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take this burden - part 13

[ fool for love - lord huron ]

‘Just wait until I catch my breath.’


He Tian and Mo Guan Shan woke up around ten.

The atmosphere in the room was odd.

Not bad, just…odd.

They both packed a change of clothes and the food Jian Yi had put together for them last night.

They’d decided to take He Tian’s car.

Walking through the parking lot, He Tian checked maps on his phone.

‘GPS says this is a 16 hour drive, not 12.’

‘Not when I’m driving, it’s not.’

He Tian blinked at him, surprised.

‘Oh, so you’re driving, huh?’

Mo Guan Shan raised an eyebrow, holding his hand out for the keys.

The dark haired man smirked, tossing him the keys, curious as to how this would go.


Jian Yi and Zhan Zhengxi watched from the balcony a few stories up.

‘Twenty bucks says they kill each other.’ Zhengxi quipped as they watched He Tian relinquish the keys to his beloved car.

‘I’ll take that bet.’


To say they drove in silence would carry a negative connotation.

He Tian, in another surprising act, had handed over the auxiliary cord for Mo Guan Shan to play his music.

He sat back and listened.

He remembered, years ago, Jian Yi telling him that if you care for someone, listen to their music.

Put your phone down, clear your mind, and listen.

He’d never heard most of the songs Mo Guan Shan played.

His playlist seamlessly flowed from song to song, each making him wonder what they made the man feel.

Mo Guan Shan drove like a maniac, weaving fluidly through the traffic of overwhelmed tourists.

They made record time out of the city, quickly reaching the, seemingly endless, expanse of desert.

It was a nice day.

One of the three of four they’d get that year, so they drove with the windows down.

After about an hour, He Tian turned the music up to hear over the wind and Mo Guan Shan seemed to remember he was in the car.

‘I’m sorry, do you want to play something?’ He asked, reaching to remove the jack from his phone.

‘No. I like this.’

Mo Guan Shan eyed him skeptically.

He Tian responded by turning the music up further, drowning out his possible protests.

Another hour passed.

Mo Guan Shan turned the music down.

‘Do you want to talk, or…’

Reading the atmosphere in the car, He Tian simply turned it back up.

They exchanged a small smile and continued on.

Two hours later, Mo Guan Shan pulled into one of the gas stations that quickly became few and far between.

He Tian stepped out, being closer to the pump, swiped his card and entered the necessary information before Mo Guan Shan exited the vehicle.

‘Need anything from inside?’ He Tian asked.
The other man shook his head.

He Tian bought a few soft drinks, not knowing Mo Guan Shan’s preferences.

He slid back into the car.

Mo Guan Shan, already in the driver’s seat, handed him the cord, more insistent this time.

He Tian took it, carefully choosing a playlist as Mo Guan Shan gratefully accepted a drink.

They were both silently content with the relatively comfortable silence.

The sun began to set.

They’d been in the car for nine hours.

‘We should find a hotel for the night.’ He Tian suggested.

‘I’m fine to drive.’

‘I know.’

‘So, why…’

‘What’s the hurry?’

Mo Guan Shan contemplated that.

‘I suppose there isn’t one.’

He Tian searched nearby hotels on his phone and directed Mo Guan Shan to a place in the closest cities.

They pulled up in front of the hotel where a valet stood at the entrance to take their car.

Mo Guan Shan’s eyes widened.

‘I can’t afford to stay here, dude.’

‘I can, and I’d be getting the same kind of room regardless.’

‘I can’t let you pay for everything like this.’

‘Sure you can.’

Mo Guan Shan parked and He Tian pulled the keys from the ignition, exiting the car and handing them to the kid, slipping him a few bills in the unspoken agreement to find him a good spot.

Mo Guan Shan followed him inside helplessly, standing behind him uncomfortably as he checked them in, assuring the girl behind the counter that two double beds was fine.

They took the elevator to the top floor in silence.

He Tian let them in, dropping his bag on one of the beds and rooting through the mini fridge.
Mo Guan Shan did the same, sitting down next to his.

‘When you said you’d come along, I didn’t expect…’

He Tian dug in his bag, shaking his head and making his way to the sliding door that led to the balcony, gesturing for Mo Guan Shan to follow.

He handed Mo Guan Shan a beer and offered him a cigarette.

He took them both with a murmur of thanks.

‘Mo Guan Shan…’ He Tian started, lighting their cigarettes in turn.

‘I have plenty of money, and I’ve spent the last few years painfully bored.’


‘The last few days with you have been anything boring. You could have rented a car, driven through the night, uand ended up at your parents house.’


‘OR we could’ve taken my car and stayed the night in a nice hotel with room service and a pool.’

Mo Guan Shan looked at him expectantly.


‘Do your parents know you’re coming?’


He’d completely forgotten to call them, he realized.

‘So, let’s get drunk, go for a swim, order breakfast in the morning, and go from there.’

‘I didn’t bring a swimsuit.’ Was the only argument Mo Guan Shan could come up with.

‘Neither did I.’

wedding night // a matty healy smut

word count: 3,280 (oops)

read part one here

 a/n this is quite long and there’s a lot of description toward the beginning because i really wanted you to get the vibe and atmosphere, sorry if it’s too much! 

 you drove through the beautiful clear night, moonlight cascading through the sun roof above you and matty’s heads. matty sat beside you driving, his hand lightly resting on your leg. you glanced at the car clock - 11:32. your head was still in the clouds from the night’s events. you’d just departed from your wedding venue, leaving the excited guests through a path of sparklers and laughter, and now was the first time all day that you’d get to spend more than a moment alone with matty. you looked over to your new husband and smiled to yourself as he focused on the road, navigating through traffic to get to the hotel you’d be staying at overnight before leaving for your romantic getaway the next morning. his face was stern yet beautiful, and you placed your hand on his neck, running your fingers lightly through the hair there before moving your hand down to his shoulder, where you rested it. this was your favorite kind of time with him - quiet, comfortable, peaceful. your eyes shifted down to his left hand, which now wore a thin band on the ring finger, and your breath hitched in your throat. he belongs to me, forever, you thought, and he would wear that ring as a public sign of devotion to me and me only. 

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Originally posted by hardyness

Summary: Leia is called to go abroad for her duties as a senator, leading her to bring the whole family along for what she refers to as a “vacation”. Obliging with her request and following along, the whole Solo-Organa family goes with her. Though the boys are reluctant, now knowing why they’re there, they are pleasantly surprised when someone comes along that makes their trip all the more entertaining and worth their time. 

A/N: HA, so I couldn’t stop thinking about this idea and someone totally encouraged me to do it so I figured why not. Given the plot change I made, it’ll end up having at least 3 more parts. Feedback is welcome and I hope you all like it! And credit for the triplet!AU goes to @crylorenlo :)

The hotel lights clicked on with a flick as Han walked over the doorframe, his eyes instantly scanning the large room with a smirk. Sliding his suitcase to the side, he placed his hands on his hips as he nodded in approval.

“Being with the senator has its perks doesn’t it?”

Leia walked into the room, rolling her eyes with a similar smirk as she put her suitcase next to his. 

“Oh hush.”

Han turned to her, pulling her to his side as he placed a kiss on top of her head. Just behind them, the boys all filed into the room, rolling their bags inside as they all took in the room with their mouths all agape. Ben smiled as he saw just how expansive the room around them was.

“Man, mom got us the hook up.”

Walking further into the room, Matt continued to look around in awe as Kylo eyes subtly scanned the room. Ben quickly made note of the bedrooms, craning his head to see inside of them. 

“Well take advantage of it, I need you boys well rested for tomorrow alright? We’ve got a lot of ground to cover.”

Collectively, they all rolled their eyes, faintly groaning. As excited as they were to be in a new place, they knew there were conditions given the reason why they were here. Ben waved his hand dismissively.

“Yeah, yeah.”

Han pointed to the rooms behind them.

“Aside from the master bedroom, there’s two rooms. So…you can figure that out.”

Leia smiled as she waved at the boys, Han putting his hand to her lower back as he guided her towards their room. 

“Night boys.”

They all waved quickly as they unanimously spoke.


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Til’ Death Do Us Part Ch. 1

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5

Hello this is my first GOT7 fanfic. This is Chapter 1/?. Please help and support me I really want this to turn out well. Also this was inspired by Yours by @helpmefindinfinity ( @imaginethisbts please read if you ever have spare time) 

Summary: You and JB are arranged to be married. He’s a player and you’re the good girl. Will this marriage kill you or will it become paradise in the end?

1.3k words

Y/n = Your name

Your age: 20

All GOT7 members are their normal ages

Im Jaebum was someone everyone wanted to get their hands on.

Boy or girl they we’re all interested in him for one reason or another, even though he was slick and a player.

But you didn’t feel that way so when your parents and his agreed to marry you to him and vice versa your whole world came down.


“What do you mean I’m getting married?”

Your mom had sat you down in the living room and once she did you felt faint and nauseous, but your mom just waved you off.

“Oh darling, you’re an heiress you should get married to a great heir, the Im’s son is perfect for you.”

No he wasn’t you didn’t like him. In fact, you hated him.

“Mom please don’t do this to me.”

“We do everything for you and give you everything, do this one thing for us y/n!”

Your head dropped as you felt shameful. Your mom was right. Her and your father only ever wanted the best for you and maybe you didn’t have the same ideas, but her intentions were pure.

“I’m sorry mom.”

Your mom sighed and sat down next you grabbing hold of your shoulders, “I just want to make sure your taken care of by someone who can give you this all too. I don’t want anything less for my princess especially when I’m gone.”

You sat there hugging your mom thinking about it. It wasn’t too bad, marrying a handsome wealthy boy.

You both broke apart and went to get ready for bed and although you did your best to reason you couldn’t help but break down in tears in your pink marble bath tub.



JB threw the papers in the air and continued to stare at his father’s face.

“IM JAEBUM! You’re going to marry this girl whether you like it or not! It’s the only way to fix the bad reputation you’ve brought upon yourself.”

JB scoffed and leaned on the oak desk smirking, “My rep isn’t your business.”

JB’s father stood and pushed him back, “It is when it can stop you from taking over I.M. Enterprises.”

The disrespectful smirk on his face faded as he sobered in an instant.

“Yes, that’s right,” His father laughed, “You think the board will approve you?”

JB’s eyes moved down so they were glued to his Italian dress shoes.

“This is the only way to make you look like a responsible young man.”

JB knelt and began picking up the discarded papers. When he was done he put them in order and stared down at the big letters that read ‘Marriage Contract’ before saying, “Where do I sign?”


You stood in front of your long mirror smoothing out the nonexistent wrinkles from your Elie Saab periwinkle short ball gown.

So much was going through your mind. You could barely keep track of your thoughts. What would happen after tonight? How you would keep up appearances? Are you expected to have kids with this man? What about Junior?

At the last thought you fell back onto your bed and pressed the back of your hand to your mouth to suppress your cries. Junior has been your best friend since kindergarten and somewhere along the way you fell in love with him. After that you were waiting for the sign that he felt the same. You hadn’t even told him about the marriage.

Before the tears could fall and ruin your makeup your 18-year-old brother, Yugyeom, walked in.

“Noona, we have to go- Are you okay?”

You sat up quickly and began fixing your face then turned to him with a smile, “Everything is okay Yuggie, I’m just overwhelmed and stressed, this is all so much at once.”

Yugyeom gave a sad smile and walked in. Tonight was your engagement party, you and JB were to be presented as an official couple.

He sat next to you and put his head on your shoulder. Neither of you looked at each other, instead you both gazed into the mirror. In his white suit and matching periwinkle tie it reminded you if when you both were little and your parents made you match all the time.

“I’m going to miss you a lot Noona.” He burrowed his head into your neck and gave a shaky sigh. You put a hand to his head and tried to soothe him by stroking his hair.

“It’s okay I’ll still be in Seoul.”

“It won’t be the same you’ll be married and you’ll be in a strange house, with strange people. That’s no way to live.”

“Aish you’re just trying to make me change my mind. Don’t worry Noona will be okay”

You laughed and mussed up his hair, but Yugyeom stayed serious. What came out his mouth next was jarring.

“I’m not stupid, I know who Im Jaebum is and I don’t for a second approve this marriage.”

Your mouth hung open. Yugyeom looked so hostile, but before you get a word in your father called.

“Y/n! Yugyeom! Come on kids, we’re leaving!”

You both made your way down stairs and just like that everything was normal.

The ride to the hotel was as it had always been. Your mom complaining that she looked too old and your father sweetly saying she looked far too young to him. Yugyeom and your father liked to play word games, but your father always won. He stopped letting Yugyeom win when he was twelve.

Your father pulled up to the hotel valet just as Yugyeom accepted defeat. You all filed out of the Rolls Royce and were lead to the ballroom.

As your family entered everyone turned their heads to look at you. The Im family was already seated at the front with seats for your family. The Im family consisted of Youngjae, Jaebum and their parents. Jaebum’s two friends, Mark and Jackson, were also sat next to him. They laughed and joked with each other, but stopped as you approached.

Jaebum was quick to get up and pull a chair for you. You sat and thanked him as he went back to his across from you. Yugyeom was glaring daggers at him the whole time not letting up.

“You look pretty tonight.”

The voice came from Jackson and you blushed, “Ah, thank you Jackson-ssi.”

“A beautiful woman should be told she’s beautiful.”

You looked away, a small smile on your lips as the blush spread across your entire face. Then a different set of eyes caught yours. It was Junior or Park Jinyoung.

He smiled and waved as did you. He took that as a sign to come over and soon he was by your side asking for a dance.

While stepping from side to side in slow dance, he finally asked, “Why didn’t you tell me y/n? I’m supposed to be your only best friend and only friend.”

You laughed and slapped his chest.

“So I can’t have other friends?”

He made a sad face, “Yes, especially not husbands. At least not without telling me.”

“I’m sorry, it wasn’t my place to say. It’s why we’re having this party, to announce it.”

Junior nodded, “But still I want special treatment.”

Your face broke out into a smile. You suddenly wished he was the one to be taking your hand. He always took care of you and made you laugh and could somehow sense your mood in the worst of times.

The music sped up a bit so Junior spun you, but when you spun back it wasn’t Junior’s arms you were in.

It was JB.

New Guy

I don’t own shit. Not even one of the shits.  



“Do you have one in particular picked out?”  The way to nice sales associate asked.

“No.” Gajeel growled in reply.  He was almost to town and he really should’ve stopped earlier but it was nice seeing that that Levy cared enough to call him.  It was selfish and mean but it wasn’t like he would ever see her again anyway so she couldn’t be that mad.  “Just whatever all I need is a phone.

The bubbly asshat brought him a phone that looked about  10 years old and activated it in no time.  When he got back out to the car he saw that Levy had called 2 more time while he was inside.  “Sorry Shrimp.”  He muttered as he took the sim card out.  


Lucy handed Levy her car keys and smiled at her.  “Are you sure you an survive that right now?”  Levy asked Lucy who was getting on Natsu motorcycle with him.  

“No but it doesn’t matter.  You don’t have a car and public transport is a good as walking.  So you take my car. Remember what I told you about getting pulled over though.”

“Just smile and be cute?  Yeah that doesn’t work for me but okay.”

“Good luck my little strategist!”  Natsu and rode off leaving Levy and Wendy behind.  

“You sure you want to do this?”  Levy asked Wendy who was still weepy.

“You sure YOU want to do this?” She smugly replied.  “I gotta hit him a few times before you make out with him again.  I don’t need him thinking running away like a dumbass gets the girl.”

“I do not want to kiss him!”

“Sure thing.”  

They got into Lucy’s car.  It had been quite awhile since Levy had drove and Wendy didn’t have a license so either way this was going to be a terrifying drive.  She glanced at the fancy touch screen and controls it bore.  Bleh!  All she needed was to know was the windows, steering and acceleration.  Oh yeah decel too!  She slowly backed out of the spot getting her bearings.

“You sure you know how to drive?” Wendy joked.

“Nope!”  Levy fearfully replied.  And with that they were off.  GPS was set for Oak town and they had quite the drive ahead of them.  

About 2 hours in Wendy woke up from a short nap.  “How far are we?”

“Getting to the mountain ranges about now.  We are going around though, don’t worry.”

“Cool.”  She yawned sitting up and pulling her seat back up with her.  

“Wendy can I ask you a question.”  Levy asked, keeping her eyes on the road.

“Yeah what is it?”

“Gajeel.  What did he do that was so bad for Gray to freak on him like that?”

“I don’t entirely know to be honest.  I wasn’t there.  I know what he told me, he was recruited to a group of really bad people after his dad disappeared and he was stuck.  At Least that is what I think.”

“What do other people think?”

“He did it for kicks.”

“It?  If you don’t mind me prying so much.”

“It’s fine, he loves you so you have the right to know.  And he would have told you at some point.”  She laughed.  “In simplistic terms they were a mercenary group of sorts. Some guy was pulling off the street rats that had nasty cred and offering them peace.  Obviously that isn’t what he got.”


“I’ll get to that.  Stuff went down and long story short Gajeel got paid to hurt people for some rich guys personal gain.  Alot of innocent people.  There were four people who were known as the elemental 4.  Well Gajeel wasn’t classified as one of the elemental 4 but he was above them, in a way.  Like I said, wasn’t there.  The rich guy, Jose, pinned all crimes committed on these four even ones done by lesser members.  You know one of them by the way.”

“Well I’m guessing Natsu.” Levy shrugged.  Sure he was sweet but he had something going on.

“Hahaha!  No way!  Natsu can’t hurt a fly! Surprisingly enough Juvia.”

“What!”  Levy almost flew off the side of the road.  “Juvia!  Like sweet foreigner Juvia?”

“Yeah.  That is probably why she was so upset when Gray blew up on him.”

“Jesus.  What about Sweden”

“Oh she is lives there,now.  Well the other three all disappeared the same time Juvia and Gajeel did.  They disappeared because Jose took a bribe from the government to give up the elemental 4 and ‘black steels’ location.  Black steel is such a stupid name to call someone right!”  Levy nodded in confusion.  “The five of them ended up destroying Jose and all of his mercany bull shit as soon as they heard and all parted ways Juvia oversees, Gajeel to the mountains and who knows where the rest of them went.  The end.”  

Levy and Wendy sat in silence for the next few quickly covered miles.  Sun was setting and the evening chill had set in.  “Look don’t hate him for it, please.”  Levy looked over to the girl who was as scared as Levy was.  “I promise you that he isn’t like that.  I think you already know that but I get that you would be mad I was for a while.  Just don’t hate him.  He always talked about disappearing but it seemed more like a pain than a goal lately and for him to get up and leave like that is just crazy.”

“Maybe we shouldn’t be doing this.” Levy sighed and looked at the GPS 40 more minutes.  That is 40 opportunities to turn around and make it in time for class.  

“What!  No way we have been driving for like 5 hours and-  what are you doing!”

“We need gas either which way so that is what I am doing.”  Levy took the small exit and headed towards the gas station sign that was visible from the interstate.  

“Sorry I just don’t want him to disappear.” Wendy sighed



“It is the next exit up.”  Levy replied to Wendy’s question on far they were.  Wendy nodded in understanding and went back to her game.  Levy grabbed her phone out of the cup holder as it began to ring.  “Hello?”

“Hello Levy.” Juvia mumbled into the phone.

“Oh hi Juvia, how are you?” Levy tried not to sound awkward or concerned but she just learned a great deal about the ‘innocent’ Juvia, that wasn’t so innocent.

“Juvia is fine thank you.  Juvia just wanted to call you to tell you that she would take notes for you tomorrow in class so you don’t have to rush and Natsu has filled out a family emergency form for Wendy so she is okay to stay at a hotel too.”

“Oh no it is fine, don’t worry about us.”  

“Juvia is asking Levy as a friend to stay the night.  If you get hurt on the way back home Juvia would feel responsible.”

“Juvia, this has nothing to do with you don’t worry about it.   But if it really worries you so much we will stay.  Only if you take really good notes.”

“EEEP!  Juvia promises!  Thank you Levy!  Juvia will take amazing notes for Levy!”

“Alright Juvia.  I’ll see you soon.”

“Yes!  Okay Goodbye.”

She hung up as she pulled up the exit.  “Now where?”  Wendy asked.

“For now?  A hotel.  We need to get some rest,  Juvia’s orders.”  She shrugged.


“How long will you be staying?” The hotels apparent assistant manager asked.

“One night.  No breakfast and no pool extras either.” Gajeel growled quickly in reply.

“Are you sure?  We have  lovely complimentary brea-”

“I’m sure.”  He snatched his room key and walked to the stairs nearest to him.  He hated this part of it all.  Such a pain dealing with these people.   He just wanted to take care of everything on his own.


Levy and Wendy rolled up to one of the very few hotels and gave the valet the key.  As they walked in the smells of lavender and vanilla filled the air. Levy let out a sigh of relief. Levy loved Lucy’s perfume but 6 hours later, she was sick of it.

“Hello ladies!  What can I do you all tonight?” The assistant manager behind the desk asked.

“We need a room for one night.” Wendy quickly said.  “Preferably with two beds.”

“Of course.  Would you like to include breakfast and poolside amenities?”

“No we are fine without, thankyou.”  Levy said.  Wendy moaned in the background as they got the key and headed to the elevator.

“We can’t even have complimentary breakfast?” Wendy whined in the elevator

“Nope, got things to do.” She laughed.  “Anyway since when do you eat breakfast?  I was told all you have for breakfast is tea.”

“That is breakfast!  Well sort of breakfast.  Anyway, I just want waffles!”


Thank god for hot water!  He stood in the hot shower water letting his muscles relax from being tense in the same position for 6 hours in the car.  Suddenly flinching when the water got ice cold.  “Damn.” He turned off the water not wanting to deal with it.  He grabbed a towel and went back out to the room.  Some sort of giggling racket started the next room over as he got into bed.  He scratched at the fabric waiting a few seconds.  There ya go.  Lily jumped up onto Gajeel’s chest and dozed off almost instantaneously.  


“Hey Levy.”  Wendy called in the dark of the hotel room.  They both went straight to bed after showers and Levy just got out of hers.

“Yeah?” She replied as she dried her hair in a towel

“You didn’t deny it earlier.”  Wendy giggled.  She dropped her phone onto the pillow beside her and sat up to look at Levy.  

“Deny what?”  Levy pondered.  Still so dumb.

“Well do you remember why I told you that you deserve to know about his past?”  She giggled again.  This time a bit louder.  

“Uhm.  Not really.”  She really didn’t.  She was focused on how Juvia and Gajeel both were in the same boat.  She knew they were close for good reason, apparently there was a lot more behind that than it looked.  No wonder they are both so tight lipped.

“Well, I said that you deserve to know because he loves you.”

“Oh well that is your opinion I guess.”

“You didn’t deny it!  AGAIN!”  She shot up in her bed laughing and jumping about.  “AHH!  YOU LOVE HIM! OH YES YOU DOOOO!”  She sang while jumping on her bed.  

“I do not!  How would you saying he loves me would prove that I love him?  Which I don’t!”  Levy stammered.  She didn’t love someone that would leave without even saying goodbye.  

“Yes you doooooo!  I know you do cause you can’t say it.  You don’t want to think about him not loving you too, that is adorable!” She laughed

“What?  I don’t lo-”

Then there was a knock on the door.  They were becoming unreasonably loud.  Wendy jumped off her bed ran to the door.

“What can I do ya for?”  She asked as she pulled open the door.  “Oh you!  You-”

“Don’t say it.”  A man replied.

Levy recognized that voice.  Were her calculations correct?  Even though she was only wearing an oversized t shirt she ran to peek around the corner to see tall, angry, brutish, shirtless Gajeel. What were the odds.  Lucy would flip.  He was looking at Wendy then his gaze fell to the floor.

“You ass!”  Wendy yelled.  She grabbed his arm and dragged him inside.  He didn’t really resist though.  She pushed him into one of the cheap chairs and ran back to lock the door.

“I told ya not to say it.”  he grumbled under his breath.  Levy leaned against the wall just taking in the scenery, no one ever said she couldn’t.

“What is wrong with you!?” Wendy yelled as she began to pace back and forth in front of him.

Levy was still mesmerized by his abs.  He still looked to the ground not raising his gaze the whole time Wendy screamed at him for breaking her heart.  

“-and you owe an apology to Levy too!  You know that she broke the law to find you, ntha-”

“Okay, I can speak for myself.”  His face shot upwards bearing the most genuine smile that quickly turned back into a frown realizing the circumstances they met under.   Levy looked at him with pity.  She knew he hated it but oh well, he deserved it.  He was still running from his past mistakes even though he had whole heartedly changed, that’s unfair.  

Also he didn’t like pity and she really didn’t want him happy at the moment.  Safe and at home yes, but, not necessarily happy.  “Well say something!  Strong and silent won’t help you now.” Wendy sighed as she started to calm down but Levy knew what came next so she pulled her into her shoulder to let her cry.  And just as she thought; the sobs began, Levy running her finger through her hair just as before.  

Levy and Gajeel had locked eye contact at some point and she didn’t want to look away in fear that her would be gone.  

“It’s okay.  You see, I promised didn’t I?” Wendy just nodded and kept lightly sobbing.  

“He is coming home.”  She could bore holes though his skull the look she gave him.  He just swallowed as if he was going to say some snarky remark, but for once Gajeel Redfox said nothing.  

Wendy pulled back and wiped her tears. She looked to Gajeel who just tried to avoid her gaze.  “Really?”

“Yup.  Hes got a semester to finish.”  Levy nodded

“You promise?”  She didn’t think it was directed towards her.  Gajeel sighed and pushed his hair back.  

“Look I can’t whe-”  From ‘look’ to ‘can’t’ Levy waltzed right over to him and slapped him clear across the face.  

“I think you should reconsider.”  Levy hissed.  Control was about to be lost and she was only a few seconds before breaking down.  She had to break at sometime.

“Look. I’m sorry okay?  I just can’t be around him.  You wouldn’t understand.”  He groaned.

“Yes I do.  Wendy does, Lucy does, Natsu does and I know that Juvia does!  Gray is stubborn and overprotective and I am sorry for that, but can you blame him?  No!”

“If he was so good and honest and precise then why are you here?  Why waste your time looking for someone that you know won’t come back?”

“Because I like to think that people whether in their power or not sometimes have bad pasts and you can’t completely judge a person off that, like a second chance.  You shouldn’t be running and hiding from it either.”

Levy pulled back from him and sat against the wall beside them.  She pulled her hair in front of her face and tried to get her breathing back on track.  The six hour drive was catching up to her and she could already feel her eyes becoming heavy.  This was not time to sleep though.  By the grace of God they were granted with the greatest coincidence on the planet.  She laid down to stretch out to her phone.  “Come here damnit.”  She muttered as she fumbled for it.  She pulled it up to her noticing that Gajeel eyes kept darting from her and Wendy, who was sitting on the edge of her bed.  She looked even more tired than Levy.  


Lucy: I swear if he doesn’t pull a Lloyd Dobler I might flip.

Levy: I highly doubt that will happen.  I am no Diane Court!

Lucy: But come on it is perfect!  Your the valedictorian Diane and he is the less than perfect Lloyd!!  It’s like the part of the movie when she asks why he is shaking “I don’t know.  I think I’m happy”  LEVY!  GET YOUR BRAIN STRAIGHT, YOU’RE IN A MOVIE!  

Levy pressed her forehead to her phone regretting this whole trip.  What did she gain?  A moppy Gajeel and a overly emotional teenager, lovely.  Maybe they were blood related  

Gajeel got up from the chair and walked towards the door.  “Please don’t.”  Wendy begged from the safety of the blankets.  He sighed and walked over to her avoiding Levy’s sector of the wall.  

“Goodnight Wendy, I’m goin’ to bed.”

“No you’re not.”  She yawned.  “You are going to re pack and go someone else.  Well guess what.” She said still slightly weepy.  It was kind of adorable, to be honest.

“What?” He groaned while lightly scratching her back.

“I got her” She pointed to Levy who was more focused on the conversation than the both of them.   “and she is a super genius that can come up with any place you would ever go and we’ll find you and drag you home every time.”

Gajeel looked at Levy who was so hyper focused on not falling asleep and paying attention  that her eyes were about to pop out of her head.  

“I ain’t goin’.”  he gruffly said, rolling his eyes.  

“Good.  now get Lily and come over here.  Levy.”  She sat up straight hitting her head on the wall

“Ow.  Yeah?”

“Follow him.  If he runs kill him for me?”

“I’ll be back, kid.” He said walking out the door without Levy.


“Damn women.”  He grumbled grabbing his bag and Lily “Come on cat, we might be stayin’ for a bit.”

He walked back over to the open hotel room dropped his things and closed the door.  Levy was asleep on the floor and Wendy on the bed.  He put Lily on the window-sill and went back over to Levy.  “Damn women.”  He cursed under his breath again with a grin.  Thinking now maybe it was okay that they came to find him.  If Levy wasn’t lying, he didn’t think she was, he could stay until graduation and go from there.  She was so light it was almost ridiculous.  He picked her up and rested her down in the second bed.  “Night Shorty.”  He tossed and blanket over her and went to lay on the couch.  

“Gajeel?”  She lightly groaned, reaching towards him.  “Don’t be stupid.”

“Shrimp, go to bed.”  He walked over and pulled the blankets back over her.  

“Come here” she patted on the mattress.

“What Shrimp?”  he said after approaching her again.  She rolled over and tugged at his arm.

“You’re comfy.”  she purred pulling him towards the mattress.

“Night, Shrimp.” He turned around when she hooked her two fingers in his belt loop and pulled him onto the bed.  Her sudden strength didn’t stop there.  She had a near death grip on his arm as she held him like a stuffed animal.  “Shrrriimp.”

“Shhh.  It’s bed time.”  

Well atleast she really initiated it this time.

“Night”  He dozed off with her arms halfway wrapped around him. 

Request: hi! i absolutely adore your writing :~) could i have one where the reader is Bobby's daughter and she's the same age as teenage Dean and they go on a hunt together and bond and all and develop feelings for each other and it's just really cute?

“Dad, I’ll be fine!” You assured your dad, rolling your eyes.

“Yeah, I know. But it’s your first solo hunt, do you blame me for worrying?" 

"I’m a Singer, I’ll be okay! And I promise I’ll call you every night until I gank the bitch.” You said.

“Watch your language.” He ordered.

“Oh shit, sorry!” You exclaimed, smirking. Your dad just rolled his eyes. 

Your dad pulled into an old motel parking lot, and stopped the car. His attention was drawn to a beautiful, black car. “Huh.” He remarked, then parked the car and got out. You waited as he booked you a room, then returned a few minutes later. “C'mon.” He said, and you followed him to a room.

Apparently it wasn’t your room, because instead of putting the key in the hole, he knocked. You heard people moving around, and then a guy about your age opened the door. His eyes landed on you, and rested for a beat, before moving up to your dad. A huge smile spread over the guys face. “Bobby!” He exclaimed, then hugged your dad.

“Hey, Dean. Where’s your dad?" 

"Taking a shower. What are you doing?”

“Y/N’s gonna go on her first solo hunt. She even found the ghost.” Bobby announced, pride evident in his voice.

“Oh. Uh…” Dean said, obviously feeling uncomfortable.

“What?” Bobby asked.

“Uh, well, today I was gonna go on my first solo hunt.” Dean answered, looking at you with sympathetic eyes. 

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” You muttered.

“We’re in room 124, tell your dad to stop by when he’s done.” Bobby said, then he walked away. 

“Uh, bye.” You said, feeling awkward. 

Obviously the Winchesters were really close to your dad, but you’d never actually met them. You’d always been with your mom, or so busy that you had no idea people were even at your house. You knew a lot about them, but this was your first time seeing one of them in person. 

And damn. He was good looking. His green eyes amazed you, and his jaw structure was strong. A few freckles spotted his skin, but it just made him all the more attractive. 

“Are you Y/N?” He asked, as you turned to leave.

“Yeah.” You answered, glancing back.

“Uh, sorry about the whole hunt-thing.” He said, rubbing the back of his neck.

“Yeah, me too.” You said, then walked into your room. 

Your dad had already claimed the bed closest to the door, and you jumped on yours. “Shoes off the bed.” He said, and you groaned before kicking them off. “I’ll talk to John, see if I can convince him to let you go instead of Dean.”

“Sounds good.” You shrugged. In all honesty, you didn’t really care if you went on a solo hunt. You were a good hunter, and actually enjoyed it; it didn’t matter when you went on your first hunt alone, just that you did eventually.

About an hour passed before there was a knock at your door. You knew your dad would get it, so you stayed in your bed, eyes glued to a book you’d picked up. 

“Hey, John.” You heard your dad say.

“Bobby.” Another man greeted him. You glanced up, and saw a tall man with black hair trading grips with your dad. “It seems we’re on the same hunt.”

“Yeah, apparently.” Your dad agreed, then stepped aside, letting John in. Dean walked in a moment later. You were suddenly aware of the messy bun your hair was in.

You offered Dean a small smile, and he stood with your dad and his, listening to the conversation. You picked up bits and pieces, but had turned your attention back to your book, and didn’t really know what was going on around you.

When you finally tuned back in to reality, Dean was sitting on your dad’s bed, and your father and John were nowhere in sight. “Where’s our dads?” You asked, looking around.

“They went outside to talk. Like, ten minutes ago. Your dad said he’d be right back. Do you not remember?” Dean asked.

“No, I, uh. Sorry. When I really like a book I just kind of zone out of reality." 

"Oh, that explains why you weren’t talking to me.” Dean laughed. “I just thought you didn’t like me.”

“Oh, no! Next time, just throw a pillow at me, or something.” You joked, earning a laugh from Dean. 

You were about to say more, but then your dad and John walked back in. “Alright, we figured out what to do.” John announced, and Dean sat up.

“You’ll both go on this hunt. Just you two.” Your dad finished. 

“Dean, you’ll drive the Impala.” John added.

“And Y/N, you call me the second you need help.” Your dad ordered you.

“Cool.” You commented, then jumped off the bed. “Let me just put my shoes on, and we can go.”

You quickly got ready, hugged your dad, then jumped in the car with Dean. Your dad waved and John just watched. Led Zeppelin drifted softly from the speakers, and it took all you could not to turn the volume up. 

The car ride to the ghost hunt was quiet and awkward. In your mind, you set up a thousand conversations, but you couldn’t make your voice work. You just felt too awkward to talk to him! You didn’t even know the guy!

“So, uh, where are the bones located?” Dean asked.

“There’s a small cemetery in the back of the hotel. I figured we’d sneak to it, dig up the grave, then salt and burn the bitch.” You said.

Dean nodded and pursed his lips, obviously thinking. “That should…” He faltered at the end of his sentence as you pulled up to the hotel. Dozens of fancy cars were parked around the hotel, with valet running around and parking even more cars. Women in short, black dresses wearing heels that would break your ankles made their way into the building, with men dressed in tuxes by their side. “Shit.” Dean muttered.

“What the Hell? Who throws a party at a hotel?” You asked. Dean smiled a little, but said nothing. A valet started making his way to your car, you’d be caught and escorted off the premises. You had only one shot at getting out of it. “Follow my lead.” You ordered Dean.

“Wha-?” Dean didn’t get to finish his question, because the valet knocked on his window. He glanced at you, and rolled down the window.

“Are you here for the party?” The valet asked, eyeing you and Dean suspiciously.

“The party? I wish!” You exclaimed with a small amount of laughter. “No, but our parents are, and they booked a room. They’re coming a little later, but we’re supposed to go to the room." 

"Okay, well you’ll have to park in the back. But, if you’d like, I’ll take the car for you.” The valet offered, flashing you a smile.

“Aw, thanks! But you seem super busy, and my brother’s kinda touchy about his car. We’ll go out back and won’t bother you anymore.” You assured him.

“Hey, it’s no bother.” He assured you.

“You’re sweet. But really, you’re busy. Maybe we’ll see you tomorrow.” You winked, hoping he’d take the flirtation and let you leave.

“I’m sure you will.” He replied, then walked to the next car.

Dean rolled up the window and proceeded to the back of the hotel. “That was awesome!” He exclaimed.

“Thank you, thank you. I’ll sign autographs once we burn the ghost.” You joked.

“That was just amazing! I mean, I you’re really pretty and all, but holy shit, you had that guy eating out of the palm of your hand!” Dean went on. Your cheeks turned red at the compliment, and you hoped it didn’t show.

“Well, I am pretty awesome.” You shrugged. 

Dean just laughed at that, then parked the car. You jumped out, and Dean grabbed two shovels, while you grabbed the rock salt gun, gas, salt, and a lighter. 

The cemetery was about a ten minute walk, and it started out in the familiar awkward silence. But you’d gained some confidence after getting past the valet, and decided you didn’t want to deal with it anymore. “So, how long have you been hunting?”

“Pretty much my whole life, you?” Dean answered.

“Same. But I went on my first hunt only three years ago. Before that, it was just research duty for me.”

“I hate research!” Dean exclaimed.

“I kind of like it.” You shrugged. “Well, I like reading about the lore and monsters.”

“You’re like my brother.” Dean commented. “He’s a huge book nerd.”

“Did you just call me a nerd?” You asked in mock offense.

“What? No! I mean, technically, but I didn’t mean it as a bad thing.” Dean rambled.

“Yeah, sure.” You said, sounding unconvinced. “What’s your favorite monster?”

“Uh, probably a wendigo. I just think they’re kinda cool.” Dean answered. “You?”

“Shapeshifter. Or djinn. Either one, their powers are coolest.” You stated.

“I dunno, a wendigos cooler.” Dean disagreed.

“What?!” You asked, staring at him in disbelief. “First of all, a wendigo is just a super fast, strong, and kind of smart monster. A shapeshifter can change form! That’s like, the coolest superpower ever!”

“Yeah, but a shapeshifter is pretty easy to kill, at least compared to a wendigo.” Dean countered.

“Oh, that’s total bullshit.” You laughed, nudging him slightly with your arm. Dean stumbled to the side a bit, then stood upright, and pushed his arm against you, causing you to stumble.

“Alright, well, you’re obviously too stubborn to argue with." 

"You’re a fast learner.” You commented.

Dean flashed you a smile. “Who’s your favorite musician?”

“Oh, just one?” You asked, thinking it over. “I like rock. I guess I’d have to say Metallica. Maybe AC/DC. I can’t decide!”

“You like rock?!” Dean asked in shock.

“Yes, not all girls are into pop and hip hop." 

"That’s not it, I just didn’t peg you for a rock fan.” Dean explained.

You walked for a few more minutes, then arrived at the cemetery. The whole time you and Dean talked, and you realized you had a lot in common. 

“I’ll dig first, and you watch out for the ghost, then we’ll switch?” Dean suggested.

“Sounds good.” You agreed.

Dean started digging, and you continued to talk. He talked about what happened to his mom, then you talked about yours, and how she was possessed by a demon and your dad had to kill her. You saw the whole thing. You’d never told anybody that before, but you could just open up to Dean. And he felt the same about you. He talked about all the fears he had about hunting, and the fears for his brother. Basically, you connected.

Everything was going nicely until the ghost showed up. She was wearing an old dress, it reached her her ankles, had a turtle neck, and shoulder pads. Her hair was pinned up in a high bun. And she was coming right at you. 

You managed to shoot her in the base of her stomach, and she disappeared. Suddenly you were thankful for the party; the gunshot wouldn’t be heard over the music. Dean started digging faster, sweat dripping down his face.

“Do you want to switch?” You offered.

“Nah, it’s fine. I got it.” He assured you.

“Dean, you’re sweating like a dog. At least take a quick break.”

He sighed, but stopped digging. While watching for the ghost, you pulled him out of the grave, and handed him the gun. Then you jumped in, and started digging. 

You dug maybe another inch deeper when the ghost reappeared. She was closer this time, but Dean was a good shot, and got rid of her in no time.You started digging faster, and hit the coffin in another ten minutes.

You cracked open the coffin, then started climbing out. Dean rested the gun by his side, and pulled you completely out of the grave. The ghost was waiting for that. The second Dean was occupied with helping out up, she appeared and flew at you. She charged into Dean, knocking him over. He kept his hands wrapped around yours, pulling you down with him.

You landed on top of Dean, but didn’t have time to be embarrassed. You grabbed the gun, and pointed it at the ghost as she flung herself at you. You hit her just in time. You and Dean stayed down for just a second, then you climbed to your feet.

Dean poured gasoline over the bones, as you dumped salt over them. Then, he flicked the flame on, and tossed it into the grave as the ghost appeared once more. But she didn’t get a chance to do anything; she burned up too quickly.

You and Dean stood by the fire, just basking in the glory of victory, then you walked back to the Impala. You were silent during the trek, but it was a comfortable silence. Dean’s arm grazed yours, sending electricity coursing through your body. 

Once back inside the car, Dean started the engine. Led Zeppelin started playing softly, but Dean turned it off. But only so he could throw in a Metallica cassette. Then, once the music started, Dean turned the volume up. A smile spread over your face, and you started singing along right away. Dean did air guitar and sang along as well.

“Hey, you hungry?” He asked once you were a safe distance from the hotel.

“Surprisingly so.” You answered.

“There’s a diner a few miles up the road." 

"Oh thank God. I love me some pie!” You exclaimed, stomach rumbling at the idea of that sweet, sweet, pastry.

Dean smiled at you, his eyes softening, and sped the rest of the way. Once you arrived at the diner you were seated right away. Since it was kind of late, you were seated right away. 

“You know, I wanted a burger, but then I thought of pie, and that’s all I want now.” You confessed, looking at the menu. Your eyes kept drifting back to the apple pie.

“You have no idea how much I love you right now.” Dean said, and put the menu down. “Two pieces of pie should fill you?”

“Maybe. If it doesn’t, I’ll just steal some from you.” You shrugged.

“Oh, we’ll see about that.” Dean challenged.

Dean called the waitress over and put the order in. Within five minutes you had pie in front of you, and were in heaven. It was delicious! It had just the right balance of cinnamon to sugar. You and Dean finished way too quickly, and wanted another piece, but you were way too full to eat a full one.

“Alright, how about we get one more piece and split it?” You suggested.

“It’s like you read my mind.” Dean smiled at you.

Like before, Dean ordered the pie and soon it was sitting in front of you. You both dug in right away, and soon only one bite was left. “Dibs!” You and Dean shouted at the same time.

“C'mon, be a gentleman!” You whined.

“You could be a super nice person and give it to me.” Dean said.

“Yeah, or you could give it to me.”

Dean made a dramatic show of making it seem like he was thinking, then sighed. “I can’t do that.” Then he pushed his fork towards the pie. You intercepted it, pinning his fork down with your own. 

“I can’t let you have it either.” You stated. You then stabbed the piece of pie and started bringing it to your mouth. But Dean stopped you. He knocked it off your fork and tried to get his fork over it. You sighed, and let him have it. You put the fork down, and Dean stared at you questioningly. “I’m being nice!” You exclaimed.

“Yeah, well me too.” He sighed, then pushed the fork towards your mouth. A smile tugged at your lips, and you opened your mouth. Dean fed the pie to you, and you made a big show of pointing out how good it tasted. 

“Thank you.” You said at last.

“You’re welcome.” Dean said. He threw a couple bills on the table, and you walked to the Impala.

“This was fun.” You said, once you were driving towards the motel.

“We make a good team.” Dean agreed.

“We should do this again.”

“The hunt or the diner?” Dean asked.

“Either.” You said, in a moment of pure confidence.

Dean’s eyes widened, and a smile quickly spread over his face. He stopped the car, leaned towards you, and slowly placed his lips to yours. It tasted like pie and was a bit rushed, but it was perfect. 

“You know, you’re dad’s gonna kill me.” Dean said.

“Oh, I don’t know about kill you, but he’ll definitely threaten you.” You teased.

“Well, you’re worth it.” Dean said, smiling. He placed his right hand on yours, and you turned your hand over, so that you were holding hands. You were definitely going on less solo hunts, and more hunts with Dean.

(I hope you like it!)

Drunk in Las Vegas

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(^^ me when someone says ‘Civil War’) 

Drunk in Las Vegas (A Ross and Rachel inspired story)

Pairing: Pietro x Reader
Summary: You and Pietro get drunk together in Las Vegas and the two of you decide to go have fun together ;) 
Warnings: Alcohol and the act of being drunk  

OK so this story just randomly occurred to me on the way to school XD I have been watching a lot of Friends nowadays (GUYS IT IS SUCH AN AMAZING SHOW) and I decided to apply the idea of Ross and Rachel marrying in Las Vegas to a reader and Pietro story. I know this isn’t a First Dates story, but this was too good to pass 😅 Enjoy!

    “Welcome to the Stark Hotel!” The valet exclaimed cheerily. His cheeriness took you by surprise a bit, as you started to haul your backpack out of the limo.

    “Thanks,” you mumbled in response. Your luggage, along with the other’s luggages, were placed onto a golden luggage cart to be taken up to our rooms. Recently, Tony decided to try out the hotel business and opened up his own hotel in Vegas (he named it the Stark Hotel). As a little treat for all of us, Tony wanted us to come to the grand opening of the tower. Wait, not wanted. He forced us to come. Suddenly, you felt someone place their arm around your shoulders. 

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Brother!Sammy (Pt. 7)

A/N: I deeply apologize if this part doesn’t live up to any of your expectations. This past week, I had writer’s block and I just, I don’t know. But I truly do apologize if this weeks part is crappy. I promise part eight until the end will be bomb af! Also, to those who have sent in a request for me to do, I am currently working on it! Please, please, please be patient with me. Thank you! Also, there will be more Nate in part eight until the end.

Pairing: Reader + Sam Wilkinson

Word Count: 5,000+ words

Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 || Part 5 || Part 6 || Part 8 || Part 9 || Part 10

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Spaces - Chapter 5

Excerpt: “Harry, are you going to explain what the fuck just happened?” Y/N was livid. “Don’t lie to me, I know you’ve been hiding something.”

Pairing: Harry Styles + OFC

Rating: M

Word Count: 3,257

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I’d like to start off by thanking everyone who came to a show and bought a shirt or record this tour because without all of you we would not be wasting money on this mega fancy downtown Montreal hotel room complete with valet and room service. Last night of tour is tonight and we decided to treat ourselves since we tried to have a band celebration in The Bay and ended up at a kind of junk chain diner. 7 weeks went by quick for us but we did something that I didn’t think we’d probably ever do which is use our band to pay for a US road trip so that is kind of sick. Thanks Will, Chuck, and Jeff at Tiny Engines for helping this go a little smoother in big ways. Thanks to everyone who is in touch with their community of musicians in their area and cared about booking us really good shows. Thanks to the many people who housed us/showed us around town/allowed us to be hermits in your living room. And we played with some really killer bands this tour so thanks to Zanders, 10000 Blades, Real Life Parody, Run Forever, Arrows In Her, Wish List, The Great Dismal, Girl Pants, Sinai Vessel, Diving, Future Death, Sundressed, Karoshi Boy, Wild Moth, Nervous, Happy Diving, Lee Corey Oswald, Dresses, King Brat, Annabel, Mountains For Clouds, Mitch the Champ, Tooth Soup, Traveling, Rapids, Youth Novel, Secret Grief, Bike Tuff, Hit Home, and Gulfer for playing really killer and or fun sets. I’ll post this once we get back in the states.

What Happens in Vegas… Part II

an: sorry that this took FOREVER. school/work get in the way of everything. this part is extra long, though, so hopefully that partially makes up for it…

Read Part I here.


Claire’s heart is still thumping in her chest when Owen turns his head against his pillow to look at her. “That was… Wow.”

Claire nods silently in agreement. “But stupid,” she finally says. “So stupid.” She sits up and looks down at the man responsible for the three orgasms she’d just had. “We need to get up. We need to figure out what the hell we did last night and if we were actually idiotic enough to get married.”

Owen rolls over and lets out a strangled moan, to which Claire rolls her eyes. “Let’s go. Get dressed.”

“Or what?” Owen looks back up at her with a mischievous smile. “You’ll divorce me?”

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Flare 8

So some more steam, maybe, a little? See what you think… and then maybe a little plot, just because that’s sort of fallen by the wayside. But then some cute. Anyway, amatterofcomplication likes it, so it is a part that is next! In the past:   masterpost, part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6. and part 7.

Flare 8

Helena wakes up. She has no idea where she is—this isn’t home; it’s too dark. She’s completely disoriented, sits up in confusion—and then she remembers, as she realizes she has no clothes on, the numbers on an LED clock are glowing faintly from a side table, and there is someone… there is Myka…. asleep beside her.

The clock tells her that it’s later in the morning than the darkness suggests, and while she for a moment considers trying to go back to sleep, she’s feeling quite awake now, and her teeth desperately need brushing. She slides out of bed and gropes for her bag, which she was fairly certain had fallen from her arm very near the door as she and Myka crashed through it last night. She feels an almost embarrassing rush of heat as she recalls that, and how she had acted before that, in the elevator… embarrassing because she almost could not control herself, yes, but also because she did not want to control herself, not at all.

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What Happens in Vegas… Part III

Read Part I here and Part II here.

“So,” Owen says once they’re back in the car, “we are definitely married.”

Claire sighs. “We are definitely married.”

Neither one of them says anything for a few moments, but soon they’re laughing uncontrollably again. Claire shakes her head. “We’ve really got to get to this Mon Bel Ami place and find out how to get out of this. I mean, Vegas weddings can’t be as real as real weddings, right? Surely no one let us sign any court documents or anything when we were clearly drunk and it was three in the morning.”

“Well,” Owen says, pulling out of the parking lot, “I guess we’re about to find out.”

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