips.

"Ok." he growls.

"Well, I am going to go." you say giving him a hug and kiss goodbye.


Today, Dom Leon-Davis and and I are celebrating our two year anniversary and because what I wrote last year still stands true (With some edits of course)…

Two years ago today, Dom and I jumped out of bed and literally pranced around our hotel room (yes, just how it happens in the movies) as we sang along to Bruno Mars’ “Marry Me.” Just a couple of hours later him and I were surrounded by our family members and friends in Central Park at the very location him and I had our first NYC date. The day as you can imagine, was filled with love, laughter, and freezing hands since we had decided to have an outdoor wedding at the end of the year. We took pictures at our hotel room, we walked through Times Square, took a cab to Central Park and rode into our wedding on a horse drawn carriage. As soon as we got to our wedding location we walked down the aisle together to see the faces of our family and friends standing there waiting for us to unite our lives. What I failed to realize at that moment was just how AMAZING it really was. How the people who had once questioned me or Dom because of our sexuality, or had failed to accept us as we were, were now standing there in support of our love.

As I look back at these two years I am grateful not only to Dom, for putting up with me as a crazy ass human being, but to all of those people who were there supporting us. Just about everyday since then I have thought about how privileged Dom and I are to be married. How privileged we are to be young, in love, married and living out our dreams in NYC. We actually talk about it often and are amazed because even 5 years ago, this wouldn’t have been possible. Of course, we still get harassed and we are still finding the courage to be our true selves in all spaces, but the fact that we are HERE is amazing. And we know that it wouldn’t have been possible without all of the amazing people fighting for justice everyday.

On a final note, whoever says marriage is easy is a damn liar. Marriage means working as hard as Beyoncé to remind each other everyday that having each other is a blessing and that rough times come and go. At the end of the day, it’s about the love between you and your partner. I thank God everyday for the blessings in my life, but today, I especially thank him for bringing Dom into my life and for showing me that everyone has their meant-to-be.

Dom Leon-Davis, thank you for stealing my heart four years ago and for taking me off the market two years ago. I am so blessed to wake up next to you every morning and bug the shit out of you! I love you.