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I'm going to London with friends, and I'm vegan (but the others won't eat meat cause we're Jewish and it probably won't be kosher), and I was wondering if you know a site that can help me look for vegan friendly hotels and restaurants? Nothing helpful came up on google. Thank you:)

I’m not sure about hotels but check HappyCow it’s pretty great for finding veg friendly restaurants/cafes. They have an app too.

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how do you stay healthy during vacation/how do you eat healthy and vegan in hotels, etc.? do you think it's good to stay as healthy on your vacation?

Obviously you should always stay healthy? But you don’t have to stay away from all junk food ;) but I basically eat whatever vegan thing on the menu and if the hotel doesn’t have it already I buy oats and plant based milk and eat it for breakfast lol:)

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